Magician Tarot Card: Meaning and Common Combinations

If you’re interested in learning about tarot, you most likely heard about the magician tarot card. The magician has a powerful meaning, which is why you should pay close attention to it during the reading. Sometimes it can guide you to something you never expected!

The magician tarot card is numbered One. So, it has multiple meanings depending on its position and combination in the reading. It is usually linked to the planet Mercury. The symbolism of this card can guide you towards a powerful revelation. But to achieve this, you have to learn more about the magician tarot meaning. Next, you can discover everything you need to know about the role played by this card in tarot!

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What does the magician tarot card mean?

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When the magician card appears in a tarot meaning, it can signify a wide array of facts. The magician card can be a sign of many new opportunities and beginnings. The figure on the card stands with one arm stretched, as it wants to touch the Universe. The other hand is pointing towards the earth.

He uses this connection to create and manifest one’s goals in the physical realm. So, it is safe to say that the magician meaning is the conversion of energy into matter. The symbolism of this tarot card is powerful. And if we pay close attention to his robe, we will notice that pure white stands for purity. At the same time, the red cloak represents worldly knowledge and experience.

On the table in front of the magician, you can notice the four symbols of tarot suits. The cup, pentacle, sword, and want symbolize the four elements. It indicates in a reading that he has all the tools needed to manifest intention into being. What is even more interesting about this card is that above his head is positioned the infinity symbol. The background includes foliage and flowers, symbolizing the development of ideas and aspirations.

Magician and the knight of cups

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The knight of cups is an interesting card. It can indicate an emotional message since he’s holding a cup-like he’s offering so much-needed wisdom. Overall, this card is all about softness, love, art, and beauty.

There are several combinations in which the knight of cups can appear. And one of the most common is with the tarot card magician. The knight of cups and the magician have a very curious and enticing meaning. Overall, these two cards send a message that things will get more organized within the next days and weeks.

High priestess and magician tarot combination

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Another magician tarot card combination is with the high priestess card. This can offer insights into willpower, intuition, and even the unconscious mind. But at the same time, it has a powerful meaning for a romance between inexperienced persons.

Magician and the mirror

The magician and the mirror are all about knowing and using your true power. It is a beneficial card, and it says that you are the magician, the master of your life and spirit. It offers a sense of clarity and in-depth knowledge you should think about. Overall, the magician and the mirror can indicate that you have the power to make your future magical.

The sun and the magician tarot

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The sun and the magician is yet another impressive tarot reading. It has a powerful positive vibe and can offer life lessons and joyful willpower. The sun provides a sense of fulfillment and optimism. Remember that the sun symbolized the supply of all the existence on earth. And in combination with the magician tarot card, it can offer a different type of symbolism. It is a complicated combination, a suggestion you’re going through a difficult phase. But thanks to the sun’s optimism, you shouldn’t get your hopes down. This reading reveals you can overcome any obstacle.

Reversed magician

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The magician reversed tells you should be wary of his great power. It is linked to many negative aspects of our lives, including deceit, greed, and manipulation. When it shows in a tarot reading, the reversed magician is an indicator you should pay close attention to traps, manipulation, and other deceitful actions towards you.

The reading can signify diverse aspects of your life depending on your current situation. It can be all about an incoming failure. Or it can suggest you’re wasting your talents due to a lack of drive. Another possible reading of the reversed magician is that you’re in over your head. Maybe you’re overwhelmed and unable to fix a problem. Or perhaps you lack the confidence to move forward. No matter the reading interpretation, the reversed magician tells you it’s time for a reality check.

Magician and future

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The magician tarot card in the future position is saying you should keep going. If it appears in your reading, it encourages you to move forward because you almost reached your goals. The hard work is paying off, and you almost got to the end of your journey.

On the other hand, the magician in verse in the future is acting as an alarming signal. You should pay close attention to manipulators and tricksters around you. There is a situation coming that might involve deceitful acts. It tells that you should be on the lookout for a situation when you might be deceived.

Magician card and love

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The magician card and love and romance are rather interesting. It encourages you to have faith in your dreams because something amazing is going to happen. No matter if you long for love or want to take your relationship to the next level, the magician is saying you should remain true to your heart’s desire.

However, the reversed magician in romance is a warning sign. It can indicate deceit, so you should look for any red flags in your partner’s actions.

Magician as outcome

Perhaps one of the hardest interpretations, the magician as an outcome, is all about subtle details. It depends on the question you ask yourself. The magician tarot card can show you everything you need to discover the answer to your concerns. But when it falls in the outcome position, you should know that the outcome can be anything you want.

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