Starseed Awakening Stages: What Stage Are You At?

A Starseed is a dormant old soul with tremendous spiritual insight who has arrived from other solar systems or star constellations. They’ve had numerous incarnations in different star systems, and they’ve appeared on Earth at various periods. The Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow star seeds’ progeny have incarnated less frequently. They are also Starseeds, but they are not necessarily “fresh” souls; they have simply spent less time on Earth.

The Starseeds chose to incarnate on Earth at some point to share their light knowledge and participate in the planet’s evolution to accomplish a divine mission and bring positive change to the globe.

The first sign that you may be a Starseed is that you do not belong here.

Starseeds are highly sensitive, and their powers are activated during a spiritual awakening. They can step into their destiny and do something about the problems they perceive in the world.

But, when you consider how change occurs in the world, what comes to mind? By having a favorable influence on others. It is not necessary to assist everyone on the Earth; it is sufficient to help one person. You are then assisting the next person, then the next person, and so on.

The one thing you must understand is that just because you are a Starseed or suspect you may be one does not mean your mission will be awakened. For something to happen, you must choose to allow it to happen by trusting the process, the history you’ve lived, and selecting the way less traveled. This is when the learning starseed awakening stages come into play.

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Stage 1: Life-Changing Experience

Your Starseed awakening is triggered by a life-changing experience. A nervous collapse, a near-death experience, or union with a twin flame are all possibilities. Whether you experience a big case of depression, 3D life irritates you, you’re exhausted, you have an accident, you feel lost, burnt out, and over it… some incident or series of events cause you to think, is this it? And if it is, boy, this is going to blow. Take this as a sign that you need to confront what’s going on inside, heal the pain and emotional trauma, and start your spiritual awakening.

Stage 2: Belief shift

You begin to interpret things differently after this key time in your life. You peel back the layers of reality and begin to see things for what they truly are. You no longer believe in society’s and civilization’s deceitful and misleading concepts. This leads to a growing sense of dissatisfaction with your life’s activities.

Stage 3: The development of spiritual consciousness

Your spiritual horizons expand, and you become acutely aware of your surroundings and other people. Your intuition’s capacity to predict danger improves noticeably. You begin to have lucid dreams that appear to be quite real. Metaphysics begins to pique your interest, and you get engrossed in the need to learn everything there is to know. You will transfer your attention away from the outside world and your ego to allow the spirit to rise.

Stage 4: Increased focus on love and beauty

Suppose you are surrounded by people who have always been ostracized by society and viewed as ugly and unlovable. In that case, you begin to discover the beauty in them. You see them through a different set of eyes, and it makes all the difference. Your need to communicate with them has left you thirsty.

Stage 5. Honing your spirituality laws and looking for the signs

When you go on a path of love and compassion, you naturally strengthen your Starseed talents. It becomes second nature to assist those around you and comprehend their insecurities and fears. Numbers, symbols, sounds, patterns, and synchronicities have now become second nature to you. AND they assist you in continuing to realize your goal as assurance that you are on the right track. Your goal becomes apparent. As you get more inspired, filled with new ideas and heavenly downloads, you begin to see the previously unseen route.

Stage 6. Union with your higher self

You know you can’t appear as two separate individuals any longer. You can’t appear one way online and another at church. You will discover that having a clean connection with yourself involves being who you are with everyone. When it comes to interpersonal interactions, honesty reigns supreme. The truth is necessary for you and the people in your life, and it begins with you.

This higher self instills in you a sense of clarity. Mental obscurity vanishes, and you become aware of your genuine life mission. You finally encounter your higher self. No religion binds you; only love ties you. You consider yourself an extension of love, and you demonstrate it to others here.

These are the Starseed awakening stages. If you are going through them, it means you are finally discovering your Starseed beginnings.

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