Scrying Mirror Dangers: Is It Safe or Not?

Scrying is the practice of gazing into or upon a crystal (or a dark mirror-like surface such as polished obsidian). You relax the physical eyes and enable the inner psychic eyes to open to receive desired visions or information. As with any magical rite, wondering about scrying mirror dangers before you start is expected. And I’ll try to address all the possible dangers in this article.  

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Is scrying dangerous?

My advice to anyone with interest in the paranormal or metaphysical is to never attempt any rite or procedure without first conducting thorough research on how to perform it and the potential drawbacks.

Unfortunately, scrying, like any other magical rite, has its risks. The practitioner may face the consequences if they do not employ it carefully.

So, yeah, scrying CAN BE DANGEROUS. Let’s take a look at why it could be harmful: A person could attempt divinatory acts without comprehension of basic energetic hygiene and spiritual safety. The individual may not be personally balanced enough to accomplish this work at this time.

6 dangers of a scrying mirror

Feeling the fear during the session

Fear is a low-vibration emotion that connects you to the lowest levels of reality and the beings that inhabit there.

Suppose you experience fear during a magical rite. In that case, it signifies that you do not trust yourself, your guardian angels, spirit guides, or the divine source enough to think that you will be safe.

Entities from the lower planes of existence will perceive your lack of trust as a weakness, and they may decide to take advantage of you.

Because you open a gateway between you and the spiritual realm while scrying, it will be quite easy for them to travel through it. They may remain in this plane of reality, making themselves at home in your home and in your life.

Consequences will continue to appear from that point on. To avoid this, say a powerful prayer before scrying, asking for the assistance of your guides, angels, and the most powerful beings you regularly work with.

If you’re still terrified or unprepared, stop scrying and try to figure out where the fear is coming from.

Feeling uneasy when scrying

The individual may not be personally balanced enough to accomplish this work at this time. Sorry, but simply having an interest in and talent for achieving this work is insufficient. EVER. No matter how good they are, some people should NOT be performing these spiritual operations, at least not without a lot of help. This is a two-edged blade because many people with mental health or addiction issues have CRAZY GOOD talents in divination, mediumship, and oracle services. However, it nearly kills them because they are not balanced enough to accomplish the work without major consequences to their health.

Unethical motives

Suppose your scrying intentions are even slightly evil. In that case, you will be connected directly to the lower planes of existence, attracting beings that match your thoughts and emotions in terms of frequency.

A critical point to understand is that you will pay the karmic price for your deed if you try to use magic to injure someone or find out something that would help you in any wicked activity. It will be far worse than you can imagine.

For example, don’t use scrying to contact a demon who will assist you in inheriting all of your family’s money when you are only entitled to half.

You might make a fortune, but the cost will be far too great to justify.

Scrying should only be used to get the knowledge beneficial to you and help you progress on your spiritual path.

Suppose you have any other intentions for scrying. In that case, it’s best to just avoid it unless you want to cope with the devastating repercussions.

A person who lacks well-developed ethics will jeopardize their career pursuing this profession. You will become unwell if you utilize divination for unethical purposes. Fast. Again, I won’t go into detail because it would require a book. But, no, you don’t use this knowledge to ruin individuals or defraud your brother of his inheritance. Do you not believe me? Dress to the occasion. Don’t pretend I didn’t warn you.

Requesting information that you are not prepared to accept

If you intend to ask about a sensitive subject, you should think twice about it.

For example, if connecting to another plane of existence to view a deceased relative or inquire about their death could have a harmful emotional impact on you, don’t do it.

Many people have used scrying to learn things they were not ready to learn. The emotional suffering that came with it was enough to drive them to drink and use drugs to mask the ache.

Entities from lower realms could have also aided in this.

As a result, be extremely cautious when requesting visual information through scrying.

I can’t stress this enough: it’s preferable to play it safe and just ask for knowledge to help you grow and better understand your route.

Doing it while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Wait till you see what booze and drugs can do if fear connects you to lower realms of existence.

Even when not employed in spiritual pursuits, alcohol and drugs are harmful substances with a very low vibration that attract malevolent forces. However, some people use them to relax and achieve a trance-like state when performing particular rites.

While they may assist you in this, the drawbacks are far more severe. They might keep you from accurately concentrating on your activity, they can cause you to forget parts of the crucial information you are receiving, and, worst of all, they connect you directly to the lowest spiritual levels available.

Even if you are a seasoned practitioner capable of recognizing and banishing malevolent entities, you will be unable to do so since drugs and alcohol impair your willpower and prevent you from thinking clearly.

Furthermore, because these harmful substances reduce your frequency, you may become too weak to reject or battle those entities.

Scrying to communicate with dark beings

Any spiritual worker has the freedom to pick the beings with whom they wish to work and the degree of vibration they want to keep in their life.

It’s up to you if you want to work with darkness but make sure you do your study and understand the ramifications.

Scrying can be used to link other planes of existence to contact creatures – dark or light. But it can also allow those entities or others to pay you a visit and decide to stay.

If an entity is tied to you or your home, it emits certain energy that modifies your frequency.

When your vibration shifts in a negative direction, the people and events you attract may not be pleasant.

As a result, it is prudent to consider the implications of connecting to lower plane entities before deciding whether or not to do so.

To summarize, the dangers of utilizing a scrying mirror are caused by the practitioner’s ideas, actions, and vibration level, not by the mirror itself.

In and of itself, scrying is neither good nor harmful; it is merely a divination method or a magical process.

Like any spiritual practice, it can be beneficial or destructive depending on the practitioner’s intentions.

Keep your goals pure and beneficial, and you will achieve incredible outcomes with scrying and spiritual practices in general. If you succumb to dark temptations, expect to pay the price.

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