Heart Chakra Stones: Are Pink or Green Crystals Better for Anahata?

Chakras represent energy centers positioned across our spine and are responsible for free energy flow. 

And the most important chakra for balancing such points in the body is the heart chakra, also called Anahata. Read on to find out all you need to know about the heart chakra and how it can aid you achieve a harmonious flow of energy.

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What is the heart chakra responsible for?

The heart chakra is positioned at the center of your chest. It is the fourth in your seven chakras, being commonly known as Anahata.

This Sanskrit term can be translated as ‘unbeaten,’ suggesting that the pain of previous experiences is the base of purity and strength. This is why the heart chakra is a symbol of compassion, affection, and love. 

That is a connection chakra, as it links the lower and upper chakra, functioning as a bridge between earthly matters and higher aspirations. Overall, this chakra can allow you to love your life through kindness and compassion for yourself and those around you.

What color is the heart chakra?

Because the heart chakra represents the center of your being, it has the color of life: green. It is a natural, calming, healing, and supportive medium, usually associated with forests, clean air, or virgin nature.

The associated crystals of the heart chakra are Jade, Rose Quartz, Green Calcite, and Tourmaline. Still, the most common crystals for this chakra are represented by the pink heart and green chakra crystals. 

Pink heart chakra crystals 

The fair and beautiful rose quartz heart chakra crystal is a smooth stone that encompasses the whole essence of unconditional love. It impacts the heart chakra directly, and it can deal with emotional wounds, fears, and resentments. Moreover, this pink crystal has the power to awaken the heart to pursue its ability to love, which permits you to receive love from others genuinely. 

 Green heart chakra stones

Several green chakra stones can impact the wellbeing of our hearts. The semi-precious Jade is meant to improve any heart troubles. While the semi-precious green aventurine soothes emotional distress and allows proper energy flow through the heart. Mostly, green chakra stones are meant to heal the soul and encourage rejuvenation.

How to open heart chakra?

So, if you aim to open your heart chakra, you should know that there are several ways to do so. Healing and re-balancing your heart chakra can be done as it follows:

Vibrational remedies

You can benefit from good vibes that activate your heart chakra with the help of organic essential oils, like rose, lavender, marjoram, or geranium. You can diffuse them in your room with an oil burner, or simply rub the oil on trigger points on the skin.

Use the color

A simple and efficient way to open your heart chakra is to surround yourself with the color green. You will be amazed at how powerful is green energy. Of course, it is best to spend as much time as possible in nature, as it represents the main trigger for the heart chakra.

Use heart chakra crystals

Several healing crystals help open your heart chakra. Green aventurine, rose quartz, malachite, amazonite or prehnite are all meant to soothe emotional trauma, alleviate distress and promote vitality and calmness

Best heart chakra crystals

Love is challenging is you have a blocked heart chakra. It can lead to problems in maintaining relationships. And also provoke jealousy, along with feelings of unworthiness.

Still, to balance your heart chakra and activate its beneficial effects, you can use one of the following crystals. These are the best heart chakra crystals that can enable it and promote a high energy flow throughout the body. 

Rose quartz 

This is the stone of unconditional love, and it is one of the most remarkable healing stones for the heart chakra. Overall, it offers feminine energy that impacts the heart chakra positively. The Rose Quartz stone helps purify the heart and develop genuine self-love.

It is best to position a rose quartz stone by your bed to access all its curative properties or wear as a piece of jewelry, like this set of love manifesting bracelets, to let it always touching your skin.

Green Jade

This heart chakra stone has a dual purpose. It is considered to be the stone of dreams and fidelity, while at the same time is the symbol of family. It is exceptionally efficient for increasing the feeling of love and wisdom.

Overall, Green Jade is viewed as a protective stone, that wards off any negative thoughts. Some say it is a great idea to place this Jade under your pillow while sleeping. In this way, it will activate the self-healing process. 

Green aventurine

This is the stone of opportunity, and it is responsible for all the feelings of harmony we have. This heart chakra stone is connected to nature, which is why it is the best protector for this chakra. It boosts focus and balances emotions. It is best to use this stone while meditating, as it can calm and relax your mind. 


This is the stone of transformation, and it can absorb negative energies and eradicate destructive thought patterns. It has an excellent healing vibration, and it can balance energy and cure heartache.

Besides, it is great for wearing if you feel overwhelmed by emotions, as it can soothe your emotional distress. Wearing this stone every day can open your heart to love.


This is the heart chakra stone for selfless love. It is especially beneficial when dealing with past emotional pain, as it can lower both self-doubt and self-criticism while promoting good feelings. It is best to wear a pendant with Rhodonite around your neck, as it will be more efficient in tackling your heart chakra problems. 

How working with heart chakra can have a positive impact on our life?

Addressing the heart chakra issues and activating it can lead to all sorts of positive outcomes. Working with your heart chakra can boost love, kindness, and affection within you. If your heart chakra is open, you can embrace harmony in all your relationships.

And the first step to a balanced life is self-love, which you can achieve only by collaborating with your heart chakra.

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