Why and How to Charge Crystals with Smoke, Moonlight, etc.

If you’re asking yourself how to charge crystals, you should know you’re not alone. There are numerous methods, each suitable for particular types of gemstones. It is more than important to do this regularly to ensure that your precious stone works at its true potential.

Charging crystals is essential for your wellbeing. But, unfortunately, sometimes these precious stones can get stuck with a lot of negative energies. So, if you’re unsure how to proceed next, you should keep reading. Here’s our guide to cleansing your crystals and keeping them fully functional.

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Why charge crystals?

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Before discussing the best approaches to this, let’s talk a bit about why you should charge crystals. The first thing you should know is that when you use a gemstone for healing, energy work, or similar purposes, the energy in the stone can be used up. This means the stone will be filled with negative or harmful energies. You can fix this and restore the positive vibe of any crystal by charging it regularly.

Another reason why you should recharge crystals is that a clean crystal can prevent the agrowth of negativity. As such, it can ward off any negative entities that might pry on your wellbeing.

Overall, most stones and crystals require charging. Their energy isn’t unlimited, so they need some help from now and then. But when you do this regularly, you’ll discover your stone is stronger than ever.

Easy way to recharge crystals

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Even though it is highly recommended to follow a crystal charge ritual, you can achieve this without it. If your crystals aren’t too sensitive to either light or water, you can simply submerge them in a bowl of sea salt and water. Then, position your crystals in bright sunlight. This will energize your stones and restore their wellbeing.

Charging crystals during the full moon

When it comes to learning how to charge crystals, the best way to do it is during a full moon ritual. The full moon is the most powerful cleansing tool you have available. It can have a strong spiritual effect if you know how to attract its purifying energy.

Full moon rituals are excellent to attract the moon’s energy to cleanse your crystals. And suppose it were to check historical facts. In that case, we’ll notice that this ritual was used for centuries to achieve emotional and spiritual balance.

It is simple to perform a ritual. It starts with gently washing your crystals the day before the full moon. It might be a good idea to use water from a natural source. And, of course, research whether your crystal can be submerged before starting the ritual.

Set up a sacred space for your crystals and position them after they are completely dried. Let them sit in the moonlight the entire light and bring them in the next morning.

Charging crystals in the sun

Charging stones in the sun is another cleansing ritual you can perform with ease. It is worth mentioning that some crystals might not benefit from sitting in direct sunlight. This is why some stones can be cleansed in indirect sunlight.

The best way to charge your crystal in the sun is to sit for a short time in the sun while holding your gem. Meditate and concentrate on good vibes. Doing this in a garden or park will surely recharge your stone.

Charging crystals with smoke

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Most crystals can benefit from a good recharging session with smoke. And the beauty of it is that they can clear the air, too. You can use several smudging tools, including incense, palo santo, and sage. It is a fast approach to cleanse and recharge frequently used crystals. Immediate smudging removes negative energies, attracting positive ones. Make sure you use a fireproof dish to prevent accidents.

Charging crystals with the Earth

Since numerous crystals are grounding, they might require getting in touch with the Earth, too. So, nothing can thoroughly cleanse energies as Earth does. However, you can set your stones for a spiritual journey by burying them in the soil for a day or night. The grounding and pure energy will remove impurities and negativity.

How to charge a specific crystal?

How to charge rose quartz?

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There are several ways to cleanse rose quartz. It is a sensitive and yet powerful stone that can benefit from the energies of all Earth’s forces. You can bathe your rose quartz in a bowl f cold water. Soak it for up to three days, and it will be recharged with positive vibes. Or you can use water and salt and soak it overnight.

Another way to charge rose quartz is by smudging. Use an incense stick to cleanse it with smoke. Allow the smoke to curl around the crystal, and make sure it reaches on every side. In no more than 3 minutes, you’ll have a fully charged crystal.

How to charge amethyst?

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Amethyst is a sensitive stone of healing and can get instead filled with negative energies. It absorbs bad vibes, which is why it is best to cleanse it after each use. You can do that by placing the stone in a bowl with sea salt water and allow it to sit in direct sunlight.

Also, amethyst can benefit from spending a night in the moonlight. So, make sure you set up a proper full moon ritual for your precious stone to gain a place among charged crystals. 

How to charge clear quartz?

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Clear quartz is known for its healing and cleansing effects. This is why the cleansing ritual for it should start with visualization. It would be best if you thought about your crystal and its ability to heal. Then, picture how negative energies fly by and concentrate on the power of clear quartz. Afterward, use an incense stick to clean all the bad vibes from your crystal.

Clear quartz can also be submerged to restore its own sense of purpose. Still, you should avoid allowing it to sit in the water for too long.

Crystals that charge other crystals

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There are plenty of crystals that can charge other crystals. And you can reconnect your stone with natural elements by using particular crystals that represent the sun and moon. For example, Selenite is one of the most popular charging crystals used to cleanse and charge other stones. It has powerful metaphysical properties, and it can charge itself without any help.

Clear quartz is another example of a potent master healer among crystals. It can raise energies to the highest frequencies, and it can offer a deep cleansing session. You can simply position it near the crystal you want to charge, and it will start working its magic. However, remember that clear quartz requires recharging, too. So, performing a cleansing ritual often will ensure its efficacy.

Carnelian has numerous healing benefits for us. It can balance inner turmoil, prevent us from stirring away from our righteous path and attract positive energies. And because of this, carnelian is one of the best cleansing crystals for other crystals. It is a powerful stone that can restore the efficacy of almost all crystals. All you have to do is place it in a bag or box with your stones and allow it to absorb the energy.

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