Aquamarine as a Birthstone: Most Important Properties

The aquamarine birthstone is a peculiar and valuable crystal. Is one of the most intriguing hexagonal crystals and it can be found up to several meters in size. It comes in many colors, including blue and green. Still, the rarest one is red.

This gem is named after the sea because of its colors. But at the same time, it can have a unique power for those with zodiacal signs connected to water. Next, we share our insights on everything you need to know about the aquamarine stone. 

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What is Aquamarine? 

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If you take the time to research, you can easily uncover why Aquamarine has always been linked to the sea. It has been around since 500BC, and it is famous worldwide due to its stunning ocean blue tones.

Aquamarine crystal is part of the beryl family, being closely related to morganite and emerald. It is one of the most durable stones, which is why you can frequently encounter it in jewelry. Aquamarine is a prized gemstone thanks to its unique clarity, delicate tone, and vibrancy.

Where is Aquamarine found?

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Aquamarine is formed due to hot magma occurring under the Earth’s crust. This magma interacts with mineral rich rocks, and it creates the gemstone we know as Aquamarine. It is a transparent and flawless crystal with unique healing properties.

It is primarily found in Brazil. But numerous Asian and African countries are leading sources for aquamarine deposits. Some of the best crystals come from Burma, Pakistan, and China.

Does Aquamarine require cleansing?

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Yes, all healing crystals need to be regularly cleaned. Aquamarine can absorb a lot of negative energies, so you shouldn’t ignore this. Even though it is incredibly durable to wear and tear, not cleaning it regularly can make it inefficient.

The simplest method to take care of your aquamarine crystal is by washing it in lukewarm soapy water. Fill a bowl with this mixture and allow the stone to soak for several minutes. Use a soft toothbrush and gently cleanse the stone. Rinse it in warm water and make sure excess soap is removed.

Is Aquamarine a birthstone?

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Aquamarine brings to mind impressive pastel sky blue and bright sea colors. For centuries, this has been a symbol of health, hope, youth, and fidelity. Many people argue that Aquamarine is the embodiment of eternal life.

The aquamarine birthstone is for people born in March. It has a rich color, and it can mesmerize the wearer. It links to renewal, rebirth, and spring, being of tremendous help for people born in March.

What signs will benefit more from Aquamarine? 

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Each zodiac sign has its own gems associated with it. This happens since each crystal can become more powerful is connected with a zodiac sign with which it resonates. Aquamarine favors water signs like Libra, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Which chakras resonate with Aquamarine?

The aquamarine gem is an excellent healing ally. It can influence the third chakra, the fifth, and the sixth. Just make sure you use this stone wisely and cleanse it regularly.

Aquamarine birthstone meaning

The March birthstone meaning comes from Latin. Ancient sailors believed this gem could calm waves and keep everyone safe at sea. Moreover, it is believed that this gem can bring happiness to the marriage.

Aquamarine stone benefits

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The aquamarine stone has numerous benefits on a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical level. It can help you overcome several problems if used correctly.

Physical healing properties

Aquamarine is believed to be extremely helpful for hormone imbalances, skin inflammation, autoimmune disease, and thyroid problems. It has some of the most powerful physical healing properties, and it can alleviate all sorts of ailments. If you want to get the best physical healing benefits of Aquamarine, you should wear it in the problem area.

Emotional healing properties

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For centuries, the aquamarine crystal has been linked with emotional healing properties. It has soothing energy, and it can aid one in uncovering deeper truths. This stone will stir off abusive people so that you can heal and regain control over your life. Aquamarine calms nerves, tension, and panic attacks. It is an ally for stress relief and anger management. Wearing this stone daily can help you become more rational, compassionate, and understanding with your loved ones.

Metaphysical healing

Aquamarine is believed to have some powerful metaphysical properties. These include manifesting compassion, communication, and healing. But for many people, Aquamarine is an ally in creating a connection with spirits and meditation. This is the stone of self-empowerment, wisdom, and truth. It can boost mood and promote a sense of tranquility and courage.

Chakra healing

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As mentioned above, Aquamarine has a beneficial impact on the throat and heart chakra. It is supporting and soothing, which is why it can help you rebalance your energy field. It can enable you to live a better life with better communication. Aquamarine is one of the most powerful cleansing and activation crystals for all the chakras. Remember that Aquamarine is more potent than other stones. It is best to introduce it in your meditation gradually.

Zodiac sign healing

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Aquamarine is associated with Libra, Pisces, Virgo, and Aquarius. It is the birthstone for people born in March. And all those zodiac signs can benefit from their impressive healing properties. From mystical to magical properties, Aquamarine can heal those zodiac signs and boost personal characteristics. It is beneficial when it comes to encouraging an individual. To express himself without a fear of failing. It offers serenity, inspiration, tranquility, and inner power strength. Overall, Aquamarine is a stone of courage.

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