When Will I Find My Soulmate: By Date of Birth and Regardless of Horoscopes

If you feel as if life has abandoned you and you’re thinking, “When will I discover my soulmate?”… You are not by yourself. In my life, I’ve felt so lonely and unimportant. And the humiliation that came with it was much more devastating than the isolation.

Every one of us has relational expectations. If they are not met by a particular age, we develop a belief system that validates our perceived worthlessness. This predisposes us to be drawn to destructive relationships. We then wonder why we are constantly lied to, cheated on, devalued, and disrespected.

There is a bifurcation in the route at this place. You can choose to be a victim or look inward and create your own life.

If you’re still asking yourself, “When will I find my soulmate?” Keep this in mind…

You are the only person who has been there for you through it all.

YOU are the one who has wiped every tear and sat by your side during every sleepless night.

You’ve been with yourself through thick and thin, whether you like yourself or not.

And guess what else? You are still present at this time. You DID IT, and your heart is still pumping. How can this not be the definition of a once-in-a-lifetime soulmate?

We need to stop waiting and start appreciating where we are, what we’ve been through, and what we contribute to the table.

When you’re actually capable of doing so, you’ll be at your most desirable and appealing. Not for any superficial reason, but because we are most attractive when we finally give up on being concerned with anyone validating our beauty.

So, instead of waiting for your partner to emerge in the new year, start being your own.

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After all, when will I meet my soulmate?

Some people meet their soulmates when they are young. Some may not meet them until they are much older. Or they may realize after all these years that their best friend or lost love was their soulmate all along.

Realizing you have a soulmate can be frightening at first.

Every relationship has ups and downs. But what distinguishes being with your soulmate is that you can recover from something truly heinous and still have so much love in your heart for them.

Some may not believe in soulmates. And rightfully so, because they only show up when you’re ready for them.

And when you’re going through a hard patch in your life, they’re always there to lend a shoulder to weep on or to cheer you up.

Who can say? You might run into yours sooner than you think…

When will I meet my soulmate by date of birth?

Everyone wishes to find their soulmate at some point in their lives: someone who is more than a best friend or a lover because they are both. While astrology cannot tell you who your soulmate is (only you can do that! ), it may help you understand when and with whom you are most likely to connect. 

Aries: 25 years old

Aries meets their soulmate at the age of 25 when they are still evolving and attempting to figure out who they are. 

Aries never hides their nature. And being around them in their natural habitat (partying, pursuing their objectives, and having fun) will let anyone come to know them better.

This stage of their lives will be all about living in the now; their 30s will be about establishing a routine that works for them and their sweetheart.

Taurus: between the ages of 16 and 18

You’ll find solace in finding your love in your late adolescence. Being young and in love has its ups and downs, and it’s perfectly normal to be unsure whether a relationship will endure at this stage! Life is still a mystery, and most teenagers are concerned about their future. Look for someone who understands you better than anybody else and can help you navigate the uncertainties. The phrase “soulmate” refers to more than only romantic connections. As a Taurus, your soulmate could be either a young love or a platonic best friend.

Gemini: late teens

However, you are unlikely to meet your soulmate for several years. You may not be searching for long-term partnerships, especially at 19. You are incredibly charismatic as a Gemini. You use it to forge new connections and meet as many people as possible. You may become aware of your soulmate at the age of 19 and begin romantically thinking of them when you reach your mid-20s. Geminis are more likely to find their soulmate in college or when socializing with large groups of friends. Seek out the individual who stands out from the crowd. When you least expect it, you’ll meet your soulmate!

Cancer: 21 years old

Cancer has been dreaming of real love since they were a child, so it’s no surprise that they’ll find their soulmate when they’re 21.

They want their ideal relationship to be filled with passion and respect, two values they learned early.

Cancer makes soulmates appear both naive and mature.

Holding hands and innocent kisses, as well as being able to talk about anything, no matter how tough, are things that people twice their age are still finding out, yet they make it appear so simple.

You know, a dear friend of mine, a Cancer through and through, always felt a little off-beat about love. But guess what? She stumbled upon one of those services where a psychic will draw your soulmate (she told me it was this one, and for fun, decided to give it a whirl. Within hours, she received this eerily accurate sketch. It resembled this guy from her yoga class she’d been too shy to approach.

