Fire Opal Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits as a Birthstone, etc

Fire opal gemstone is a beautiful and powerful crystal to have around. Many people like it because of its gorgeous shades coloring. Even though it should have a warm body of colors ranging from gold to orange to yellow, the stone will sometimes change color and reveal a lovely bright green shade.

Such vivid and versatile gemstones are the Mexican fire opals. Still, you should know fire opal can contribute to your wellbeing, help you heal, and many more!

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What is a fire opal?

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Fire opals are gorgeous because of their translucent and colorful warm body. It can take different shapes and colors, so it is commonly associated with a fire flame. Usually, this stone has orange, red, yellow, and sometimes green in its appearance.

Remember that the best fire opal you can use is transparent and multi-faceted. You should know this stone is sensitive to stress, so it should be handled with care.

Types of opal

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Opal represents a hydrated amorphous type of silica that comes in interesting plays of color. It has a unique internal structure, which makes it diffract light based on the environment it is in. There are several types of opal, depending on their body tone and transparency.

As for today, you can discover previous white opals, black opals, fire opals, boulder, matrix opal, and many others.

Is fire opal man-made? 

There are two types of fire opal: man-made and natural. The distinction is in their composition. Man-made fire opals do not contain water like the natural ones, which is why they are less vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. The downside is that man-made opals aren’t as valuable as natural ones.

How is fire opal formed?

Raw fire opal is a gemstone born from fire. This stone is created when water seeps into silica-rich lava. Due to the impressive heat and pressure, the lava traps moisture within itself, creating a gorgeous fire opal stone. According to history, Mayan and Aztec people were the ones who first used this stone since it symbolized the healing of paradise.

How to tell if fire opal is real?

Fake fire opal is more common than you might think. But there is a fast way to determine whether your stone is genuine or not. Man-made fire opals are perfectly flat since two sections are flattened to be glued together. Real fire opal is irregular, curved, or bumpy because of its natural formation.

Fire opal hardness

The Mohs hardness of fire opal ranges from 5.5 to 6. This is why you should handle it with care, especially when it comes to cleaning. (Selenite will be your go to crystal for charging and cleansing fire opals). And if you’re planning to use it daily. It can chip or break, but with a bit of attention to details, you can manage to wear or use your fire opal for years to come. 

Is fire opal expensive?

Depending on its coloring, fire opal can get quite expensive. This happens due to the natural processes involved in creating genuine opals. The red in fire opals is one of the rarest and most sought of.

Where is fire opal found?

For many years, Mexico has been the primary source on the globe for fire opals. You can still discover varieties from Australia, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, and even the United States.

What does fire opal do?

Some of the major fire opal properties are all about mental health. It is believed that this stone can help shy people and encourage them to regain self-esteem and confidence. Also, this stone can help those suffering from abusive relationships.

Fire opal metaphysical properties

Fire opal can boost cosmic consciousness and induce mystical visions. It is an excellent stone to stimulate originality and creativity. But at the same time, it aids in releasing anger and claiming self-worth.

Fire opal as a birthstone

Fire opal in astrology is the October birthstone. It can guide an individual born in October, but it can also offer valuable insights at a higher consciousness level.

What chakra is fire opal? 

Orange fire opal connects with the Sacra Chakra, enabling you to express emotions creatively. It can also help you overcome fears, unleash blocked energies, and heal your chakras system.

Fire opal jewelry

The best way to receive the protection of this crystal is by wearing it. Here are some of the best fire opal pieces of jewelry you can use today!

Fire opal ring

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The fire opal ring meaning is surprising. It can signify a lifetime bond between two lovers. That’s why many people use it as an engagement ring. piece of jewelry features an organic stone, uncut and originally from Mexico.

Fire opal necklace

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If you genuinely want to receive the wisdom and calmness of fire opal, you should wear it around your neck. Take necklace as an example. It was designed from silver so that it won’t interfere with stone’s properties. It will help you soothe your mind and gain a new perspective on past experiences.

Fire opal bracelet

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If you want to attract good luck, wealth, and wellbeing, you should consider wearing a fire opal bracelet. one is made from sterling silver with natural stones. It can balance your chakras, heal your throat chakra, and get you access to mystical visions.

Fire opal earrings

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Another beautiful way to have fire opal around at any time is by wearing a pair of earrings. product is made with genuine Ethiopian fire opal, being one of the rarest finds. It is an excellent way to balance your Crown chakra and learn how to let go of past experiences.

Who should wear fire opal?

Overall, anyone can benefit from the healing powers of fire opal. Still, those born with zodiac signs Taurus and Libra are more prone to embracing the full power of this gemstone. It is especially recommended for people suffering from traumatic experiences, sexual disorders, or impotence.

Also, wearing fire opal can turn out to be beneficial for digestive and vision problems. If you wear it daily, you’ll notice it will eliminate negative vibes while encouraging positive ones.

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