How to Use Cinnamon for Luck: Best Spice to Attract Wealth

Yes, you read that right! We often associate cinnamon with a delectable aroma wafting from our kitchen as we bake a mouth-watering cinnamon roll, but there’s more magic to this spice. Cinnamon has long been revered in magic practices for its ability to bring about good fortune and attract wealth. Who knew that your kitchen pantry was holding this lucky charm all along?

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Why put cinnamon on your door?

We all believe in different things, superstitions or not, but there’s a long-standing belief tied to cinnamon that it can beckon good fortune into your life. It’s simple really – sprinkling cinnamon on your door could be akin to rolling out the red carpet for Lady Luck herself. By placing cinnamon sticks around your home, people have seen an influx of positivity and a progressive change in their financial life. This idea comes from the belief that our home is not just a place for us to reside but also a vessel that holds our energy. So, spreading good energy with the help of an ingredient like cinnamon doesn’t hurt, right? It’s like enforcing a positive affirmation every time you gaze at the cinnamon stuck to your door.

Do you use left or right hand for cinnamon ritual?

Now, this part might make you chuckle or even raise an eyebrow. After all, does luck look at which hand you’re using? But as many of you spiritual seekers might know, there is a significance linked to the left and right hands in various cultures. The right hand is often associated with giving out energy, while the left hand is believed to receive energy.When you’re carrying out the cinnamon ritual to attract money luck (you can check my guide on powerful method: how to use cinnamon and coarse salt to attract money), use your right hand to sprinkle the cinnamon as you are giving out your intentions into the universe. However, let this not be a hard and fast rule. What matters most is your sense of positivity and belief in the process!

Using Cinnamon to Attract Wealth and Good Luck

Convinced yet to try this out? Here’s a simple way you can incorporate cinnamon in your wealth attraction routine:

  • Take a cinnamon stick and hold it in your right hand.
  • Close your eyes and think about the abundance you want to attract in your life.
  • While focusing on your intent, place the cinnamon stick in a special corner of your house where you feel most positive.
  • Remember, the key ingredient in this process is not just cinnamon but your belief.

Sprinkle a little cinnamon around your home or even carry a small stick with you in your wallet. As much as this may sound astounding to some, many swear by their experiences and the luck they’ve noticed in their lives. So, why not give it a try? If not for anything else, your home sure is going to smell divine! Please feel free to comment and share your experiences around using cinnamon for attracting good luck and wealth!

What is cinnamon good for around the house?

Around the house, cinnamon has a palatable presence that adds a dash of charm to the everyday routine. But, have you ever given a thought this wonderful spice can go beyond your kitchen cabinet and work throughout your home in ways you could not have envisioned?Ancient people believe in the property of cinnamon to bring heat and fire, drawing in the nurturing energy of the Sun. In terms of Feng Shui, its warm, spicy scent is touted as a potent activator of chi, the vital life force that flows through every one of us. And hey, it’s not all hocus pocus, it also doubles up as a natural deterrent for ants. Talk about a spice leading a double life, eh?

Why should I keep cinnamon in my wallet?

Now let’s take a detour to your wallet. No, not to discuss your receipts or credit card bills, but to introduce a tiny yet enriching addition – cinnamon. Why? Legend has it, that keeping a stick of cinnamon in your wallet can attract abundance and prosperity. It’s a story as old as time, but it’s one that people from different corners of the world live by. So why not give it a go?With cinnamon in your wallet, it quite literally spices up your financial energy. That dormant bank account? Expect to see some movement. That job interview you’re gunning for? Confidence will boost tenfold. Cinnamon is like an aromatic cheerleader encouraging you to take the leap and embrace abundance. And who knows, your wallet might just get so in love with cinnamon, it’ll refuse to be without!

Money Will Come To You After Doing This Ritual / Cinnamon Manifestation

Now, let’s add an extra spark. Ever heard of the cinnamon manifestation ritual? Well, consider it your fast track to abundance city. This ritual, followed by many, is seen as a powerful way to manifest your financial goals. Remember, the universe works in mysterious ways and this simple yet profound ritual is a testament to that. Here’s a step by step guide:

  • Get a piece of paper and a pen. On the paper, write down your money wish or goal – be as specific as possible.
  • Take a cinnamon stick (powder works too!) and roll it in a clockwise direction on the paper, while envisioning your financial dreams coming true.
  • Keep this paper in a safe place and let the universe do its work.

As the aroma of cinnamon fills the air, believe in its ability to send your desires up into the cosmos. Cinnamon after all is not just a spice, but a conduit through which your dreams connect to the universe.

Spiritual Beliefs and Associations with Cinnamon

In spiritual realms, cinnamon is more than just a pantry superstar. For centuries, cultures around the world have venerated cinnamon for its mystical prowess. Its vibrant energy, even today, fascinates spiritual seekers, who often associate it with the Sun for its warm and vibrant nature. Cinnamon is said to symbolize exhilaration, longevity, and love. The full vibes that cinnamon exudes is resonant with those embarking on spiritual journeys, making it a favorite in holistic practices. Whether it’s love you desire, good health you crave, or prosperity you seek, this humble spice packs a punch in making those dreams a reality. So the next time you spot cinnamon in the grocery aisle, remember, it’s not just a spice. It’s a world of opportunity waiting to be invited into your life. And that, my friends, is the magic of cinnamon. So sprinkle it, savour it, and let its energy guide you to manifest your dreams. There’s no time like the present to embrace the power of this magical spice and allow it to color your life in ways you never thought possible.

