6 Best Crystals for Nightmares: Both for Preventing It and Protecting You

amethyst for nightmares

Nightmares are more than nasty dreams. They hurt your sleep quality, make you exhausted, and impact your well-being. There are numerous crystals for nightmares that can potentially help you fix this. Crystals can decrease the frequency and scary-factor of your nightmares. They may help you relax and guard you against negative powers that might trigger scary fantasies, while also encouraging good dreams.

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Best crystal that prevents nightmares

Cute pocket amethyst stones from Sivana.

Amethyst is probably one of the best crystals for nightmares. It is a high vibrational gem that correlates with the subconscious mind.

This stone’s energy resonates with the dreamy sleep stage to make you feel relaxed and enable pleasant dreams when you are WITHIN the dream. And it might also work as a good crystal for lucid dreaming. But keep in mind that it’s not the best crystal for sleep as it’s way too powerful and full of energy. 

Best crystals for protection against nightmares

It’s good when you can prevent the nightmares. But sometimes you are still having those. In that case, the following stones can come handy. 


Lepidolite bracelet by Sivana (my favorite spiritual store ever!) 

Lepidolite is a fantastic healing gem for anxiety. It includes traces of lithium, which has been utilized to treat depression. Nowadays, it is quite common to be found in mood-stabilizing medications. Lepidolite helps with emotional healing, soothing, and relieving the stress. It also disbands negativity and therefore is an excellent stone to prevent nightmares.


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A set of powerful Hematite tumbled stones from Gypsy Palace. Check the current price . 

Hematite is one of my best suggestions for soothing nightmares induced by abuse or grief.

It’s a grounding stone that forms a protective layer around your subconscious during your sleep. It eases all the traumatizing dreams, so you can awake rejuvenated.

The tradition of using Hematite for suppressing anxiety goes back to Ancient Egyptians. And those guys were smart. So if you often go to bed worried, this nightmare stone can clear your mind and encourage a healing sleep.

Crystals for nightmares during pregnancy

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Prehnite Necklace found on Amazon. Check the current price . 

Prehnite is an excellent gem for nightmares, particularly the ones caused by stress. And pregnancy can lead to both, as there are so many unknown and new (sometimes scary) experiences on the horizon. It soothes your worries and lets you understand what’s causing them. This loads you with a feeling of serenity and tenderness and encouraging a relaxing sleep.

Crystals for good dreams

Clear Quartz

Set of pocket clear quartz stones from Sivana

Clear Quartz can help guarantee that you will have delightful dreams. This is because it works by magnifying the effects of any other crystals which touch it. So if you are already using another crystal for nightmare protection Clear Quartz will double (if not triple) the healing effects you are getting.

This stone can also help you focus on your dreams. Just hold it in your hand before falling asleep and then slide the crystals under the pillow. Thus it can help relax your mind and work through any anxiety issues while you are sleeping.

Smoky Quartz 

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Angel statue from Smoky Quartz by Nelson Creations. Check the current price . 

Smokey Quartz disbands fear, depression, and any negativity you might be dealing with. It carries calmness, dispels nightmares, and moreover manifests all good dreams for you.  

The biggest myth about crystals for sleep

Many people believe that crystals offer them a lot of well-being benefits. Just looking at a pretty crystal makes me feel better (works all the time). So if you’ve built up a solid healing crystals collection, I totally get it. 

However, filling your bedroom with crystals can be too much if you care about the quality of your sleep. And there are definitely stones to avoid for sleep. Even when we are talking about Amethyst… even though it’s good to deal with nightmares and learn to be lucid, it’s not that great in the case when you are just looking for that good night’s sleep. There’s too much energy to rest! 

And that might be the issue with many other crystals as well. So not all of them can be good to keep around your bedroom. Keep that in mind. And also, don’t forget to check my guide about the best crystal for sleep.

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