Clinozoisite Meaning, Origin, Healing & Metaphysical Properties

If you didn’t know already, one of the rarest items on earth is the clinozoisite. Frequently used with jewelry, it has an attractive appearance and appeal.

It can easily be identified among other gems since a clinozoisite crystal is a complex mineral with a particular structure and form. It comes with a vitreous luster, which can quickly become a beautiful clinozoisite necklace. Below we share some additional insights on this one of a kind stone!

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What is clinozoisite?

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A clinozoisite gemstone comes in different colors. It can be colorless, yellow, greenish, or pale rose-red mineral similar to Epidote. It contains small amounts of iron, which is why its Mohs hardness can be between 6 and 7. And it stands out due to its vitreous look.

When was clinozoisite discovered? 

The clinozoisite crystal was first discovered back in 1896 in Tyrol, Austria. It received this name because of its monoclinic cystography and similarities to zoisite.

How is clinozoisite formed?

Clinozoisite is a mineral that occurs during the alteration of sedimentary rocks. Usually, this beautiful gemstone is found in massive form and as prismatic crystals in veins that cut marbles. It is difficult to find, which is why it might appear pricier than other gemstones.

What color is clinozoisite?

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When it comes to the types of clinozoisite, you should know it can come in different colors. This gem is pretty, being a must-have item for any collector. Its unique coloring is unobtainable in any other stone!

The most typical color for clinozoisite is from yellow to yellow-brown. But it can come colorless, greenish, and pink. It has a transparent and translucent composition, making it more than appealing.

Main uses of clinozoisite

Besides being a charming crystal, it can help you discover inner balance!

It is believed to be a great stone for detoxing the body. It is highly recommended for those with any type of radiation. Among the clinozoisite properties is its connection with the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. As a result, it can promote emotional clarity, bonding and nurturing relationships, and loyalty.

Clinozoisite crystal meaning

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Experts say that the clinozoisite meaning is all about its power. It helps in understanding ourselves, being excellent for meditation. Another stone’s meaning is that it can protect you from unwanted energies both in daily life and during astral projections.

Clinozoisite healing properties

It aids in easing the pain of a broken heart. But it can do even more! 

This beautiful and unique gemstone was previously used to deal with the health problems of the heart, spleen, pancreas, and lungs.

Clinozoisite metaphysical properties

As said above, this rare and lovely stone is all about manifesting love in the present. It is commonly referred to as one of the birthstones of cancer, but it can help everyone uncover true self-love. Some of the most powerful metaphysical properties of clinozoisite include increased vitality and promoting optimism and hope.

And the best way to access all those benefits is by wearing a clinozoisite necklace. It will be alongside you all day long, contributing to your wellbeing. You’ll notice with ease that such a jewelry piece will ward off stress, tension, and negative thoughts.

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The best way to wear clinozoisite is by making your own jewelry with a set like this one. It is a genuine natural round red, green clinozoisite beads set! You can use it to create your own necklace. And we can say from our experience that it can lead to a gorgeous jewelry item you’ll wear with pride.

Keep in mind that all stones include in this set are unique. This means that their shape may differ slightly. But this is a natural outcome with authentic clinozoisite stones. Overall, you can handmade a clinozoisite necklace of approximately 15.5 inches, depending on how you distribute the beads.

 Make sure you cleanse your beads from now and then. This will remove any blockages accumulated, allowing your clinozoisite to protect you at its best.

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