How to Use Cinnamon to Attract Money, Prosperity & Abundance

Although we’re mostly familiar with cinnamon as a delightful spice that we sprinkle on our lattes or whip into our apple pies, this aromatic power-player has a remarkable history as an ancient symbol of prosperity and good luck. Believed to invigorate the flow of energy and welcome wealth into your life, cinnamon has been used by sages and spiritual seekers for centuries in rituals to attract money and abundance.

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Does cinnamon attract money?

Yes, you heard it right! Cinnamon is more than just a warming spice; it’s often used in spiritual practices to attract prosperity. The warm, inviting aroma and energy of cinnamon is associated with abundance and drawing in positive vibrations. Its potent energy, similar to that of salt, is believed to amplify the power of any ritual, making cinnamon an ideal partner for your manifestation practices.

Using Cinnamon to Attract Money and Prosperity

The use of cinnamon to draw money is an ancient practice that you, too, can incorporate into your life. Here’s how: you can use cinnamon essential oil in a diffuser to fill your home with this power-packed aroma, burn cinnamon incense during your manifestation rituals, or make a steaming cup of cinnamon tea to savor as you visualize your financial dreams coming true. You can also engage in the ritual of cleaning out your wallet on the first day of the month, lightly sprinkling it with ground cinnamon, and stating an affirmation such as, “I welcome abundance into my home.” This practice serves as a powerful tool to attract wealth and prosperity into your life.

Placing Cinnamon at the Front Door

For those who prefer a little more spice in their practices, placing ground cinnamon or a cinnamon stick at your front door on the first day of each month is believed to invite good luck and prosperity into your home. Alongside your wellness routine, cinnamon can be subtly incorporated into your space in various ways. Combine cinnamon with other plants in your entrances, or sprinkle it around your doors while focusing on your intention of bringing in money and abundance. This is more than just a fragrant spice; it’s a potent tool to amplify the power of your intentions. As with any spiritual practice, remember that while the energy of cinnamon is powerful, your belief and dedication to the practice are where the true magic lies. So, enjoy your cinnamon tea, relish the aroma of cinnamon incense, and reaffirm your desires for abundance and prosperity with intention and hope. After all, that’s the true spice of life!

Blowing Cinnamon on Your Wallet or Money

Did you know that there are certain rituals you can perform with cinnamon to encourage prosperity and abundance? Ah yes, we’re turning into something both yummy and useful! Just like your favorite childhood dessert, these rituals can add a sweet touch to your reality and possibly even fatten your wallet. This one right here, coined as “the cinnamon wallet ritual,” is super easy and pretty popular among new age spiritual seekers. Here’s what to do: Start by holding your wallet or some money note and then sprinkle cinnamon onto it. Cinnamon is a spice known for its properties to attract wealth, making it the perfect ingredient for this practice. Ensure you tap into your intention while doing it. What you’re trying to manifest, is it a raise? More gigs? A brand-new car? Then, take a deep breath and as you exhale, blow off the cinnamon. As the cinnamon dust scatters into the air, envision your financial goals coming to you, like a magnet attracting prosperity. Do this on the first day of every month to maximize the ritual’s potency. It’s a great way to stir up some positive energy at the very beginning of a new month!

Burning cinnamon sticks for money

Now, for those who are fans of a slightly smokier ritual, let’s dive into the practice of burning cinnamon sticks for money. Not only does burning cinnamon leaves a delightful aroma in your house akin to your grandma’s kitchen at Christmas, but it’s also a popular way of inviting abundance and prosperity into your life. Start by holding a cinnamon stick and focus on your intentions. Again, clarity is key here. Visualize your intended result—imagine the comfort that comes with financial security, picture the prosperity you’re trying to manifest. Now, light the cinnamon stick and let it burn as you meditate on your goals. Cinnamon’s fiery property, when burned, acts as a cleaner for negative energy. Plus, in the world of Feng Shui, the smoke that is produced is known for clearing old, stagnant energy to create space for new opportunities to come in.

