Spinel Birthstone. Why Leos and Virgos Might Love This Gem?

Spinel is a gemstone that contains aluminum or magnesium. Its chemical formula is MgAl2O4. The name spinel is derived from the Latin word Spinella which stands for the spine, which references to its pointed crystals.

 The refining of Spinel is not a difficult task; as a result, it can be altered into any color merely by adding impurities. It is often synthesized to be similar to other valuable gemstones like Sapphire, Zircon, and Diamond. So you have to be careful when shopping for a genuine Spinel.

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What does Spinel look like? 

This precious gemstone comes in different colors. The pure variety of Spinel is colorless. Still, the impurities that Spinel contains are the causes of the vast array of colors.

Blood red Spinel is the most widespread and desired type of gemstone. Also, the yellow, blue, purple, pink, and orange Spinel stones are attractive. Spinel is easily identified in ultraviolet light because of its brilliance.

What birthstone is Spinel?

Most of know that each month has a particular birthstone attached to it, and you can always find the one that suits your birth month. So, if you are born in August, maybe Spinel could be your go-to birthstone. Leos and Virgos fall within this birth period, so naturally, this stone is theirs to adopt.

When did Spinel become August birthstone?

This addition was made in 2016 by the American National Retail Jewelers Association, and this made August join June and December in the list of birth months with three varieties of gemstones. The original stone was Sardonyx. Peridot was later added. With the addition of Spinel, it gives the August borns a wide array of options to pick from. 

What does the Spinel birthstone symbolize?

Spinel is considered to be a stone of revitalization and hope. It also creates a feeling of joy for being alive. The wide range of colors means it can rejuvenate any chakra.

Whenever you lack energy or enthusiasm, Spinel will help you pull your thoughts together. It chases away negativity and brings renewed energy to your mind, body, and soul.

Also, when it comes to wealth, you could get an insight into your financial problems. It boosts your zeal to be relentless and follow through.

It is proposed that anyone wearing this stone will have complete focus and always accomplish their goals. Spinel is excellent when it comes to boosting self-esteem or self-confidence because you will get to believe in yourself.

Spinel stone metaphysical properties

From ancient times Spinel was believed to give support to someone recovering from trauma or illness. It causes a reduction in fatigue and increases deviating energy levels. When your anxious or nervous, Spinel helps you to curb it.

Virgo and Spinel

Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22. Spinel could be adopted by Virgos since they fall within August. Virgo personality traits include intelligence, honesty, reliability, and perfectionism.

And if at some point Virgos are getting stuck and tired of getting through on the way to perfection, Spinel believed to help in putting owners’ thoughts together and bringing back the enthusiasm. 

Spinel birthstone and Leo

Leo Zodiac sign falls within July 23 and August 22. Since Spinel is an August birthstone, it can be adopted by Leo personalities. Leo depicts care, optimism, and kindness. So, Spinel, with it’s believed the ability to create joy and boosting vitality seems like a perfect match for Leos.  

Spinel jewelry

Spinel birthstone ring

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Gorgeous handcrafted silver ring with rhodium plating for extended durability and tarnish-resistance. It’s very comfortable and can be worn every day.

And it doesn’t look cheap or poorly made even considering the bargain price. All the Spinel’s birthstone benefits are coming along with the piece too. 

Spinel bracelet

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This bracelet is created by a designer called Khun Boom selected by National Geographic and their project NOVICA. This initiative aims to promote talented but undiscovered jewelry-makers from all around the world. For this piece, the designer chose different colored versions of Spinel to add a more beautiful sparkle to it and a kick of colors that will still go with practically everything. Gorgeous and powerful peace with a significant meaning. 

Spinel earrings

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These silver earrings feature beautiful Spinel crystals that come from Thailand. The total weight of stones is 1.8ct, and they shine like there’s no tomorrow.

And these genuine gems are supposed to deliver all the Spinel’s benefits as a birthstone too. Since it’s associated with overcoming challenging circumstances, the owner might find it easier to maintain a confident attitude towards any life goals.

Especially if we are talking about Leos and Virgos since the stone has the most influence on those two zodiac signs. 

Black Spinel pendant

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This silver show stopper made with genuine Black Spinel (0.14ct) and even comes with 18″ cable chain. Not only this pendant will look gorgeous and goes well with any outfit because of it’s classic palette. But also will add all the benefits of Spinel to the table too.

And as we’ve established by now, this birthstone has a TON to offer. For instance, it’s believed to boost the owner’s zeal to be relentless in pursuing (and achieving) even the most ambitious goals.

And who would mind that gentle reminder to keep going no matter what? 

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