How to Use Oracle Cards? How to Get the Clear Guidelines from It?

If you’re wondering how to use oracle cards, you’re in the right place! And the best part is you don’t need to spend years studying to decipher oracle cards! Instead, it would be best if you start by understanding each card’s meaning. Afterward, you can use some tips and tricks from experts to gain the necessary knowledge to understand tarot reading!

Sometimes the cards you pull can leave you with more questions than answers. And if you find yourself often in this situation, you should keep reading this article. Next, you can discover insights on reading oracle cards to make the best out of this experience.

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Types of oracle cards

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Oracle card layouts and cards can differ from one deck to another. This means you’ve got plenty to choose from for your reading. A complete list of oracle decks and cards is helpful. But to get you started, you should first learn about the most common cards.

So, to receive the divine message you’re looking for, you should know oracle readings differ from one individual to another. The oracle decks have any number of cards per deck. They’re not like tarot cards and are organized in different suits. When using oracle cards, you’ll aim to enhance your intuition and abilities. These cards offer advice if you’re open to interpretations.

The types of oracle cards readings 

  • Energy readings – in this situation, you are embracing divine energy offered and not using the oracle cards
  • Archangel reading – here, you use the archangel oracle cards to receive messages from your guardians
  • Goddess readings – the goddess oracle deck, is one of the most powerful since it provides information to help you in your life

Questions to ask oracle cards

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If you want to understand how to use oracle cards, you should start by learning about the best questions to ask. Simple questions for your oracle reading can offer guidance to uncover the answer you’re longing for.

Some of the most powerful questions you can ask include:

  • What am I not seeing about my situation right now?
  • How can I change my perspective? 
  • What can help me to move forward? 
  • How can I get the results I want? 
  • What can help me to see things differently? 
  • What should I be focusing on right now? 
  • How can I stop feeling stuck? 
  • Why am I going to be successful? 
  • How can I get that promotion? 
  • How can I make the best possible decision? 
  • And any other question that is relevant to your life situation. 

How many cards are in an oracle deck?

Oracle cards are more free-wheeling from the standard structure of tart cards. An oracle deck can be whatever you want it to be. Choose as many cards as you wish, and construct the imagery you need to serve your purpose. The standard set-up consists of oracle cards with images and words.

How to shuffle oracle cards?

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For the best oracle card reading, you should give the cards a good shuffle. Shuffle the cards until you feel complete. Usually, this means you’ll shuffle seven or more times. Cut the deck into three and restack into a single pile.

How to use oracle cards with tarot?

For the best oracle card interpretation, people use both oracle and tarot cards. It can provide an extra level of understanding to a challenging situation. Oracle cards represent messages from the universe. So, each card has its own narrative. When combined with tarot, it boosts their influence and meaning.

Some people use a few oracle cards with their tarot decks. But the best approach is to include only one oracle card in the reading. It will provide more meaning and accuracy to the result.

Cleansing oracle cards

It’s ok for your oracle cards to feel dull from now and then. It tells you they need cleansing for a proper reading. Cleansing your cards before and after every use will ensure no energy is left from a previous reading to interfere with your current one. You can let the deck sit in the light of the full moon, or you can diffuse essential oils around them.

How to read oracle cards for the most accurate guidelines?

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If you want to read oracle cards like a pro, you should start by being gentle. Treat your deck like a sacred object and always show respect. Moreover, it is best to avoid relying on guidebooks. Oracle readings are more about your intuition and connection to the universe. So, you should have an open mind and embrace everything the universe is trying to tell you. Remember that intense emotions can block your intuition. It is best to relax and embrace the reading with a sense of wonder. The oracle cards meaning are all around you!

Using oracle cards 

An easy 5 card oracle spread can offer deeper insights into your current situation. You can use the element spread and interpret your oracle cards like this:

  • The Earth card is your sense of stability and foundation
  • The Water card is your emotional world and creativity
  • The Fir card is about your self, will, and ego
  • The Air card is a connection to your relationships, inspiration, and ability to change
  • The Spirit card is your connection to the spirituality

You can select these five oracle cards and position them in a circular way. It will symbolize the power of creation, being one of the most straightforward approaches to using oracle cards. 

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