7 Famous Empaths. Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

Empathy is all around us, and many people experience it, even those well-known and influential. And there are a few traits that all famous empaths have in common. So let’s discover what it means to be an empath, along with the most popular empaths on the globe!

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Who are empaths? 

There is a clear distinction between being an empath and being empathetic. Being empathetic can be described as the situation in which your heart goes out to someone else. Being an empath signifies, you can actually feel another person’s sadness or happiness in your own body. Empaths draw that energy and feel it like it’s their own.

Being an empath. Pros and Cons

As well-known empaths agree, being an empath can be both good and bad. Sometimes it can be your toll of helping others. But in other times, it can interfere with your wellbeing. This is why many empaths enjoy meditation and self-awareness techniques. It helps them remain on course and avoid unnecessary energetic injuries.

An advantage of being an empath can be the fact that you can sense other’s emotions. You can use that picked up information to guide and help them. Overall, empathy can become your superpower if handled with attention. Relating to others can help you bring positive contributions to others.

Moreover, if you’re an empath, your capability for love and compassion is amplified. Your ability to love and be compassionate is different, allowing you to put the basis of strong relationships.

The downside is that not all empaths know where to draw a line. Suppose you feel other people’s emotions and don’t have boundaries in place, your risk embracing those feelings as your own. Hence, you might grow depressed, anxious, fearful, and stressed out.

Remember that all empaths have a high capacity of getting overwhelmed. And there is more! Some empaths get stressed by busy or loud environments! Luckily, there are some meditation techniques an empath can use to balance the line between the pros and cons of being an empath.

List of top 7 famous empaths

Empaths have a hard time following routines, which is why you’ll notice that most of them are best suited in creative roles. They understand emotion better than anyone, but not all empaths see their calling. Many empaths work as volunteers, social workers, or in non-profit organizations.

But you’ll be surprised to find out that most celebrity empaths chose careers in show business, music, and social movements. Such individuals are all about the greater good and the wellbeing of those around them. So, they use their unique skills to achieve precisely that. Let’s take a look at the following list of famous empaths.

Nelson Mandela

Maybe one of the most popular empaths is Nelson Mandela. As is the case with many empaths, he was willing to sacrifice his own needs for a greater good. Mandela had a strong intuition towards doing right. This is why he sacrificed years of his freedom for what he truly believed in.

But being incarcerated didn’t stop Mandela. He used this time to boost his empathic abilities. This is why he was able to lead his country into a new age. Mandela encouraged everyone to support the change with his true love for his people.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was that type of powerful empath who challenged his energy and power to mesmerize the world. He lived a life of self-sacrifice and took vows of poverty with the sole purpose of allowing his empathy to grow and nurture humanity.

Gandhi had a deeper understanding of emotions, which is why he was a pacifist. He stressed the need to understand how much negative emotions can hurt. So, he became a powerful symbol for how to discover your empathetic traits and use them wisely.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was more than the First Lady of the president of the United States. She was a creative empath with a gentle and caring nature. Eleanor had that particular personality common among empathetic people that made her a pleasant company no matter the situation.

Eleanor Roosevelt used her empathy to guide those who seemingly didn’t have much in common. She was a driving force of the civil rights movement, thanks to her selfless attitude.

Mel Gibson

Of course, numerous controversies were revolving around Mel Gibson. But he remains an authentic example of a powerful empath. He used his empathetic abilities for honest performances.

But he did even more! Many empaths are drawn to religion so that they positively impact their community. And Gibson is that type of empath who can quantify the abstract with a higher degree of faith. Gibson can attract others on a spiritual path.

Cate Blanchett

Many people argue that Blanchett isn’t an authentic empath. But besides her career as an actress, she dedicated her life to helping others.

Cate Blanchett has a caring and motherly aura. So, it is only natural to see her part of philanthropic work on an international level. She is an ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She also launched the all-time famous Who On Earn Cares Campaign.

George Orwell

George Orwell might not appear at first like that type of person who can be an empath. But according to his work and social contributions, he was a true empath who fought against the brutality of colonialism.

Orwell even took this to the next level. He dressed as a beggar and lived on London’s streets to see the real suffering of the people around him.

Princess Diana

When the world was stunned by the sudden passing of Princess Diana, it might be because of her powerful empathetic traits. She hadn’t an impressive ability to connect with people on all levels. And she wasn’t bothered by the environment she was in!

Princess Diana struggled a lot with her sensitive empath traits. It is usually hard to calm down such sensitivity, so she was involved in so many charitable acts.

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