My name is Ana and here’s my story: - - How to find motivation and be positive

My name is Ana and here’s my story:

My path, probably, is not that unique.

They said I have to go to college and get my wooden framed diploma, to be worth something.

I did exactly that, learning things from 100-years old professors, who’ve never worked a day in my fast-pacing field.

Oh, college. Am I worth more by spending all that money? Did I actually learn something useful? Click To Tweet

I am not so sure.

Many people don’t pay enough attention to technological advancements; so, they wrap themselves in debts in exchange for an outdated education.

I might be much better off with books, blog posts and videos from real makers.

Then they said I have to get a job in a fancy place, where people gossip all the time near the water cooler.

I did precisely that and spent the next ten year working my tail off. 12-14 hours per day. No vacations. Ever.

To please the unpleasable.

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They also said I have to get married and be a good wife: work, cook, clean, care.

I did all that. Everything that society expects me to do.

It brought me to a very whimsy place.

Cluttered with things I was relentlessly purchasing to feel happier.

Completely burnt out.

Let go by the boss.

Lost all my savings in an attempt to support the business venture of my ex-husband.

Support, that’s what good wifies are supposed to give, right? 

But rather than cry that life wasn’t fair, I took it as a positive turn.

I start reading a lot. Probably two, three hundreds of self-help books, hundreds of thousands of self-help videos. 

Three of them have completely changed me and my way of thinking.

For a month I was doing mental experiments while reading Pam Grout’s E-Squared, trying to make my peace with the fact that thought becomes a reality.

I was breaking a habit of being myself with the help of Dr.Joe Dispenza. I was figuring out why I think the way I think and that helped me to shift my mental patterns. I never looked back.

I got mesmerized by the beauty of brain inner working and neuroscience.

Then I stumbled upon Brain. The story of you, by David Eagleman and got completely blown away. I was a master of my reality. And it wasn’t another marketing mambo jumbo.

I wish someone told me about those books earlier…

But sooner or later I finally was able to take control of my life.

I was completely free.

If you want something strong enough – stop craving control for what’s out of reach. Others. Paying attention to politics or TV. Click To Tweet

I focus on what I can control.

Only me is in charge of my destiny. And my possibilities are limitless.  Yours too. Click To Tweet

If you’re not satisfied with where you are, then reach higher.

I could’ve wasted the next couple of years pursuing a career, building another family.

Instead, I became a writer.  And a traveler. I do only things I love.

Life is too short to plan everything. Stop waiting. Start living. Click To Tweet

On my way, I figured, that creating value for others has never been as easy. And that’s exactly what I want to do in all my ventures.

Disclosure: the books’ links in my introduction are affiliate ones. If you decide to make any purchase using those, it will help me a lot. In any case, I would strongly recommend you to read the books mentioned. It was a true eye-opener for me and I am sure they will be of value for you too.

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