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Why Does Mindfulness Work?

A lot of people are asking why does mindfulness work. Truth is, one can readily see the answer. There are countless reasons why it’s being applied in many fields, and there are many studies that prove its benefits.  Why Does Mindfulness Work It [continue reading]

Top 3 Mindfulness Activities for Groups

Mindfulness activities for groups have shown promising results in many cases. Experts find that these activities are as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in maintaining a healthy mind. If you need to nurture your mental and spiritual [continue reading]

Body Scan For Sleep: Fully Explained Guide

Are you one of the people who continually worry about work, life or family that it keeps you awake at night? Do you notice yourself in a vicious cycle of not being able to sleep because of too much worrying? A body scan for sleep is the best [continue reading]

How To Start Mindfulness Meditation

These days, many people are doing mindfulness meditation practice with specific goals and lots of eagerness. We’ve all heard of its stress-reducing and health benefits. But for beginners, it’s a bit of a challenge to learn the practice. And [continue reading]

Guided Meditation For Dummies

Buddhist meditation is about meditative practices that relate to the philosophy and religion of Buddhism. It includes a variety of techniques that strive for concentration, insight, mindfulness and inner peace. But a lot of people feel that this [continue reading]