What are Mantra Bracelets and How to Know if You Need One?

mala bracelet

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Mantra bracelets are beautiful and precious prayer beads that are used for reciting mantras. A mantra bracelet is also referred to as a “mala”. These beads are not just prized for their innate beauty. In this post, we will tell you of its many features and how it can help you with your spiritual well-being.

Features of Mantra Bracelets

Malas or mantra bracelets are usually a set of 108 beads. Sometimes, these bracelets come with counters, spacer beads and a larger guru bead at the end, which is referred to as the 109th bead.

Often, the 109th bead is followed by and finished with a tassel. Some believe that the guru bead has a special meaning and a starting point of a circuit.

The main purpose of mantra bracelets is for counting mantras. They are used by most Tibetan Buddhists, and they wear it in many ways.

Mantra bracelets are made of precious and semi-precious stones, but they can also be made from wood, seeds or bone. Like this traditional mala made of rudraksha seeds, the material very commonly used by Indian sages for hundreds and thousands of years.

Rudraksha mala found on Buddha Grove. Check it out here.

At times, they will have some extra precious stones at intervals, like turquoise or coral. This makes it easy for some people to count their mantras.

The Use of Mantra Bracelets

There’s no doubt that mantra bracelets are sacred tools, and “mala” is a Sanskrit word that means “heavenly garland”. These beads have been around for thousands of years and are used by Buddhists for reflection, prayer, meditation, Chakra cleansing and crystal healing.

Since the 8th century BCE, Hindus and Buddhists have worn them. And as more people around the world are practicing meditation, the more they are being used.

Here are 5 ways mantra bracelets can be useful to you:

#1 It Helps You Achieve Mindfulness

Mantra bracelets help invite mindfulness to your daily life. Whether you’re doing meditation or just want to maintain moments of peace and quiet, these bracelets can be your companion. Wearing the mantra bracelet ushers in a feeling of being content with life, finding your center and reminding you of life’s truths. You also won’t feel alone in your spiritual journey, as the bracelet is with you in beautiful and tough moments.

#2 It Helps with Meditation

A mantra bracelet is helpful in meditation because it gives you a set number of times to repeat a mantra. It’s like a rosary, and you can slide the beads between your fingers. Doing so will help you focus on the words of your mantra instead of counting the number of times you’re saying it.

The guru bead is larger than the other beads, so you’ll know where to begin and end your practice. It’s like a spiritual abacus. The repeated recitation of the mantra while proceeding bead by bead through the bracelet serves to focus and calm the mind.

#3 Mantra Bracelets are Touchstones

You can use your mantra bracelet as a touchstone. As you touch it, pause for a moment and reboot yourself by using a mantra. Slowly inhale and think the words, and then exhale and imagine all that you need from the mantra that surrounds you. Breathe all that in and say it again to yourself. Doing this a few times will create some space between whatever is happening in your life and where you want to be.

#4 It’s a Visual Reminder

Mantra bracelets serve as a reminder to your practice, and keeping them close to you makes you feel closer to enlightenment. Like a sticky note or a talisman, it helps you refocus throughout the day. Wearing it as you go feels like carrying a whispered prayer with you each day.

#5 It Heals

Apart from prayer and practice, mantra bracelets have Chakra healing properties and are used for crystal healing. You can draw in on the energy from its stones, and their vibrations react with you. Wearing it will unlock its potential and help balance your energies, thoughts, and emotions.

Mantra bracelets are not mere jewelry. They are sacred spiritual tools that bring a unique and meaningful experience to your life. A mantra bracelet is your companion through life’s ups and downs, and it’s important that you also treat it with care and respect.

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