How to Begin Meditation Practice in 8 Easy Steps?

Many people say that meditation is the best habit that they have formed. Though it is not easy, it’s not impossible. You need to consider some important points on how to begin meditation practice. In this article, we’ll tell you how.

How to Begin Meditation Practice in 8 Easy Steps: 

#1 Make It a Routine

It’s quite easy to say “I’ll meditate every day”. But you should commit yourself to it. It doesn’t need to be every day, but you need to schedule it properly. Make it a routine. One way to coax your mind to practice is to make it a ritual. You can use things like pictures, stones or crystals to be a reminder.

#2 Don’t Think Too Much on the “How” – Just Do It

Some people are too worried about how to do it perfectly. But it’s not that important when you’re starting. Bear in mind that it’s a practice, and you can start small. You can begin by meditating for only 5 to 10 minutes. As you get to know the ropes, you can increase the duration and frequency.

#3 Sit Right

Sit up nice and tall. Straighten your spine, sit in a chair or against the wall. The right posture helps with energy flow and keeps you alert and focused.

#4 Mind Your Breaths

Focus on your breaths when you’re doing it. Place your attention on how each breath comes in and goes out. Follow it through your nose and down to the lungs. Also, count each breath.

Keep in mind that your breaths provide the gateway to higher consciousness. Good breathing will take you to the realm beyond the mind. And focusing on your breaths also anchors the mind into the present.

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#5 It’s Natural for the Mind to Wander

How to begin meditation practice takes some effort, and it’s expected for your mind to wander from time to time. You shouldn’t be worried if this happens because it’s normal. The important thing is that you recognize that your mind is wandering. Acknowledge it, and simply put your focus back to your breaths.

#6 See How You’re Feeling with Each Practice

Make it a habit to check yourself with every session. How are you feeling? How does your body feel? Do you feel relaxed or tired? Are you worried or anxious? It’s good to evaluate your progress from time to time.

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#7 Have a Loving Attitude

Meditation is about your relationship with yourself. Look at your thought and feelings with a loving attitude. Even though they intrude in your meditation, they are a part of you. It’s about learning how your mind works.

#8 Join a Group

Having someone else meditate with you can help a lot. Check in with your friends and find a buddy. Even better, join a group. This will encourage you to share experiences, get support and improve your practice.  If you like to do things socially also check our article about group mindful activities. Maybe you will find some other ways of soothing your mind.

Remember: practice makes perfect. Knowing how to begin a meditation practice is simple and fun, but a big step towards knowing yourself. Spending just a little time preparing for your meditation can help you achieve a deeper experience.

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