8 Best Crystals for Studying, Focus, Retaining Information, etc.

crystals for focus calcite

When people engage in studying, the process is most likely to be followed by exams, tests, and assignments. Which, in most cases, kills the most joy of the process. 

And to make the matter worse, the internet is flooded with information. So, things can be quite overwhelming and uninspiring, to say the least. Luckily there are many crystals for studying that are believed to improve your memory, focus, and put you into that “flow” state. Below is the list of my favorites for the occasion.  

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Best stone for studying: my top choice

Tumbled Calcite found on Amazon. Check the current price here

Calcite comes in a broad range of colors from uncolored to grey, yellow, green, red, orange, pink, blue-brown, and black. For students, it particularly aids in improving memory and learning abilities. It is also believed to keep you motivated by reminding you to keep your eyes on the prize. 

 It also works for fighting anxiety thanks to its calming energy. It is beneficial when managing a lot of things at a time since it is believed to provide clarity and help you find the best probable solutions for any situation. And when you are about to test your freshly acquired knowledge, it most likely to be accompanied by anxiety. So this crystal will cover it all.

Best crystal to help retain information

Rare all-natural Opal pendant found on Amazon. Check the current price here

Opal is fantastic for supporting your memory – especially if you’re a student or need to retain lots of information.

It has a subtle vibration that influences the Heart, Throat, and Crown Chakras. This blend facilitates tranquility and mental clarity, which are fundamental when memorizing facts for future use.

Best crystals for students


Carnelian pocket stones set from Sivana.

Carnelian is an excellent crystal for focus. It’s a beautiful gem for improving memory too. Another area of Carnelian expertise includes creativity. It can also stimulate optimism and patience. For its reputation as a memory booster, this gem is quite trendy among students.

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Tumbled Sodalite by Top Plaza. Check the current price here

The mind-centered energy of Sodalite quietens distracting ideas and boosts intelligence. This will allow any student to focus and commit to learning anything by heart.

Sodalite is also great when public speaking or performing. So if you are a student that about to have an oral exam, this particular stone’s ability may come handy. 

Best crystal for test-taking

Amazonite Tree of Life by Top Plaza. Check the current price here

If you ever get bad test anxiety or get stressed quickly, Amazonite is a remarkable crystal that stimulates relaxation. It lets you work harder with feeling way less tension than you usually would. And it generates that Zen-like feeling to get you through your study sessions while you are preparing for the test. 

Best crystal for studying and focus

A set of powerful Hematite tumbled stones from Gypsy Palace. Check the current price here.

Hematite is a grounding stone that sifts negative energy from your aura. It’ll keep you present and calm your thoughts. This will discourage absent-mindedness and alleviate anxiety. So that you’ll be focused on whatever you are learning. 

Best crystal to improve memory

Set of pocket Clear Quartz stones from Sivana

Clear Quartz is a high vibrational crystal that intensifies any intention (for instance, to improve your memory while you are studying). It also influences the Crown Chakra, which helps with memory retention.

Another excellent use case for this crystal can be a situation when you’re concerned about memory loss, particularly as you get older.

Clear Quartz is thought to open you to higher consciousness. This extends your mind and gives you clarity of thought, so you can access any data in your head more freely.

What stone is good for concentration? 

Raw Tourmaline stones by Rock Paradise. Check the current price here

Black Tourmaline will balance your chakras. And once it’s done, you will remember faster, improve your focus, and you will also not forget data longer. This crystal for focus will enhance your concentration beyond compare. 

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How to use crystals for studying?

You can incorporate crystals for studying into your daily routine in many different ways. Below are just several ideas to do so. Just pick one that resonates with you the most, or you can try to mix and match several methods. 

  • You can utilize the crystals when meditating to reach a more in-depth mental focus. Put your chosen crystal on your forehead, or encircle yourself with a gem grid before starting your session. Try to meditate daily to create a healthy routine and stick with it.
  • Good quality sleep is essential for enhancing focus – and healing crystals can help with this. Place them in your bedroom, and it should do the trick. Make sure those are not hyperactive stones, though, otherwise your rest won’t be very relaxing. So you may want to cross-check your choice with my list of crystals for sleep. 
stones for focus
  •  Affirmations with crystals are another way to make the studying process more comfortable. Just talk to your crystal of choice and ask for help. Whether it’s a placebo effect, the power of your faith, or an actual crystal’s power, but many (including myself) find this technique quite efficient. 
  • Try massaging your forehead with your study crystal or hold one on any side of your head to boost concentration while getting powered by its energy. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals from time to time to get their vibrational frequencies to where they belong. 
  • Wear focus crystals along as a jewelry piece or in your pocket as a palm stone. Having your little study-buddy around surely will bring some comfort and confidence whatever exam or test you are about to take.

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