Bolstered by the sketch and the detailed description that came with it, she finally struck up a conversation with him. They’ve been inseparable ever since! If you’re tired of the wait, why not give it a try? Who knows, your soulmate might just be around the corner, or even in your yoga class!

Leo: between the ages of 25 and 27

You’re not looking for a soulmate until you’ve discovered yourself. Leos may have flings along the road, but once they know what they want and have become the best version of themselves, they commit to a soulmate-level match. You need a soulmate who will come along at the proper time to help you accomplish all of your many aspirations as a Leo since you are brave, driven, and energetic. You may worry if waiting until your mid-20s is worthwhile, but it’s the ideal age: you’re mature while still feeling the euphoric thrill of new love like a youngster.

Virgo:  can be any age, or never

Virgo hears about soulmates from individuals who have found them but has always struggled to imagine finding their own soulmates. They don’t see the connection they need with someone to be their soulmate, no matter how hard they try (or don’t try).

Virgo will always have companions that feel like soulmates, even if they never find their romantic soulmate.

They are the exception to the rule: you do not have to be in love to have a soulmate. Instead, they fill their lives with meaningful relationships in the hopes of finding someone who is even somewhat close to being a soulmate.

Libra: at the age of 20

When you meet your soulmate, you’ll be entering maturity. Libras are sociable beings, and as you leave your adolescence behind you, you’ll need someone to chat to more than ever. Look for someone who can spend hours conversing with you about everything and everything. Your soulmate should make you forget about your problems and focus on the present time. A lifelong buddy is often the individual who matches these characteristics for a Libra. Your soulmate could be someone you’ve known for years who is also helping you figure out your future. Advertisement

Scorpio: between the ages of 12 and 17

Scorpios have difficulty figuring out their feelings at such a young age. You’re unlikely to act on them or even recognize them at first; your Scorpio sign indicates that you’re apprehensive of vulnerability and slow to open up. Still, meeting your soulmate at such an early age implies that you will be able to connect the dots and get into a relationship once you reach adulthood. Your soulmate is most likely a childhood friend with whom you’re figuring out your genuine feelings now that you’re older.

Sagittarius: late twenties

You want to enjoy your freedom before settling down. Because your solar sign is Sagittarius, you’re both passionate and restless, so committed relationships won’t appeal to you until you’re in your 30s. Your soulmate is someone who knows and values you while also allowing you the space and freedom you require to be happy. As a Sagittarius, you may have trust concerns and be concerned that your soulmate will disappear without a trace. Give the relationship time, and you’ll notice that your soulmate isn’t leaving. Advertisement

Capricorn: Early thirties

Capricorn has apprehensions regarding soulmates in general. Even if you casually mention soulmates in a chat, they will most likely roll their eyes.

They frequently prefer real, mature relationships.

Capricorns will most likely meet their partner in their early thirties. This is a period in their lives when they are learning to accept and expect surprises, so when they meet their soulmate, they will think, “Why not?” They prefer the thought of already having their lives together before getting serious. They take their time.

Aquarius: meeting their soulmate in the early 20s  

Aquarius may not seem to be the type to fall in love at 22, but finding a soulmate is more about a deeper-level connection rather than romance.  

They don’t believe that others understand them, although they need someone to support and love them unconditionally.

Aquarius and their soulmate will spend the entire night conversing and bonding, further strengthening their friendship. Aquarius needs a solid foundation before anything else can happen. So they must take it slowly until they can trust that they are as important to their soulmate as they are to them.

Pisces: between the ages of 17 and 19

You’ve spent your entire life fantasizing about finding your love. When you’re in your late teens, you fall in love quickly, and everything feels more passionate, especially romance. Pisces is dreamy and imaginative. They want to look back on a teenage love story as if it were a fairy tale and begin a new chapter of their life with a soulmate. 

I know, dear reader, that this journey to find love can sometimes be tiring, even heartbreaking. But remember, every story has its twist. A close friend felt the same until she tried soulmate sketching thing. She was skeptical, but the this soulmate psychic was a game-changer. It was someone from her past, and today, they’re writing their beautiful story together. Maybe it’s your turn to add that twist to your tale.

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