Zen and Buddhism

Dharma in Buddhism Means …

Table Of ContentsDharma in Buddhism Means Many ThingsDharma in Theravada BuddhismDharma in Mahayana BuddhismThe Dharma Body Dharma is a key concept in Indian religions, and many people want to really know what dharma in Buddhism means. In this post, [continue reading]

True Meaning of Zen

Table Of ContentsThe Origin of ZenThe Meaning of ZenHow to Understand the Meaning of Zen? What is the true meaning of Zen? For many years, people have both been fascinated and perplexed by this mystical thought. Can it be defined in a few words? [continue reading]

The Real Meaning of Karma

Table Of ContentsThe Definition of KarmaThe Mixup between Karma and ResultsKarma in HinduismKarma in BuddhismTibetan Bhavacakra: The Wheel of LifeThe meaning of Karma. Summary Karma is a concept taught by various religions and cultures throughout [continue reading]