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What is Yoga Hand Symbol Meaning

Are you familiar with eastern art or symbols? Then it’s likely that you’ve come across one that looks like a hand with an eye or similar design in the middle of the palm. This is known as the Hamsa, and in this post, we’ll discuss the yoga hand symbol meaning and what it can do for you.

The Hamsa is a very famous and striking symbol that is used in many countries for the past thousand years. You can see it in jewelry and art. And it takes on many meanings across cultures.

The Yoga Hand Symbol Meaning

The yoga hand symbol meaning varies across cultures and countries. It is also referred to as “hamesh”, “chamsa”, “hamsa” and “khamsa”. The symbol even predates the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths.

In ancient Middle Eastern culture, it is found in amulets that stand for the “Hand of God”, and it is used for protection. It is referred to as “khamesh” in Arabic.

Hamsa meaning comes from the five fingers of the hand. In Jewish, it is known as the “Hand of Miriam”, a symbol pertaining to Moses’s sister. It’s a symbol of one’s five senses in an effort to glorify God. The number “five” or “hamesh” is important among Hebrews. The fifth letter of their alphabet is “Hey”, which is one of God’s holy names. The Torah is composed of five holy books.

Islam also uses this symbol. For the Sunni Muslims, this symbol stands for the Five Pillars of Islam. In Shia Islam, it is a symbol of the Five People of the Cloak. Muslims also believe that the Hamsa hand stands for the “Hand of Fatima”. Fatima is the revered daughter of the prophet Mohammed.

However, the Hamsa hand is the yoga hand symbol in Hindu and Buddhist faiths. For them, it stands for the interplay of our chakras, the five senses, the energy flow in our body and the mudras linked to them.

Yoga Hand Symbol Energies 

The yoga hand symbol meaning is truly unique in Hindu and Buddhist religions. It’s about chakra balance and each finger has its own energy:

Thumb – fire element, solar plexus chakra

Forefinger – air element, heart chakra

Middle finger – ethereal elements, throat chakra

Ring finger – earth element, root chakra

Small finger – water element, sacral chakra

As you can see, each finger of the Hamsa hand has a distinct meaning, and all fingers interplay on one another to maintain the balance of the spirit. The energies of the different fingers can be combined to maintain, control and balance our body’s energies. Buddhists believe that it is a way of curing physical, mental and emotional ailments.

Hamsa Hand Styles

The Hamsa symbol has two main styles. One style is shaped like a regular hand. The second one has two identical thumbs, and this is more popular. If you wear a Hamsa hand, you can wear it facing up or down.

Regardless of how it’s worn, many believe that the symbol gives success, harmony, and protection to the bearer. It is a ward against the “Ayin Ha’ra” or “The Evil Eye”. The evil eye is believed to be the sum of destructive energies that come from our negative emotions.

What the Yoga Hand Symbol Can Do For You

The yoga hand symbol is often worn as a pendant on a necklace. Nowadays, this symbol can be found on key chains, home decorations, and other jewelry. It’s not just a fine piece of art. The symbol is highly regarded by various cultures.

The yoga hand symbol meaning takes on many forms and wearing it can benefit you in many ways:

  • It protects you from negative energies, harm or danger.
  • It invites happiness, luck, good health, and fortune.
  • It invites positive energy and helps cure illness.
  • It helps remind us to be faithful and nurtures our spirit.
  • It helps deepen our yoga and meditation practice.

The yoga hand symbol is a powerful symbol, and it brings many good things to you when you wear it. The symbol gives direct access to positive forces and helps you achieve a higher state of consciousness. It aids us in having positive qualities and brings deeper meaning and insight. Apart from its powerful meanings, it’s a beautiful work of art.