Washing hands with cinnamon

Wait, there’s more! Did you know washing your hands with cinnamon can also encourage abundance? There’s an old folk practice where you use cinnamon water to wash your hands before handling money. It’s like a natural, fragrant version of vacuuming out all the bad energy that might be attached with money. To execute this, all you need to do is just stir some cinnamon into water and now you have your homemade “prosperity potion”. Rinse your hands with it before, say, going into a business meeting, or counting a big wad of cash. Again, concentrate on what you are trying to achieve here, your intention is the real potent component. This practice is particularly useful if you work in an industry where you’re handling money, property, or goods on a regular basis. Don’t know where to start? Begin with your practice of rinsing and see the effects for yourself!

Other Cinnamon Rituals

Finally, a quick mention about other cinnamon rituals (you can check my guide on super powerful method of attracting money with cinnamon and coarse salt). These can be combined with other powerful herbs and spices that are believed to attract wealth. For instance, putting ginger and cinnamon in a bag along with rosemary is considered a powerful charm to ward off financial difficulties. Remember, these rituals are supplementary. They can help invite positive energy and manifest your desires, but nothing beats hard work and smart decisions. After all, you’re not just a spiritual seeker, you’re also a practical doer. How’s your ritual going? Are you mixing, stirring, and sprinkling away to a much abundance-filled life? Here’s hoping you rock this cinnamon ritual practice like a pro!

Cinnamon Ritual for Manifesting Abundance

So, you’re ready to bring forth a torrent of good vibes, wealth and all-around success into your existence. Where do you begin? Enter cinnamon – your handy, scented partner in this exciting trip of abundance manifestation. Not only has this ingredient added flavor to your dishes, but it might also bring a sweet change in your fortune. In traditional Chinese medicine, cinnamon is valued for its antiseptic properties. This little known fact translates well in the esoteric realm, where it’s revered as a cleanser of stagnant energy – the very thing that might be holding you back in your abundance journey. You’ll need boiling water, a pinch of cinnamon, a container, and a clear mindset to get this ritual started. First, boil some water and add a teaspoon of cinnamon. A potent aroma wafts around you, a reminder of the wealth-attracting energy you’re brewing in your life’s cauldron. As the scent fills the ambiance, visualize your intentions as clearly as possible. This is not just about money, it’s also about achieving personal peace and fulfillment. Then, recite an affirmation aloud. An example could be, “Abundance flows freely and generously into my life.”

Cinnamon Ritual for Attracting Prosperity

If you’re dreaming of prosperity blooming in every corner of your existence, you’re in luck. We’ve got a cinnamon ritual just for that, and it’s as simple as a sway of a palm. The people of TikTok popularized this, and it’s a must if you want to learn about modern-day conjuring. This ritual is straightforward; all you need is some cinnamon and a clear focus on your intention. Start by holding the cinnamon in your hand; simply sensing its texture can awaken a different kind of mindset. Whisper your intentions to the spice, fill it with your dreams and desires. Then, blow the cinnamon away from your palm, releasing your aspirations into the universe. The science behind it? Well, people believe the scent of cinnamon carries your intent beyond the physical dimensions into the spiritual realm, where abundance knows no limits!

Cinnamon money spell

We all know cinnamon to be a delightful masterchef addition, but it doesn’t stop there; this ingredient, with its tantalizing scent, also doubles as an esoteric tool to conjure wealth. So how about we make this a little magical with a cinnamon money spell? Start by writing a money aspiration on a piece of paper. It could be a specific amount you desire or a simple financial wish. Fold it and smear cinnamon onto it. As you do this, recite aloud compact affirmations that reaffirm your belief in your incoming wealth. Once you are done, place this paper in a container and keep it safe. Remember, in the world of metaphysics, the power is within you. The cinnamon is merely a physical object, a symbol to channel your intention through. And so, your belief in your affirmation is key. As you recite, think about how you already feel gratitude for the money that is about to come your way.


The universe is rich and ready to share its treasures, and with these rituals, you’re tuning into its frequency. Just like using herbs in traditional medicine, cinnamon in spiritual practices aids in focusing and manifesting your desires efficiently. Remember, nothing can guarantee results. However, it’s evident that millions around the globe believe in the power of these rituals to change their lives, so, why not give it a shot? Stir up your energy, get the scent of cinnamon marking your path, and embark on your journey to manifest abundance. After all, it doesn’t hurt to sprinkle a bit of prosperity into your life, cinnamon-style!

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