Rock Solid Signs Your Soulmate is Coming or Thinking About You

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While it’s getting easier to know who’s your soulmate and how does he or she looks like (e.g. you can accurately predict your compatibility with your future soulmate or even get a pretty accurate description of their looks), meeting your soulmate is still one of the most exciting, important, and even nerve-wracking experiences in one’s life. It’s encountering the person you are meant to be with, the person who moves you off your feet and puts a smile on your face. They say that before that moment happens, the Universe sends you some signs your soulmate is coming.

It can be useful to know these signs to best prepare emotionally and mentally. At least, if you feel like having a partner is important to you, since this goal is getting more challenging to achieve. Because 41% of marriages do not work out and almost half of Americans are single (44%), and that number continues to rise. So best be alert and ready for when that time comes to encounter your soulmate. 

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How do you know your soulmate is coming?

One way to tell if your soulmate is coming is to realize that you are in a comfortable place in your life. After all, to be receptive to a soulmate, you first have to be prepared yourself. This, of course, is not an easy process and takes years to accomplish for some people.

If you were in the process of self-improvement or self-healing (whether that is career goals, personal goals, or your friendships), then you’re getting closer to it. When you realize you are there, in that place, feeling accomplished, then this is truly a good sign of your soulmate. 

The feeling of being content and having found balance is the perfect sign. This is because in the many situations we face in our lives, especially difficult and negative experiences, being in a balanced place means we can handle and go through these problems.

The Universe has tested us repeatedly. We learned our lessons, improved after making mistakes, and became a better and stronger person. Hence, we are better prepared for that soulmate! This is specifically a soulmate sign from the Universe.

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Soulmate dreams signs

Another critical sign your soulmate is on the way is that you’re dreaming of your soulmate before the meeting. It is said that you will start having vivid and romantic dreams of meeting that special person. Dreams are a way of our subconscious, sending us signs and messages, reflecting some aspects of our lives.

In fact, do a quick search online, and you’ll find many dream sources/databases that provide you with information on what your dream could mean. If you dream of meeting a new person and feel really happy and positive the next day, that is definitely one sign that your soulmate is near. 

Or maybe you repeatedly see the same person in your dreams over and over again. Maybe that’s your soulmate? In that case, it might be worth it to check in with psychics who specializing in predicting the look of your partner. You can reach out to someone like dr. Wang to make sure that the person from your dreams is the one.

The ultimate signs of soulmate arrival

There could be many signs that pass us by that we just don’t know and fully recognize them. One ultimate sign of soulmate arrival is the feeling of deja vu, feel like you’ve gone through already before.

This is the subconscious telling you that you are on the right path towards something good. Usually, when you meet your soulmate, they may seem familiar to you, a sense that you may have met them before. It may go even as far as you feeling immediately comfortable and easy with them.

Signs your soulmate is near 

Similar to the sign just-mentioned above, of feeling deja vu, one indication that your soulmate is near is that you’ll encounter similar men to each other before “the one.”

This is a piece of advice from psychics that gradually you will meet a potential partner, then meet another, and then another. They might have similar physical features, hometowns, careers, family details, and even names!

This “copycat” coincidence is a sign that your soulmate is on the way. You’ve just got to go through these copycats first! Plus, another sign of your soulmate is when you have completely forgotten your exes! This means totally closing that door, finding full closure, letting go, and fully healing from past emotional wounds caused by them.

Want to make sure you are not missing him (or her) out? In that case, I’d suggest having a portrait or your future partner in hand. And these can be obtained through specialists who trained themselves to do just that. E.g. you can try to get a picture of your soulmate here.

Signs your soulmate is thinking about you

Signs that your soulmate is thinking about you also include the dream sign. If you’re dreaming of them, they are probably dreaming of you too! In addition to this, another sign is you are starting to have this strong, persistent intuition. This comes in thinking of them and feeling that they are thinking of you too. 

A quick, fun fact on this topic is that in some cultures, sneezing three times in a row means someone is thinking of you, particularly someone who is in love with you. So, sure, once in a while, when you sneeze three times in a row, who knows…it may be a sign that your soulmate is coming.

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Signs your twin flame is not ready

A twin flame is not your soulmate, not the same thing. A twin flame isn’t even someone who is romantically involved with you or someone you are to fall in love with. They are simply someone you have a soul-based connection with, someone who will spiritually grow with you. You are your twin flame is someone who will positively change your life, evolving our relationship with ourselves. The same occurs vice versa. 

However, it will take a lifetime and some patience to connect with your twin flame. When you say that your twin flame is not ready, it simply means you, yourself is not ready. This means you have to work on self-improvement and some self-love. Start improving your lifestyle and create positive energy and transformation.

Just like the signs your soulmate is coming, self-improvement can trigger the feeling that your twin flame is near. There is this concept of running and chasing after your twin flame. When your twin flame is running, it can be an unpleasant phase. It is not until you work on yourself that both of you can unite.

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