11 Warning Signs from the Universe: How to Spot Them?

The Universe perceives itself via human eyes. We are the witnesses through whom the Universe becomes aware of its majesty and magnificence. Watts, Alan

The Divine moves effortlessly within and without us, continuously attempting to capture our attention and lead our judgments. When we are dominated by the will of the small self (the ego), we take routes that do not serve us in the long run. We make bad decisions, do things that harm us and others, and lose sight of our life’s purpose.

How do you tell if you’re on the right track?

The Universe will provide ample evidence! You shouldn’t be concerned. And if you do experience these indicators, don’t be alarmed. You will easily return to a healthy and helpful route if you pay attention, ask the Divine for further instruction, and strive to change course.

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Remember that any warning signs you receive from the Universe are not meant to harm you, but rather to inform you. Sometimes warning signs come in the form of a big slap in the face with the words “wake the hell up!!” While these indications can be unexpected or scary, they are ultimately for our benefit. So be alert, approach them with a sense of humor, and pay attention.

Here are typical warning signs from the Universe to stop what you’re doing:

1. You have an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach

You may experience nausea or illness inside your body. No matter what thoughts or plans you create, this unpleasant gut sensation may not disappear.

2. You have a bad feeling about everything

That gut feeling that tells you to keep walking past a suspicious alley or not pick up that individual on the side of the road is the same one that can tell you whether or not you’re on the correct track.

When something isn’t right, the Universe knows, and it knows when you’re on the wrong path.

This feeling will come in when you are traveling in a direction taking you further and further away from your objectives and dreams.

When you get a hunch that something isn’t right.

Examine your life and determine WHY.

Is this your position? What about your friendships? You just made a decision?

Remember that nothing is set in stone until the action is completed, and there is nothing you can do to undo it.

Sometimes all you need to do is trust your instincts.

3. You’re clumsier than usual

You may keep stubbing your toes, hitting your elbows, stumbling, dropping items, and so on.

4. You are unable to sleep 

You cannot quit thinking, which is stopping you from going asleep. You can have a single thought that continues revolving around your mind or a terrifying scenario that may be playing out repeatedly.

5. You’re starting to lose interest

When we’re on the right track, we can see our aspirations and goals all around us.

Because the Universe sends more our way and moves us closer to our goals when we manifest so much energy in good visions.

But when we lose interest in what we’re doing and stop liking it, it’s time to make a change.

The Universe is aware of this and attempts to convince you that what you’re doing is incorrect.

It attempts to persuade you to change course BEFORE it is too late.

6. You keep seeing “bad omens”

Negative spiritual indications or omens are highly personal and subjective, and as such, they alter regularly. As a result, instead of viewing unfavorable omens as “fixed” or objective “facts,” consider them to be subjective indicators that your mind picks up on and interprets as true for you at the time. For example, I might interpret a group of black crows as a bad omen or malfunctioning traffic lights as a sign that a particular judgment of mine is flawed. Be mindful of how your mind reacts to various indicators during the day.

7. There are unexpected delays

For example, you could be stopped in traffic, miss your train, discover that all airplane tickets are sold out, or experience an unforeseen catastrophe that disrupts your plans. All of those are warning signs from the Universe. 

8. You are more concerned with the past than the present or the future

When you’re on the wrong track and creating a future that’s not appropriate for you, you’ll constantly look back to the “good ol’ days.”

You always seem to miss what previously was and have problems looking ahead.

Because the Universe knows you don’t like where you are or where you’re heading, it’s attempting to show you a moment when you were on the RIGHT path.

When you find yourself constantly reminiscing about the good old days and being dissatisfied with how things are today.

Then it’s time to start making your TODAYS as good as your YESTERDAYS.

9 You are constantly misplacing items

Something has been taken from you, or you are misplacing items. You are jolted awake by the temporary shock of losing something.

10. You’re getting into a lot of fights

Fierce debates and frivolous conflicts erupt regularly. These disagreements could be with family members or random people.

11. You have mishaps

Accidents are frequently significant red flags that it’s time to change direction right away. Accidents can be either physical or emotional/mental in nature. For example, you may inadvertently upset your boss, causing them to discontinue providing you with regular shifts. On the other hand, you could get in a vehicle accident or have a housekeeping disaster that leaves you paralyzed in bed for a few days or weeks.

The Universe’s warning signs: a blessing or a curse?

When you pay attention to everything that is going on in your life… The Universe’s warning messages can be benign and simple to ignore… Larger and frequently more painful and demanding warnings appear when you are entirely ignorant to many indications and continue running in the wrong way.

So pay close attention! Strive to be alert and present in every moment, and it never hurts to request that the Universe be gentle with any warnings… 

When you see a warning sign, take action to redirect your energy… To change your momentum, center, ground, and refocus on what you want to achieve.

Don’t obsess or worry out if you get a warning sign, become sick, or stub your toe… Consider it a signal from the Universe to get you back on track.

Take note of the warning and redirect your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions on what you want to create and experience.

Take a step in the direction of your highest and finest path, a step toward restoring your natural vibration and living in love, joy, and the manifestations you seek.

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