What does the Bible say about cinnamon?

Well, grab your bible and page through to Exodus 30:23

  • An intriguing scripture, wouldn’t you agree? Here it references cinnamon as one of the core ingredients in the sacred anointing oil. This oil, my spiritual friends, was used by the good old Moses himself, to consecrate the temple and make it hallowed ground. Now, that’s a big job for a small spice!

So, we have holy oil in the mix, here, but hold on, don’t log out just yet. The biblical nods to cinnamon doesn’t stop there. Let’s take a scroll further through the pages to Song of Solomon 4:14, here, cinnamon is listed as one of the choice plants in the beloved’s garden. It’s more than clear, cinnamon certainly had a presence within these holy scriptures.

Can I sprinkle cinnamon around my house?

Hold on a sec, are you telling me that you haven’t tried sprinkling cinnamon around your house yet? That’s just a little surprising, given all the buzz around this particular spice in spiritual circles. I mean, whether for the lovely fragrance or for attracting good luck, cinnamon can roll in both these lanes.But before you run into your kitchen, you might want to explore how to go about it. Instead of making it rain cinnamon powder like you’re competing on some cooking show marathon, it’s vital to sprinkle just the right amount in key areas around your home. You’re aiming to invite prosperity and luck, no need to smother everything in sight!

How do I protect my house with cinnamon?

Here’s the thing about using cinnamon to protect your home; it’s sort of like sweet-smelling security patrol. Lightly sprinkle cinnamon under your bed, around doorways and windows, on window sills, or stuff a sachet of cinnamon under your pillow for good measure – what we’re going for here is the creation of a spiritual barrier of protection.On extra demanding days, you may favor adding cinnamon to a dish of water and then gently simmering the mixture. This simple activity not only creates a lovely warm, inviting aroma but also serves to cleanse and protect your home from negative energies. A kind of two-birds-one-stone job, wouldn’t you agree?

What does water with a pinch of cinnamon do?

Considering that cinnamon enjoys such a luminary role in the spiritual realm, it’s obvious that we can use it in various ways to support our journey. But, have you ever tried adding a pinch of cinnamon to your glass of water?Drinking a pinch of cinnamon with water has been associated with many health benefits such as improved skin health, reduced cholesterol levels, and healthy weight loss. Transcending these physical benefits, this aromatic addition to your beverage also serves as a spiritual tonic. It can purify your energetic body, boost your aura, and align your mind, body, and spirit in perfect accord. Following this simple act, you enable yourself to radiate positivity, which attracts good luck, wealth, and blessings into your life. Pretty big perks for our humble little spice, right? So, grab a cinnamon stick from your spice rack, sprinkle a pinch into your next glass of water, and get ready to embrace the magic of this extraordinary spice as it supports you on your spiritual journey.

Does boiling cinnamon water make your house smell good?

Undoubtedly, the scent of cinnamon wafting through the air in your house sets off a chain of positive emotional reactions. Yeah, you guessed it, simply put, boiling cinnamon water does not just make your house smell good, it completely transforms your mood. Beyond its cozy, inviting aroma, cinnamon offers a spiritual punch that’s incredible. Just as you relate the smell of fresh rain with cleansing, the scent of cinnamon brings a sense of warmth which indirectly can lift up the vibes of your environment.

Does cinnamon remove negativity?

Oh, you bet! On the spiritual front, it’s believed that cinnamon has powerful properties to ward off negativity. Negative energy? It’s gone; just like that! When you are feeling down or stressed, a piece of cinnamon in your kitchen can swing things around for you. Dating back to ancient civilizations, this spice was used not just in food, but in rituals to cleanse spaces and ward off evil spirits. Looking from an outside perspective, you may think that’s just old folklore, but hey, there are thousands who swear by it today!

What angels are associated with cinnamon?

Associating spices with celestial beings might seem a bit far-fetched, but not to those of us who live and breathe the spiritual path. Looking at cinnamon spiritually, it’s linked with the powerful archangel Uriel. Uriel is the angel of wisdom and is believed to enlighten our minds. After all, isn’t enlightenment the ultimate wealth?

Final thoughts

Considering all we’ve talked about, it’s probably no surprise that there’s more to cinnamon than meets the eye. From infusing your house with a delightful scent, warding off negative energy, to connecting with divine celestial beings, it truly earns its place in your kitchen and your spiritual routine. It’s a spice that helms the financial luck in most spiritual observances around the planet. Indeed, the benefits of cinnamon go way beyond tasty holiday treats. So, next time you glance at that piece of cinnamon in your kitchen, remember you’re staring at possibly the most celestial god-given spice offering luck, prosperity, and spiritual growth. Try it out, you might just be surprised at all the positive changes coming your way!

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