Honey Calcite Meaning, Healing Properties, and Comparison with Citrine

Honey calcite is a stone of empowerment related to the Solar Plexus, Crown, and Sacral chakras. It is believed it can help those with the zodiac signs of Leo, Pisces, and cancer. Still, many people can receive beneficial effects if they know how to use it. It is believed this crystal can boost positive energy, help you gain a clearer perspective in life, and facilitate harmony and peace.

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What is honey calcite?

Honey calcite refers to calcium carbonate with a semi-transparent or transparent appearance. It ranges in color from pale gold to brown to golden. It is an exciting crystal since many people believe it can help you clear the mind and remove self-limiting thoughts.

Where is honey calcite found?

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This crystal is a type of calcium carbonate mineral, which forms in a rhombohedral or massive crystal forms. It is one of the most common minerals you may come across, which is why it can take distinct shapes and colors. The best types of honey calcite crystals are found in Mexico. But you can discover this stone in Brazil, Africa, India, and the Czech Republic, too.

Honey Calcite vs. Citrine

Both honey calcite and citrine are types of calcite. They differ in hue, though. Honey calcite is also known as amber calcite, thanks to its rich, golden brown color. Golden calcite is also named citrine, and it has a brighter pale to medium yellow in color.

Honey calcite meaning

The honey calcite properties are all about the energies necessary to balance your Solar, Root, and Third-Eye chakras. It is a powerful stone for personal will and creation, but it can do even more!

This crystal encourages you to keep going even when you feel like you don’t want to.

It can also offer a lot of clarity and good energy to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles. It is an excellent stone to have around when meditating since it comes with a deep sense of calmness and balance.

What is honey calcite good for?

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Suppose you want to embrace yourself with bright vibrations, balance your body and spirit, and awaken your creativity. In that case, you should consider a honey calcite necklace. This crystal necklace orange calcite comes with a copper spiral, which offers both a pleasant appearance and a useful talisman for the wearer.

Honey calcite is excellent for overcoming depression, balancing sexual energies, releasing past traumas, and encouraging a positive outlook on life.

What chakra is honey calcite? 

As mentioned above, honey calcite is a balancing and grounding stone. It has a direct impact on the Root, Sacral, and Third Eye chakras. And as a result, it can become your ally in balancing your chakras and cleansing them of negative energies.

Honey calcite metaphysical properties and uses

When it comes to honey calcite spiritual meaning, many people say this is the stone of confidence. All calcite is powerful and can clean and amplify your energy. And only positioning calcite in a room can get rid of all negative energies.

Also, if you’re moving into a new home, placing honey calcite around the space can cleanse it and prepare it for your arrival. Keep in mind that this calcite amplifies existing energies, so it is best to cleanse it regularly. Calcite also holds warmth and energy, meaning that you can charge it with intention and energy for future spiritual practices.

Honey calcite is an exciting stone. It supports us in our daily challenges and offers the determination and motivation you need. But the best part about it is that it won’t allow roadblocks to deter you from your final goal.

Honey calcite healing properties

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Among the healing properties of honey calcite, we should mention that this mineral is usually used as an acid neutralizer in antacid medication. Also, the physical healing benefits of this stone relates to easing indigestion and stomach problems.

Simply put: it has a powerful calming effect that can be used for your body, mind, and spiritual wellbeing. When there is an ailment, this stone can help you overcome it. It is powerful when there is a problem around your Root, Sacral, and Third Eye chakras.

How to cleanse honey calcite?

Honey calcite cleansing is relatively simple if you pay close attention to details. The first thing you should know is that this calcium carbonate shouldn’t be washed in offer. Instead, you can use a soft brush to keep it in the best shape.

Remember that it is best to cleanse your honey calcite’s bad energy during the cleansing power of the full moon every month. It can restore the stone’s healing properties and balance without interfering with its power.

How to meditate with honey calcite?

Honey calcite is an excellent stone to meditate with since it boosts energy and psychic abilities, directly impacting the Third-Eye and Crown chakras.

One of the best honey calcite affirmation is I accept divine guidance. Honey calcite connects deeply to this universe, meaning that its primary energy source links with the divine.

When meditating with this stone, make sure you concentrate on receiving guidance from your gods, angels, spirit guidance, or higher self. You’ll be surprised by the valuable information you’ll receive!

Where to place honey calcite?

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The best positioning of hone calcite is near or on the Root, Sacral, and Third Eye chakras. But one of the best approaches is using a honey calcite palm stone.

Keeping this crystal in your stone while meditating or releasing tension from your body can help you unlock its full potential. It is a vibrant crystal, which is why you should hold it with care.

This honey calcite heart is excellent for keeping it in your palm while meditating. It is a balancing stone and can restore your wellbeing. Besides, it comes from Mexico, having an attractive vibrant golden yellow color. It is a potent energy source, and it can help you overcome chronic stress, fatigue, and restlessness. You can put this crystal in your home, too. It is an excellent cleansing tool if positioned in the Southwest area of your house.  

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