What is the Most Powerful Cancer Birthstone? + Color and Jewelry

This article is a part of our ultimate birthstones series, and here we will discuss Cancer birthstone. Are you Cancer? Or know someone who is? Then read on, let’s find out which gemstones resonate better with sign’s personality. And learn more about Cancer character. 

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Cancer: what are they like? 

If you were born between the 21st of June and the 22nd of July, you are Cancer. People born under this zodiac sign attract friends and lovers through their loyalty, commitment, and emotional depth. It may be hard to persuade Cancer to speak publicly about what bothers them. But if you can do it in, you will create long-lasting confidence.

Cancers, too, tend to be domestically oriented. They love to build comfortable, secure areas that serve as their own sanctuaries, and then spend a lot of time in them. Amongst their impressive qualities are imagination, loving nature, and empathy.

However, sometimes they can be moody, too touchy, and unable to let go. Fortunately, there’s always a birthstone that might bring out the best in Cancers and help them to deal with their cute little flaws. 

That’s it for now, let’s move on to the birthstones.

What is the birthstone for Cancer?

The main Cancer birthstone is Ruby. However, this sign also responds to Alexandrite, Pearl, and Moonstone.  Two stones also can be identified as “Lucky” for Cancers: Emerald and Sapphire. 

Cancer lucky color

Ruled by Moon, this Zodiac sign is associated with soft, nurturing and receptive colors like White, Grey, Blue, Mustard, Silver, and Cream. Those hues will re-energize and keep Cancer focused. But people born under this zodiac sign should always avoid black. This dark shade might make Cancers gloomy and pessimistic.  

Cancer birthstone color

Bright white and silver connect Cancer with his or her intuition. Those Cancer stone colors increase sensitivity and understanding, allowing love to flow at its deepest level. So when we are talking about Cancer gemstone it’s not surprising to see gems like Pearl and Moonstone. 

Cancer flower

cancer birth stone and flower

Cancer’s flower is Acanthus. Thanks to its influence, Cancers are perceptive and have high intuition in matters of the heart, and environment. They can often react to others and know what’s going on even when no words about feelings were shared. 

Lucky stone for Cancer

Two stones can be identified as “Lucky” for Cancers: Emerald and Sapphire. 

The green color of the emerald is synchronized with the delicate nature of the Cancer, which nourishes everyone around it. People born under this moon sign embellish emeralds for stability and peace in their life.

Sapphire is the talismanic Cancer stone. This gem is thought to lead to inner peace, and even fight the bad mood.

Cancer birthstone for June

There are three gems associated with Cancer born in June. Those are Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite. 

It’s believed that Alexandrite restores the energy levels of the owner. It also trusted to help people respect themselves more and to get appreciated by others. It deals with the energy that comes from inside and slows down the process of getting old.

Ruled by Water and, the Pearl is a stone of sincerity and pure truth. It can make anyone more centered and calm while they’d be enjoying life as it comes to them. It promotes good faith, positive feelings, wisdom, generosity, and honor.

Anyone who deals with too much negativity or is struggling to get by should use this Cancer birthstone for thinking over the long-term plans. This beautiful stone simply surrounds negative energies and turns them into positive ones.

The Moonstone is another indispensable gemstone for the June-born Cancer as the Moon is the ruling planet of this Zodiac sign. Known to be the planetary gem for Cancer, it helps to relieve stress and enhance the owner’s intuition.

Cancer birthstone for July

Ruby is believed to be the most potent Cancer birthstone. Especially the ones born in July.

Although Cancers have many incredible qualities, their well-known moodiness is not one of them. Because they tend to retreat into their shells at the slightest faith in provocation (just like the crab), they can even appear dismissive.

Cancers can also become very defensive. Wearing ruby jewelry can assist in balancing this defensive manner and making Cancerians less susceptible to unnecessary emotions.

Cancer birthstone jewelry

Cancer birthstone necklace

This pearls necklace is lovely. Pearls, the birthstone for all June-born Cancers. It’s known as a symbol of femininity. And also believed to have specific energy vibrations which can re-balance insufficiencies in the wearer’s body.

Cancer birthstone ring

Amazing silver ring with the most potent stone for Cancer – natural ruby. Rubies are the traditional birthstone for July and are a symbol of enduring love. It represents passion, adventure, and confidence.

This Cancer stone is also known to be an invaluable tool for removing blocked energies. It re-energizes one after exhaustion and brings more joy and vitality to the owner’s life.

Another option is this white gold ring, featuring the “lucky” Cancer gemstone – Sapphire. (Not to mention beautiful diamonds too). Known a “stone of prosperity,” Sapphire believed to attract gifts of all kinds and fulfilling dreams and desires. What a great sense for that quite an affordable but pretty ring. 

Cancer birthstone earrings

These absolutely spectacular silver drop earrings feature another Cancer zodiac stone – natural Emeralds. The price is great. The design is gorgeous. And you’ve got all the gift that Emerald has to offer to people born under Cancer zodiac sign.

They are stones of manifestation. And although today’s society seems to concentrate on the attributes of manifesting things, including money, this stone believed to bring through much more. For instance, a peaceful, loving, and harmonious existence.

Cancer birthstone bracelet

Rainbow moonstone bracelet from my favorite spiritual store Sivana

Beautiful natural moonstone bracelet can be a great addition to birthstones collection for June-born Cancer. It’s well made, and the beads are of very high quality. And those precious little bracelets are stackable. So you combine several, and maybe even use different birthstones, to utilize maximum power of crystals which resonate with you the most.

On top of it, Cancer will receive all Monstone benefits. This Cancerian birthstone believed to be a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness. It also enhances Cancer’s intuition and even believed to bring success and good fortune in love and business matters. An unbeatable combination of gifts.

Cancer birthstone pendant 

This exquisite necklace features untreated (and gorgeous) natural Moonstone. The energies that Moonstones are connected with our love, healing, luck, and energy, among many others. Inspiration is also some of the benefits of the Moonstone. So any June-born Cancer, having troubles in the creativity department can wear the stone for new ideas.

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