Crystals to Raise Your Vibration: Full Guide on How, Why and What

Did you know that there you can use several crystals to raise your vibration? Well, depending on your state of mind and how much healing you require, some stones can embrace you with their vibration.

This can be beneficial when meditating, but it can balance your chakras and cleanse negative energies. Their powerful energy fields can be used to increase personal vibration to access higher consciousness. 

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How do crystals raise your vibration? 

High vibration crystals are quite rare. But if you combine one or more of such rare gems, you can achieve impressive results. Remember that energy is everything! We all have our own unique vibrational frequencies, and sometimes we need some help to restore the balance.

Individuals with higher vibrations radiate kindness, compassion, peace, and love. In comparison, people with lower vibrations cling on to anxiety, fear, and anger. 

We need high vibrational crystals because our vibration is volatile and easily influenced. It can shift depending on the stimulus we’re exposed to. Crystals come with a stable energy frequency, which won’t change, supporting our energy field to remain healthy.

They have perfect stability and can contribute to our wellbeing. The secret is to choose the perfect vibrational crystals for your needs. 

How to raise your vibration with crystals? 

The first thing you should know about high energy crystals is that each stone has distinct energetic frequencies. As well as energetic points of your body, called chakras. So, if you want to raise your vibration with crystals, you should start by assessing which chakra you want to heal.

As any blockages in those energy centers might contribute to lowering your vibrations. You’ll have to choose a crystal to match your chakra’s color so that you balance your system and remove blockages. Remember that the chakra system goes as follows:

Root chakra is linked to the red color and symbolizes the connection with the earth, safety, and survival.

Sacral chakra is linked to the orange color and stands for creative force energy, which makes you human.

Solar Plexus chakra is linked to the yellow color, and it is all about your personal power, wisdom, and confidence.

Heart chakra is linked to the green color and reveals a lot of love and compassion.

Throat chakra is linked to the blue color and allows us to speak the truth with love and kindness.

Third Eye chakra is linked to the indigo color and resembles the connection to our intuition and mystical powers.

Crown chakra is linked to the violet color and has the power to reveal to us how to access higher consciousness. 

Tips for using crystals to raise your vibration

If you want to access all the benefits of crystals, you need to follow some simple steps. First of all, you should choose wisely your crystal so that it balances your energies and increases your vibration with ease. Secondly, you should clean your crystals regularly to clear them from negative vibes they might have accumulated.

Moreover, mantras and meditation might help you balance your energy field and strengthen your vibration. You can wear high vibrational crystals as jewelry, or you can keep them in your home or workspace. No matter what you do, it would be best if you always had them around when meditating.

Crystals to raise your vibration instantly

Some of the highest vibrational crystals can be sensed at first touch. They can connect with your energy field and allow you to feel their vibration. Make sure you choose one accordingly to your needs!

Smokey quartz

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This is an excellent stone to protect yourself from bad vibes. Negative energy can take a toll on your vibrational energy, which is why Smokey quartz is good to have around. Also, it can deal with frequency blockages, cleanse your aura, and allow you to improve your energetic balance.

Green aventurine

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This is yet another impressive crystal that can help you deal with self-doubt. It opens your heart and allows you to appreciate the abundance in life. It is a symbol for the renewal of life, which is why it can raise your vibrations with ease.

Clear quartz

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This crystal might take the first place on your list if you’re looking forward to healing your vibration. One of its main properties is healing since it smoothly eliminates energy blockages and stimulates chakras.

Lapis Lazuli

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This stone is one of the best if you’re at the beginning of a spiritual journey. It aids with self-expression, and it can show you the path to take in life to achieve greater wisdom. It can provide a lot of power, confidence, and strength to the user.


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Some say this crystal has a powerful connection to the divine. It’s surrounded by a powerful vibration of light, love, and truth. It can boost the power of other crystals, but it can help you raise your vibration immediately.

Best crystals to raise your vibration for consistent work

Crystals can do even more than healing and balancing your auric field. It can help you concentrate and follow your goals without getting distracted in your journey. Some of the best crystals to raise your vibration for consistent work are listed below.


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This is one of the best crystals for concentrating your energy and balancing your vibration for consistent work. It can help you in standing firmly within your personal power and self-confidence.

But at the same time, it can guide you towards creating healthy boundaries in each area of your life. It can help you gain a leadership role and work-related success. Just remember that citrine has a powerful connection with the third chakra, so you’ll have to cleanse it accordingly.


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This stone can clear the negative energy within a room, but it can also prevent energy vampires out of your personal space. It connects to your Third Eye and Crown chakra, which is why it has one of the most powerful vibrations you’ll find in a stone. Amethyst is a potent crystal for work since it aids you to access your intuition and reach out to higher planes of existence.


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This is commonly known as the Goddess stone. It is believed to help to access the power of communication and education. It is excellent for encouraging consistent work since it boosts analytical and intuitive thinking. 

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