Difference Between Oracle and Tarot and How to Use Both?

If you’re passionate about divination, energies, and readings, this is for you! Many people aren’t sure about the difference between tarot and oracle. So, we took the time to share the following insights to help you understand how these two types of decks can provide perspective, clarity, inspiration, and even access to divination!

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How many cards are in an oracle deck?

Oracle tarot cards are versatile. There is no exact set of rules, and you can discover variations on the deck approach. Overall, oracle deck cards are structured independently and come along with different directions based on their dimensions. You’ll notice that these cards can have a number between 12 and 100, offering fascinating approaches to the reading.

How many cards are in the tarot deck? 

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On the other hand, tarot deck cards are quite standard. In most cases, they have around 78 cards, but you shouldn’t overlook the fact that unique tarot cards can surprise you with either 44 or 80 cards. These are predictable cards and follow an exact structure to help with the reading.

What are oracle cards?

So, let’s discuss the particularities of oracle cards. The first thing you should know is that the definition is all about a person’s perspective used to predict or reveal information offered by a divine source. Most practitioners say that the Lenormand deck is the first oracle deck designed.

It was the result of a creative mind, one of the famous Madame Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand. She was a fortune-teller for Empress Josephine Bonaparte and used that particular deck to make her predictions. Experts say there is one older deck that appeared before this one, the Burning Serpent Deck.

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Remember that oracle cards and tarot are not the same. The oracle deck stands out because everything depends on the creator or the artist who designed them. They are useful to anyone looking for clarity or a deeper connection to the spiritual world.

Overall, the messages sent are positive and inspirational. Oracle cards are meant for personal use, and you can’t do a reading for someone else without asking for their consent. These are powerful cards and can attract bad karma if used inadequately.

What are the tarot cards?

Tarot cards appeared somewhere back in the mid-15th century, and it is still used nowadays. In the 18th century, they gained the popularity we hear about today: a tool for accessing divination and otherworldly answers to our problems.

Tarot has 78 cards, and it usually consists of the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana has 22 cards linked to significant events in our lives. The Minor Arcana has 56 cards, including the Page, Knight, King, and Queen. Also, tarot is more complicated than oracle cards because it is split furthermore into Suits, Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles.

Although tarot reading is a powerful practice, you should be aware this isn’t an exact prediction. Sometimes the meaning will take some time to come to you. And other times, it might feel like you’re expectations aren’t met. The secret to understanding tarot cards is keeping an open mind towards the reading.

Oracle vs. tarot

When it comes to oracle cards vs. tarot meanings, you should know the following. Tarot cards come with a standard structure of the deck and traditional meanings used for their interpretation. Most will represent variations of Rider-Waite, and they come with similar themes across different decks.

The visual cues might be entirely distinct, but the messaging behind the card remains the same. Tarot cards have popular themes, which is why they differ from oracle cards. Oracle cards have broader interpretations, and they offer even deeper meaning for the reading.

Oracle decks don’t follow a structure or set of rules. They aim towards endless possibilities so that they enable a connection with higher energy in the universe. Indeed, oracle decks might resemble tart cards, but they aren’t the same.

What is the difference between oracle and tarot cards?

So, there are some distinctions between tarot and oracle cards. And these come from structure, rules, learning approaches, and history. But they both can provide proper guidance if used correctly. Keep in mind that tarot readings take more time than oracle ones, which is why some say tarot is more complicated. But the truth is both practices are complex and offer potential benefits to those listening to their guidance. Understanding the difference between the two is key to gaining the clarity you need!

Oracle decks are recommended for fast and short term inquiries related to inner reflection. Focusing on questions like “What should I choose in this situation?” or “How do I uncover my purpose?” is the best approach to receiving help from oracle cards.

Tarot cards are recommended for long term goals related to your purpose in life. Concentrating on questions related to your life journey can help you understand tarot readings. Ask questions like “What I’m supposed to do with my life?” or “How should I get ready for this major event in my life?” can get you the information you need to succeed.

Learning as much as you can about both decks can help you leverage their knowledge. You can’t achieve a new perspective on life without the willingness to do the hard work and learn. For example, oracle cards need your energy to work well. The goal with oracle cards is to create a strong relationship and infuse them with your energy. In this way, you’ll get a deeper sense of which card will speak to you about your problem.

On the other hand, tarot readings are more about understanding the complex mechanism behind the imagery displayed. They use part of their intuition, but they limit you to spread the famous 3-card line. This is the Past-Present-Future approach that guides you to your purpose.

So, as you can see, both tarot and oracle cards can help you depending on your needs. The goal is to get acquainted with them and take your time to understand their readings. Sometimes the answer can come when you expect it least. Oracle cards are all about your intuition, while tarot aims to access the metaphysical world based on your knowledge.

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