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Zen and Buddhism

Dharma in Buddhism Means …

Dharma is a key concept in the Indian religions, and many people want to really know what dharma in Buddhism means. In this post, we shall explore how its meaning is perceived. Dharma in Buddhism Means Many Things The word “dharma” is rooted [continue reading]

True Meaning of Zen

What is the true meaning of Zen? For many years, people have both been fascinated and perplexed by this mystical thought. Can it be defined in a few words? Does it have an absolute meaning? We have already looked everywhere to find the elusive Zen, [continue reading]

Zen and Buddhism Basics Guide

Many of us today are over-stretched, trying to balance too many things. Spiritual practice is the quest to answer these questions. Zen Buddhism is a spiritual exploration that combines the principles of practice and religion. In this article, we [continue reading]

The Real Meaning of Karma

Karma is a concept taught by various religions and cultures throughout history. It’s an idea that dates back thousands of years. But despite the popularity of the notion, it seems that it’s frequently misunderstood. It’s like being [continue reading]