Third Eye Chakra Stones: Should You Choose Amethyst or Garnet?

The third eye chakra is one of the most important in the chakra system. It transcends time, and it offers the gift of seeing both inner and outer worlds. Besides, the energy of this sixth chakra enables us to experience clear thoughts, spiritual contemplation, and self-reflection.

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What is Ajna chakra? 

Another name of the third eye chakra is Ajna. It is associated with higher knowledge, subtler aspects of sight, intuition, and light. Overall, this chakra aids in correcting self-perception. And allows you to pursue the best outcome in your life. 

Third eye chakra location

The third eye chakra is placed in the brain, at the brow, slightly above the base of the nose. It emits an energy that permits us to use inner guidance from the depths of our being. It’s also responsible for searches and unveiling more profound truths. Simply put: the third eye chakra is all about mindfulness and intuition.

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Third eye chakra meaning

Ajna can be translated with the word `command.` So, the primary significance of the third eye chakra might be related to its ability to guide us through life. And enabling clear vision about reality and emotions.

This chakra is closely linked to the pineal gland in our brain. Since ancient times, the tingling sensation in the area was the testament to one’s visions. 

Mainly, the third eye chakra is all about improving your intuition, boosting your physic knowledge, and increasing your ability to hear and observe clearly.

Third eye chakra blockage: why it’s bad? 

A blocked third eye chakra can create chaos on our physical well-being. It is believed to affect your body’s ability to fight disease, regulate sleep, or keep proper metabolic functioning. As such, a third eye chakra imbalance can lead to constant feelings of sickness, insomnia, and high blood pressure. 

How to unblock third eye chakra?

There are several efficient strategies for awakening or unblocking the third eye chakra. Some of these include:

Keep silence

Silencing the mind is essential for unblocking the third eye chakra. Meditating in nature, or concentrating on your favorite hobby can have beneficial effects on this chakra. 

Work on your creativity

The third eye chakra can be unblocked with a proper creative flow. Learning a new skill, improving an existing one, or anything else that might put to work your creativity can activate this chakra. And it is efficient because it loosens your rational mind, making you more open to possibilities.

Use essential oils

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There is a wide array of essential oils that can unblock, balance, and activate your third eye chakra. Rosemary essential oil will free a dormant third eye chakra, while German chamomile can balance and focus it.

Also, sandalwood essential oil is vital for keeping your third eye chakra clear and unblocked.

Wearing or using crystals. Stones associated with the third eye chakra are usually characterized by their powerful ability to heal. The primary color of the third eye chakra stone is indigo. It’s believed to spread energy designed for stimulating the pineal gland.

Third eye chakra opening symptoms

The third eye chakra opening symptoms vary from individual to individual. Still, there are a couple of standard indicators, such as:

  • An intense sensation of pressure between the eyebrows;
  • A boost in intuition and attention span;
  • A constant feeling of light sensitivity and color perception;
  • A continuous sense of perpetual changes;
  • Recurrent headaches or migraines;
  • An increase in your capacity to remember things;
  • A tendency to daydreaming.

How to balance the third eye chakra?

The best way to keep your third eye chakra balanced is with the aid of essential oils and specific crystals. Essential oils that can allow you to achieve this are the ones used for meditation, such as Frankincense, Neroli, Sandalwood, Lavender, and Rose.

Also, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, or Grapefruit essential oils have a powerful effect in relieving us from symptoms such as migraines. 

To balance the third eye chakra with stones, you should focus on those indigo and deep blue crystals.

Third eye chakra crystals: Indigo chakra stones 

Indigo chakra stones emanate energies that specifically impact the pineal gland activity. Wearing it every day will emit a gentle vibration that will aid in activating, balancing, and healing your third eye chakra. 

Strongest crystals for third eye chakra


Amethyst ring from crystal store AtPerry’s

One of the most potent gems associated with the third eye chakra is amethyst. It is the one responsible for healing and aligning this chakra with the remaining six chakras.

Its purplish color supports spiritual awareness and intuition. While also calming the mind. Wearing a ring with this stone believed to bring the owner emotional stability and inner strength. 


Garnet pendant from largest online store with crystals, AtPerry’s

Garnet is believed to be essential in opening the third eye chakra. With its grounding energy, it is thought to improve the focus, creativity, and stamina. 

How working with third eye chakra can have a positive impact on your life? 

Working with your Ajna chakra opens a maze of possibilities for you. It will give you the ability to observe the world clearly and make better decisions. This chakra is so powerful that it can become quite challenging to manage if it is blocked or imbalanced.

Still, if you want to access all the benefits of a healthy third eye chakra, you can start by focusing on yourself, on your creativity, and meditation. The third eye chakra is all about developing genuine abilities, along with a more transparent and more thoughtful vision of the world.

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