Crystals for Sleep: How to Use It? List of the Best & the Worst

Sleep is something that most of us don’t get enough of, and it affects every area of our lives. We are all no stranger to insomnia, nightmares, and frequent awakenings. In the morning we are left exhausted. Medications may bring sleep, but they won’t help you to fully recharge your mind and won’t resolve the energetic issues behind the problem. 

One safe method to try though, is using crystals for sleep. 

One way to enhance the quality of your sleep is to place certain gems near your bed. Stones for sleep with their own unique vibrations can resonate with the sleep cycle, induce relaxation, and encourage a good night’s rest.

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How to use crystals for sleep?

Before using the crystals, you have to clean it first (and repeat this process at least monthly). You want to make sure you are not bringing any bad energy into your space. 

To cleanse them, utilize the burning sage smoke or put the gems under the sunlight or moonlight for at least eight hours.

Once you have a stone picked out, cleansed and charged, limit the number of crystals you keep in your bedroom. 

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Filling your bedroom with tons of different crystals can be overstimulating to many people (and not only the most sensitive ones). 

Also, be mindful that not all crystals are good for sleep, and some might even have the opposite effect.

Finding the perfect gem that works for your bedroom requires some testing. Light sleepers should keep the stones farther from their beds. Or use the smallest crystals possible.  

Where to place crystals in your bedroom?

You can put a sleeping gem (e.g., some from the list below) by your bed.

Choose crystals wisely and position them carefully.

But don’t ever store your gems under your bed and avoid big stones near the head of the bed. 

Also, don’t hang crystals over your bed and never place around crystal points, pointing directly at your head. 

Top 3 stones for sleep

Rose quartz 

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Rose Quartz Feng Shui tree. Found it here

Rose Quartz is a gentle healer, ideal for the bedroom and the bedside. It’s very comforting, calming, and soothing.


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Natural Selenite palm stone. Found it here

Selenite is an excellent crystal for recharging your energy during the nighttime. It will balance and clear your chakras, which may be blocked. It reduces any energetic smudge in your bedroom and in your mind, enabling you to fall asleep without holding onto any negative energies from the day. 


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Raw amethyst clusters. Found it here

Although some might find this sleep stone a bit too powerful for some people, it still can be perfect for any night problems. Just don’t put it too close to your bed.

This gem is said to help balance your energy field and bring deeper, calmer sleep. It is also great for any kind of dreamwork like lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Sleeping with crystals for healing


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Natural Hematite elephant figurine. Found it here

Hematite is a beautiful grounding stone. And works wonderfully when you have seemingly very challenging problems. It’s great for quieting mental chatter that can interfere with your sleep. It also is known to heal emotional pain, bring calm to the owner, and balance mind and spirit.

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Best crystal for anxiety-related sleep issues


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Lepidolite tumbled stones. Found it here

If you only choose one gem to improve your sleep, if you are struggling with anxiety, it has to be lepidolite. It’s known for calming overactive minds, ability to put your to a peaceful dream state by easing your stress.

Best crystal for insomnia


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Charged Scolecite pendant (with bonus Selenite crystal). Found it here

Scolecite has a very soothing energy that is also very efficient in helping to reduce stress. It is also known as one of the best crystals for those who want to master lucid dreaming. 

Best stone for nightmares


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Tumbled chrysoprase. Found it here

Chrysoprase is one of the best crystals to deal with recurrent nightmares. It brings the feeling of security and decreases the effect of terrifying dreams. Some healers would say that it is capable of releasing childhood forgotten memories that often lead to nightmares in the first place.

Crystal for sleepwalking


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Rainbow Moonstone sphere. Found it here

Moonstone is the best one for her as it assists with sleepwalking. It provides psychic protection, clearing the mind and senses. It has been known to inspire vivid dreams and help to get into a lucid dreaming state. Moonstone is believed to have the ability to watch over our spiritual bodies in slumber. So you won’t walk away anymore. 

Crystal for sleep protection

Smoky Quartz 

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Smoky Quartz wand. Found it here

When you deal with the nightmares, you have to protect yourself from the negative forces that initiated them in the first place. This is where smokey quartz shines.

With its positive energy, this stone for sleep counterbalances negative energy. This stone’s gentle energy will lead to a peaceful night’s sleep, free from the worry of unpleasant visions.

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