All You Need to Know About Choosing the Best Pendulum Board

According to to Pendulum Dowsing, this is a skill you can develop with ease. But to achieve this, you’ll have to pay close attention to details. Pendulum dowsing is one of the oldest divination techniques used for a wide array of purposes. Let’s see how a pendulum board can help you cleanse, heal, and find a higher purpose in Life!

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What is a pendulum board?

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Usually, pendulums are used as a tool for spiritual healing and inner development. These objects are linked at the end of a string or metal chain. And need to be suspended above a pendulum board. It is highly recommended to use your pendulum with a divination board because it can offer a more in-depth understanding of the answer you’re searching for.

The pendulum board is designed with letters to help you understand the message. You can say this process resembles quite well the Quija board since it comes with a chart with letters, numbers, and the words Yes/ No/ Maybe.

Overall, pendulum boards are useful for those looking for a direct and detailed answer. There are several impressive pendulum boards made from wood. It can help you get an accurate reading based on your needs and expectations.

History of pendulum boards 

Initially, people used pendulums for commercial goals, such as locating oil, iron, water, and gold. But due to the new age movement, pendulums gained a lot of recognition as divination tools. They were believed to be useful for paranormal activities and healing approaches.

Throughout history, this practice was deemed unorthodox and worthy of witchcraft. This lead to its prohibition in many countries. But according to recent pendulum dowsing history, this practice starting to regain its popularity back in the 1920s.

At that time, people believed that using a wooden board and a pendulum can offer the needed guidance to overcome war’s horrors. And this practice was used for all sorts of purposes, including mining experiments.

As for today, pendulum boards are excellent for seeking advice from divination. It takes a lot of patience and knowledge to master this, but the results are more than rewarding.

Pendulum board types

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A pendulum board can have different styles, based on its manufacturer. The general rule says that the best solution is to use a pendulum board, either circular or square. But, of course, some paper printouts can get you a quick fix for a pendulum board.

You should know that this selection won’t interfere with your results. A pendulum board’s purpose is to decipher how the pendulum itself moves and indicates the answer to your problem.

What are pendulum spirit boards made of?

Pendulum spirit boards can be designed from wood and have as their purpose dowsing. You might benefit from additional help by using an essential oil or crystal, too.

Most pendulum boards are handmade and aim to suit different needs and expectations. The goal is to attract the right energy to guide you, so wood is the preferred material. Wood can shield a lot of energy and gain good vibes from a spiritual point of view.

Of course, if you’re new to this, you can use a basic pendulum board printout to help you learn how this works. After gaining experience, you can move forward to a wooden pendulum spirit board.

Cheap pendulum board

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If you’re searching for a cheap pendulum mat that can still be useful for this practice, you should consider item. The triple moon pentagram pendulum has an intriguing flair, and it can attract the right energies to receive accurate interpretations of your pendulum drowsing. It has a nice 8 11 1/2″ x 7″ surface, and it is designed with the famous Goddess symbol.

It is used in the Wiccan techniques to reveal distinct phases of the lunar cycle. The waxing moon links to purity, beginning, and expansion. The full moon suggests potency, compassion, fertility, and protection. Overall, the triple moon symbol stands for energy, wisdom, and mystery. It can offer psychic insights and guide you through the pendulum practices.

It is a fun and useful pendulum divination mat with a nice feel. It is excellent for beginners and for those traveling. After you get acquainted with this beautiful pendulum mat, you can move forward to purchasing a wooden one!

How to use a pendulum board?

When it comes to pendulum board instructions, you should know everything is simple to understand. And the best part about pendulum boards is that you can create your own charts. The only limitation you have is your imagination. Still, it is best to use the pendulum board when you’re healthy, as it can influence the reading.

Besides this, focus on asking the pendulum o reveal answers by showing you how it swings, rather than asking it to swing to your desired response. Focus on positive vibes, and you’ll get interesting readings!

Before starting the reading, it is best to get your mind ready. Focus on the question you want to be answered and let go of negative thoughts. Make sure your pendulum and its board are cleansed so that you won’t attract misleading answers. It would also be best if you waited for the answer to come and not rush the process.

What is a pendulum board used for?

Even though sometimes the answers can be not as straightforward as we would like, a pendulum board can help you achieve guidance from a higher spirit. It can help you understand your healing process, ailments, or issues with your chakras. Mostly, a pendulum board is your ally to connect with spirits, angels, or even Gods.

But you should know that the entire process depends on how willing the higher entities are to guide you. This is why you shouldn’t approach the board when in bad health or moods. Spirits can sense the negative, and they might reuse it in communication with you. If you’re requesting positive vibes, divine guidance won’t fail to come.

So, get ready to enjoy a surprisingly helpful practice and reach out to the universe! The vibration you’ll sense thanks to this board will make you understand the answer to your question and get more clarity you are craving.

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