Can My Cat Be My Soulmate?

Cats are caring, amusing creatures with cute little paws many of us adore. In fact, here are a few indications that your cat could be your soulmate.

Pets and their owners frequently have a strong bond. Researchers at Nottingham Trent University and the University of Lincoln believe they have discovered one of the reasons for this.

They polled over 3,300 cat owners in the United Kingdom to learn about their personalities and the personalities of their pets.

Extroversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, and neuroticism were assessed human attributes.

Diverse qualities in the owners were associated with different behaviors in the pets. Higher neuroticism in the owner, for example, was associated with more increased aggression or anxiety in the cat.

Owners with more amiable personalities had cats that were less aggressive and aloof.

“Our findings parallel the findings of studies on parental personality, parenting styles, and child behavior in numerous ways,” the study’s authors stated. Cats, like other humans, can be as close to you as soulmates. However, there are a few things you should be aware of.

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A soul mate cat picks you (not the other way around)

Cats are notoriously self-sufficient creatures. They enjoy cuddling, rolling over, and displaying affection – but only when convenient for them. That is, however, one of the reasons why I, and so many others, adore them. It’s very satisfying when a new cat trusts you enough to allow you to pet them in their favorite locations. You may have to battle a little, but the love you receive in return can be well worth it. It requires effort, just like any other genuine connection.

Cat soulmate can create a powerful bond with you

Soul partner cats are very sensitive to your emotions and create an everlasting link with you. When you are upset or ill, they may seem frightened or attempt to console you. Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., is a scientist who has examined dogs and cats that know when their owners are coming home–even if they arrive at an unforeseen time in a different automobile or on foot. About 15 minutes before the person arrives, the animal gets up and goes to stand by a window or door. According to him, this phenomenon appears to occur only with animals and people who are really close.

You can have several cat soulmates

I don’t believe we can just have one feline soul mate. Some believe that every time we allow a new cat to choose us (if we are also drawn to them), they become a soul partner. Animals have a strong sense of belonging—follow their lead, and you’ll be pleased you did.

You mourn your cat soulmate as much as a human one

Nothing can ever fully compensate for the loss of a cat’s partner. We can go out and get some more creatures to bring home. However, even many years after they have crossed the rainbow bridge, the loss of a true pet soulmate is heartbreaking. You catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye, sitting in their favorite chair, walking through the room or down the stairs.

You continue to cry out to them, anticipating them to run when they hear your voice. Missing and longing for them becomes a part of your life. You still have feelings for them. And when it is time for you to pass from this world to the next, they’ll be there, joyfully awaiting you. As they spring into your arms, you feel joy, and your heart explodes with love once more.

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