April Birthstone: Is There Anything as Powerful as Diamond?

The main birthstone for April is the Diamond. Diamonds are created by a chain of carbon atoms that become crystallized, resulting in the sparkling gemstone that is loved by so many people.

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Taurus’s are considered to be well-grounded, safe, sensual, and the harvesters of the fruits of their labors. So it makes sense that the mesmerizing Diamond would be one of the birthstones for April-born Taurus.

Taurus’s are also known to be extremely reliable and faithful beings that stick with goals and get things done. Like the Taurus, Diamonds are a sturdy and reliable gemstone.

The Diamond is also one of the most potent gemstones for Aries, as this zodiac sign falls entirely within April. This gemstone is associated with eternity and everlasting love. The Diamond is also used as a symbol of resilience, courage, and determination, and strong will.

It is believed that Diamond gives one the endurance to reach their goals. Diamonds are supposed to provide the Aries wearer a keener sense of clarity and the strength to achieve goals that they want to pursue.

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April Birthstone Alternatives

Birthstone alternatives for April have acquired the name “Diamond” by virtue of the fact that these stones form as double terminated crystals and may bear a close resemblance to the precious stone.

To those people born in the month of April, it is reassuring to know there is a range of birthstones available with varying degrees of historical or modern interpretations that can serve an alternate birthstone for the Diamond.

When choosing from among these alternative stones, you must select the gemstone that you are drawn to and feel you have a connection with.

Historically the white topaz has not been regarded as an alternate birthstone for April. Still, it has recently come into use as such in large part due to its physical similarity to the Diamond.

One of the desirable characteristics of the White Topaz is the ease in which gem cutters can facet this stone to generate Scintillation to provide eye-catching light flashes.

Spiritually the White Topaz is said to help its owner to abandon negative energy and trapped negative thoughts and feelings.

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Quartz is another popular alternative to the Diamond also due to its physical similarity to the Diamond. Quartz is especially popular as an alternative in birthstone in the UK.

One unusual member of the quartz family is the Herkimer Diamond, which is not actually a Diamond at all, but a form of quartz. Herkimer quartz is only found in Herkimer County in the state of New York in the United States.

April birthstones according to date of birth

When your birthstone is directly related to your specific date of birth, it is believed to resonate with your own vibrations. And therefore enhancing your personal well being.

Any person can have many birthstones depending on their zodiac sign, a month, and the date of birth.

Crystal protectors related to your birthrate have a close planetary connection to you. It is believed that these crystals can protect you from cosmic wars that may affect your lucky token.

Check out our Birthstone by birth date guide for more details. Or scroll down to the table below to see which gemstone matches the day of your birth. 

Date Gem by dayGem by month
April 1 birthstoneRubyDiamond
April 2 birthstone
April 3 birthstoneYellow SapphireDiamond
April 4 birthstoneLapis LazuliDiamond
April 5 birthstone
April 6 birthstone
Blue DiamondDiamond
April 7 birthstone
Tiger's EyeDiamond
April 8 birthstoneBlue SapphireDiamond
April 9 birthstone
Red CoralDiamond
April 10 birthstone
April 11 birthstone
April 12 birthstone
Yellow SapphireDiamond
April 13 birthstoneLapis LazuliDiamond
April 14 birthstoneEmeraldDiamond
April 15 birthstoneBlue DiamondDiamond
April 16 birthstone
Tiger's EyeDiamond
April 17 birthstoneBlue SapphireDiamond
April 18 birthstoneRed CoralDiamond
April 19 birthstoneRubyDiamond
April 20 birthstonePearlDiamond
April 21 birthstoneYellow SapphireDiamond
April 22 birthstoneLapis LazuliDiamond
April 23 birthstoneEmeraldDiamond
April 24 birthstoneBlue DiamondDiamond
April 25 birthstoneTiger's EyeDiamond
April 26 birthstoneBlue SapphireDiamond
April 27 birthstoneRed CoralDiamond
April 28 birthstoneRubyDiamond
April 29 birthstonePearlDiamond
April 30 birthstoneYellow SapphireDiamond

April birthstone jewelry

One way of keeping your lucky birthstone with you at all times and benefit from all its properties is to wear a gorgeous piece of birthstone jewelry.

April birthstone necklace

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lovely sterling silver heart-shaped necklace features a trio of 3 Diamonds in the center. The heart itself is about an inch tall and ¾ of an inch wide.

All the Diamonds used in the necklace are genuine and comply with the Kimberly process so that you can rest assured that these Diamonds are conflict-free. This pendant is attached to an 18-inch chain and is ready to arrive right out of the box.

Since the Diamond is the symbol of love choosing to enclose these small Diamonds inside this beautiful heart necklace couldn’t be more appropriate. They will serve as a reminder to the wearer that true love does exist in the world.

It is also believed that if you think positively when holding or wearing a Diamond, those good thoughts will radiate outward. And they will bring amazing energy to those around you and protect you from the negative vibes of others.

April birthstone ring

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beautiful dainty gold ring with Diamonds strung across the top of the ring comes in your choice of 10K white, yellow, or rose gold. The ring bears a row of 21 tiny Diamonds for a stone weight of 0.08carats. Despite the small size of these Diamonds, they provide quite a bit of sparkle.

This ring comes in sizes 4 through 10.

Diamonds are believed to assist in relieving fear anxiety. And that fact that a Diamond must be cut to reveal it’s inner beauty is a reminder of your own inner spiritual beauty.

Wearing this ring may will make you feel less anxious in trying situations and remind you of your own inner beauty daily.

Earrings with April birthstone

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While the Aries’s birthstone can be expensive in many cases, these fabulous Diamond post earrings weighing .33 carats (for the 2 stones together) are incredibly affordable. You can choose between white or yellow gold for the screw posts of these earrings.

earrings are bright and sparkling and can be worn with either casual or formal dress. The earrings come with an AGS certificate that matches the AGS number on the earnings showing that these Diamonds are genuine.

Diamonds are said to enhance the owner’s inner vision and creativity. They can open the wearer’s mind to new things that he or she may not even think is possible. And it is essential for people under this sign since Aries are known as overachievers.

Bracelet featuring April birthstone

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lovely 925 sterling silver White Topaz and Diamond tennis bracelet is sophisticated and elegant. The bracelet features 9 6X4mm oval white topaz stones set between delicate vines and leaves.

This bracelet also contains 18 round 1X1 Diamonds that are placed in the center of each leaf for a total gemstone weight of 4.63 carats. Between the Diamonds and the white topaz gemstones, this bracelet has plenty of sparkles, which almost any woman would love, especially those born in April. The bracelet is also 7 inches in length.

The combination of White Topaz and Diamonds in this bracelet is perfect. White topaz signifies hope, love, and happiness. Diamond also means love and joy. So indeed, wearing this shimmering, elegant bracelet is bound to fill you with delight and glee. 

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