7 Powerful Crystals for Lucid Dreaming, Dream Recall & More

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Dreams, in most cases, are an unconscious experience. But when you are lucid dreaming, you’re fully mindful of being asleep. And it just takes some practice to achieve that state. It’s a great adventure and a technique to face and cure your fears, solve significant problems of your life with guidelines from your subconsciousness, and overall get yourself a bit better. 

Entering conscious dreams takes some time and work, but crystals for lucid dreaming can be a tremendous help during this process. You can improve your dream recall, vividness, and increase your chances of going lucid. 

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What is the most powerful stone to help with lucid dreams?

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Herkimer diamond earrings by Lotus Stone Design. Check the current price here

Herkimer diamond is a kind of terminated quartz known for its ability to awaken the Third Eye. It’s a potent record keeper, making it a fantastic tool for recalling and recording lucid dreams.

This gem also removes blockages in your aura that may stop you from going lucid. It allows your creativity to flow. So you can create enjoyable and exciting night experiences, improve your visionary skills, and boost your ability to lucid dream.

Best crystals for dream recall


Pocket amethyst stones from Sivana (my fav spiritual store!)

The amethyst is a very widespread stone for dream recall, not just because of its gorgeous shade, which is purple, but also because of its immense powers. It resonates with our Crown Chakra, enabling our spiritual activities.

Moreover, it allows us to connect ourselves with our higher selves and reach higher states of consciousness. And it is quite helpful in lucid dreaming, too, as it helps us recall our dreams. Moreover, it will improve the focus and depth of our dreaming and meditation.


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Handmade Lodolite necklace found on Amazon. Check the current price here

Lodolite, also known as Phantom quartz or Shamanic dream stone, is one of the most well-known crystals for lucid dreaming that you’ll ever come by. This crystal has many curious properties on to of it too.

Not only it induces lucid dreams, but it also helps with dream recall. Suppose you sense that you’ve been receiving some messages in your dreams, but can’t recall it. In that case, this stone might increase your chances of getting this information out of subconsciousness.

Just try meditating with the shamanic dream stone and ask for help. Moreover, the shamanic dream stone has also been recognized as a tool for t astral exploring and getting a better understanding of your subconscious self. 

Crystals for prophetic dreams


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Leather Azurite wrap bracelet from My Gem Rocks. Check the current price here

If you want to better learn your dreams’ meaning, think of adding Azurite to your crystals’ collection. This lovely Third Eye chakra activator is a ‘stone of heaven’ recognized for many wonderful benefits.

For instance, Native Americans often used crystal’s potential to contact spirit guides. The Mayans considered it encouraged to realize one’s mystical and psychic self, opening them up to ancient insights.

Moldavite and dreams 

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Silver moldavite pendant from Starborn store. Check the current price here

This crystal is a powerful spiritual connector. It’s so strong that it can connect even the most materialistic individuals with a higher consciousness.

That’s why it can be so useful for the dream work too. It carries transforming energies and also is a mighty intensifier.

Hence, when you combine it with some other crystals from this list, it will stimulate the efforts to achieve lucidity, improve sleep recall, and understand the meaning of the dreams. 

Other best crystals for lucid dreaming

Clear Quartz

Set of pocket clear quartz stones found at Sivana

The clear quartz crystal is another powerful amplifier (probably one of the strongest of all). It will clear your thoughts and help you be calm and mindful, no matter what’s going on in your life.

That’s why it can be a great help in achieving lucidity. It will not just strengthen the effects that moldavite or amethyst have. It will also intensify all your feelings during the dream. 


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Set of 12 rare crystals, including Phenacite from Metaphysics. Check the current price here.

Although super rare, Phenacite has one of the highest vibrations of all healing crystals. It can also be used for lucid dreaming. It teaches you to build and strengthen the awareness that you have to remain conscious while you are in a dream. This enables you to be lucid more consistently.

Phenacite is also thought to help you access Akashic records when lucid dreaming. So you can uncover your soul’s purpose and answer all essential life questions you might have. 

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