Childhood Signs of Shamanic Calling: How to Spot It and What to Do Next?

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If this topic interest you, you most likely took the time to research and read diverse books. This one is called “Shamans and Analysts: New Insights on the Wounded Healer” by John Merchant.

It suggests that if you experience the signs of shamanic calling during your childhood, these will most likely come back in your adulthood. So, if you’re not sure if you were born a natural healer, keep reading this to uncover some useful insights on shamanic calling signs.

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How to spot a shaman?

If you’re wondering how to spot a shaman, you should know there are many approaches to this. According to this article, anthropologists discovered several ways to identify a shaman based on the cultural pattern. Still, some similarities occur in all cultures, and that can help one uncover a shamanic experience.

An excellent way to identify a shaman is to find him yourself. It is best to allow your intuition o guide you towards a shaman rather than expect him to find and persuade you to trust his skills. Also, you can tell a lot from a shaman’s attitude to money. Indeed, shamanism is both a calling and a profession.

And since we’re not living in a village anymore where a shaman is vital for the community, it is ok for the shaman to make a living from this. Still, a true and decent shaman will suggest that they would help you for free if they could.

If you’re interested in spotting a shaman, you should know that a good one is a humble person.

Traditionally, a shaman is free of ego that enables the space necessary for the spirit to do its work. They need to work in a therapeutic setting, focus on activating your intuition, and not brag about their skills.

Shamanism is a powerful process, and a real shaman will make sure they’re available for aftercare if you need it. Remember that you won’t always hear the information you want to hear, so don’t hold it against your shaman.

Shamanic calling signs

There are many situations in which people fail to notice they have a shamanic calling. Luckily, there are some powerful signs of being a shaman that can help you understand what’s going on.

Sensing you’re meant to get involved in the global shift in consciousness is a key shamanic calling sign. Shamans can feel this powerful attraction and often realize they are pulled like a magnet towards a position that will help them support human consciousness and evolution.

Another sign you might be a shaman is the one in which even though you faced a challenging initiation, you feel ready to assume your position.

Many people find themselves in this situation, but many fail to identify it with a Universe calling to discover their skills.

For example, you may have survived a life-threatening situation, abuse, violence, or a near-death experience. Usually, trauma is the one who activates your shamanic powers and guides you into healing.

You should know that shamans are introverts. And even though they are multi-dimensional beings who maser the seen and unseen worlds, their archetype is an introvert. Most shamans feel at home in nature since it can serve as a connection bridge between the spiritual world and humans.

Shamans are highly sensitive individuals, but this s more of a blessing.

Sensitivity is part of the shamanic gift, and it can make it hard for you to be in public or new situations.

This happens since your higher sensitivity enables you to notice and hear everything around you in a distinct way. Nothing will escape your radar, which is why you might feel overwhelmed and choose to be an introvert.

What is the clearest sign of shamanic calling in a child?

Now that you know how do I know if I am a shaman let’s see how to identify your child’s similar powers. There are many situations in which parents believe their kid is special, and for some, it might be true. Remember that several signs will get you a clear picture of the shamanic calling and a child.

First of all, you’ll notice that your child has vivid dreams. The unseen world might attempt to communicate with him via dreams because it is easier for your kid to receive such information.

A child with shamanic calling will often be spotted helping people, animals, or even nature. It is that type of kid who will stress the need to heal a sick dog or a tree in your yard. It is best to avoid shutting off these instincts instead of encouraging your child to heal the world around him.

Interestingly, kids with shamanic calling tend to be sick all the time, even though there is no physical ailment developing. This is a clear way of recognizing a shamanic calling, known as “shaman sickness.” The solution to this is simple: accepting the call to shamanic service. But this might imply requesting help from another shaman to help your child understand his higher purpose.

My kid seems to have a shamanic calling. What should I do?

Answering the call to shamanism is key for enabling your child to be himself. Suppose you don’t help your child uncover his higher purpose. In that case, he might suffer several energy blockages that will make him unsatisfied with his adulthood. Also, not answering this call can take a toll on your child and prevent him from following his destiny.

Some say it is a good idea to start teaching your kid about the shamanic culture. Explaining what’s going on, and revealing the symptoms he’s experiencing, can help him embrace this gift. After all, if he’s already committed to healing the small world around him, he won’t have trouble accepting he’s meant to be a shaman.

If you feel like you lack the knowledge or skills to guide your kid, a shaman can help you with this process. It is an excellent approach to introduce your kid into a world of healing and higher purposes!

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