Best Crystals for Anxiety and Related Depression and Sleep Issues

The best crystals for anxiety are believed to do wonders for your uneasiness. And even though there are numerous awareness campaigns to help people struggling with anxiety, we all know many people fail to overcome it. Luckily, with the help of crystals for anxiety, you can lessen the discomfort and uncover healthy practices to manage anxiety’s root cause. Next, you can discover everything you need to know about anxiety stones.

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Best crystals for anxiety: My top 3

#1 Sodalite

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Some say this is the best crystal for anxiety since it is known as the stone of peace. Its dark blue coloring is excellent for calming the mind. Sodalite can help people dealing with panic attacks and anxiety. Its main effect is that of reestablishing emotional balance with comforting energy. Besides, it can aid you in getting rid of guilt and fears!

You should carry this stone in your bag or pocket. It’s reassuring, and it can help you calm down when you feel overly emotional.

#2 Kyanite

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Perhaps one of the most soothing anxiety stones, kyanite has a calming blue coloring. It is believed to be a tranquilizing stone since it blocks bad energies, including stress and anger. Overall, kyanite balances the body’s energy and aligns chakras with preventing emotional issues.

You can use kyanite while meditating since it is grounding and offers access to higher wisdom. And the best part about it is that it doesn’t absorb bad vibes!

#3 Shungite

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Shungite is one of the leading crystals to help with anxiety. It is excellent for stressful environments, and it comes with potent purifying properties. It is a good stone for you if you constantly use electronic devices. Shungite encourages positive vibes, repels negativity, and prevents your mind from indulging in anxious thoughts.

You can use this stone around your home. Place it on your desk or nightstand. It will protect you against harm, including stressing factors.

Crystals for anxiety and panic attacks

For those in need of the best healing stones for anxiety, Howlite is the best solution. This stone is believed to soothe emotions triggered by past traumas. Moreover, Howlite can resolve anger and several other types of turbulent emotions. This stone will protect you from negativity by encouraging patience and wisdom.

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It would be best if you positioned Howlite near your bed. It will guard your sleep, encourage good sleeping habits and prevent panic attacks in the long term. Just make sure you cleanse it regularly to restore its full healing powers.

Stones for anxiety and depression

Most gemstones for anxiety can help you manage depression, too. And one of the stones you can use for both anxiety and depression is carnelian. 

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This gemstone can help you overcome negative thoughts as soon as they start to interfere with your mood. Carnelian has a soothing red-orange color that will aid you to cope and diminish feelings of depression. All you have to do is hold this stone when you’re low and anxious.

Best crystals for social anxiety

If you’re battling social anxiety, you will want an anxiety crystal as your ally. And one of the best crystals for social anxiety is rose quartz. 

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Even though this might seem like a stone for love, it can help you overcome your stress, too. It promotes self-love and encourages you to take it slow.

This beautiful pink crystal brings peace and love, reassuring you everything will be ok. It prevents negativity from taking over your life, and it replaces it with loving vibrations.

Crystals for anger and anxiety

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Anxiety comes with a lot of anger. And sometimes, it can be challenging to manage the situation and ward off negative feelings. Luckily, with a potent anxiety stone, you can learn how to ease anger and embrace positivity. The golden tiger eye crystal can enhance positive emotions. But at the same time, it acts as an excellent anger management ally. It calms anger, anxiety, and even obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

Crystals for anxiety and sleep

Anxiety can take a toll on your sleep. It can make it difficult for you to fall or remain asleep, which causes increased fatigue. If you’re constantly battling negative emotions and reactions, the moonstone crystal can soothe stress and promote emotional stability.

This gorgeous stone is known as the stone of motherhood. It is an excellent crystal for anxiety that can promote better sleeping habits. Meditating with this crystal can help you in stressful situations.

How to use healing crystals for anxiety?

When it comes to using the best stone for anxiety, you should start by being gentle. There are more than one ways to use those stones. And we can say that only holding one of the crystals mentioned above can calm your mind and lessen anxiety symptoms. Crystals are best used as grounding sessions to aid you in preventing your mind from wandering. Holding a grounding stone for anxiety can offer a sense of relief and calmness.

Another useful way you can use anxiety stones is by wearing them all around. You can do this by putting your preferred crystal in your bag. And you can take it to the next level with some herbs! Gently position an anxiety crystal among soothing herbs like lavender and carry it with you everywhere you go. You’ll notice that it will boost positive vibes and help you remain calm throughout the day.

Lastly, but not the least important, the best crystals for anxiety can be worn as jewelry. It is a sage and reassuring way to ward off anxiety at any time. It will give you access to powerful vibrational energy!

Healing jewelry for anxiety

You can ace the fight against anxiety by wearing healing jewelry for anxiety. It is an excellent home remedy that really works because it attracts soothing frequencies. You can boost the healing effects of stones for anxiety by meditating and wearing those at all times. Just remember: when you feel unease, touch your anxiety jewelry or hold a precious stone.

Crystal bracelet for anxiety

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One of our top choices for wearing anxiety stones is the bracelet. Easy to put on, you can have it with you at all times. Besides, you can touch it at any time, allowing you to access the stone’s soothing energies. When you wear an anxiety bracelet, you can quiet your mind and ward off negative thoughts. It has a direct impact on all your chakras since it aims to protect your aura.

We recommend you wear bead chain bracelet with moonstone crystals. It was handmade with care so that the stones won’t lose their healing properties. And since it is a natural product, cleansing it regularly will enhance its soothing effects!

Stone necklace for anxiety

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Panic attacks and anxiety make you feel like you can’t breathe. And this can lead to a rapid heart rate and overall discomfort. Wearing a stone necklace for anxiety can save you a lot of trouble. It has an effect on your crown chakra, balancing your aura and removing any negative thoughts you might have.

necklace is made from 18k yellow gold plated sterling silver. It resembles the mandala, and it includes one of the best amethyst stones. It is both soothing and helpful in learning new coping mechanisms.

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