5 Powerful Manifestation techniques + Theory of Manifestation Process

manifestation methods

There are many “definitions” of the word manifest. Still, the simplest would be that a manifestation is getting something placed into your physical life through thinking, emotions, and beliefs. 

This means that whatever you focus on is what you are bringing into your reality. Sounds good, right? But just like any skill, it requires some practice. So with this article, I was trying to compile the list of the easiest and most efficient manifestation techniques that will help you attract whatever you want into your life. Just pick the one that seems most appealing to you and put it into action. 

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Process of manifestation

The manifestation process is pretty straightforward. First, you have to know exactly what you want and get rid of anything that might interfere with achieving that goal. Whether it’s limiting beliefs, negative thought, or toxic people. 

You have to pick an appropriate manifestation technique – e.g., creative visualization, and dedicate a bit of time practicing daily. Simultaneously you have to take some actions toward your desired outcome. Maybe you are already doing it – so keep going. And whether you feel a sudden itch to do something specific, even there’s no rational explanation why your gut is telling you to do that – follow the calling. 

Don’t forget to be grateful for each and every little milestone that moves you closer toward your goal. And always try to increase your vibrational energy, e.g., watching a motivational video, practicing gratitude, or by meditating, etc. That’s it – it’s that simple!

And I understand that sometimes good things are taking their time to materialize. But there are some signs that manifestation is closer: 

  • You will hear more things related to your goals. It can be conversations overheard at the coffee shop, something that TV or radio hosts said when you suddenly switched the program on, etc. 
  • You will often feel a sudden rush of positive emotions and excitement with no apparent reason.
  • You will see repeating numbers everywhere, etc. 

Take notes of all these, and know that what you desire is getting closer. 

Fast manifestation techniques

Vision board 

This is a great place to begin your practice of manifestation, as it will help you focus on the big picture. Vision boards are just like scrapbooks. They include words and images that express the energies and values you want to feel and experience.  

Imagine the place you long to call home, the people you want to have in your life, and the things you want to do. When you start putting all those pictures on paper, it will encourage your imagination to expand as far as possible.

Use the vision board to enhance visualization practice when you have to be mentally focused on what you desire. It helps to imagine all those things in a way that triggers all your senses (touch, feel, smell, hearing, vision) and emotions. 

5 * 55 method

This law of attraction manifestation technique is a simple repetition of affirmations. It will restructure your subconscious thought patterns toward your goals and creates a vibrational shift, helping you to manifest your desires fast. The idea is to utilize the power of number 5, which means a transformation in numerology. 

Here’s how you use this technique: 

  • Pick something you want to manifest
  • Write it down 55 times in a notebook
  • Repeat it 5 times per day for 5 days in a row. 
  • Then set this notepad aside and wait for the desire to manifest. 

It’s also essential to have your attention focused on one specific goal throughout the 5 days while you do the challenge. Try not to change your mind, as it will give the universe mixed signals.

Shifting your mental state with the focus wheel method

The focus wheel is a quick but highly recommended way to move your focus to more optimistic thoughts and emotions about things you want to attract. Grab a piece of paper, draw a small circle in the middle, and write down what you wish to. Say, financial independence, a caring wife, your own company, or good health.

First, write down an optimistic belief that you have about the issue, bringing it around the edge of the central circle. So, to start a new company, for example, you could write an optimistic belief that “I have a great education in how to plan a company.”

Keep going, write as many good values as you can, always around the circle. Eventually, your page will be full of claims that affirm your confidence in the fact that you want to manifest. Add this emphasis wheel to your dream board if you like. Or, just pin it to your fridge or front door to keep you in touch with the truth.

Mental manifestation with bedtime reprogramming method 

Our subconscious mind directs 95% of our lives.

That makes it the primary driver of our experience. And in many cases, humans are predisposed to think negatively. So it takes some time to install a new system of beliefs to your subconscious. However, those minutes when you are about to fall asleep is the best time to give it a try.

Since our conscious mind is about to shut down and weaken it guard toward all the new information that is not very cohesive with previous beliefs. And our subconscious mind is in a perfect state to download new information when it is functioning at the vibrational frequency of theta – which happens when we are about to fall asleep. We can use this transition to our benefit, listening to subliminal recordings and affirmations to create a sort of self-hypnosis​. 

As we gently fall to sleep, the brain will take these positively inspired recordings and begin to rework them into our belief system.


This is a strong technique that allows you to become the architect of your dream life. It includes taking out the deep-rooted impulses and placing them on paper. If you want to trigger the power of scripting, just write down how you want your future to be.

To understand the real power of manifestation, you should realize that you are the real protagonist of your novel. But how are you going to write about your life? Start by describing how you want it to look and be descriptive in your descriptions. Other than that, you have to set a time limit when you want to manifest your desires.

Instant manifestation technique

You might hear the word “instant” and question if it’s possible. Well, an instant manifestation is definitely not the same level of “instant” as instant noodles. But when it comes to manifestation, it’s diving into the realm of the unmeasurable for most people. However, there’s a foolproof method to slow the process down or speed it up: use your emotions. 

Each feeling that you have on a moment-by-moment basis is a manifestation. 

There’s no past or future to your subconscious or universal consciousness. Every thought, every emotion leaves its footprint in the book of universal knowledge – it’s real, and you can’t scratch it out.   

When you keep in mind that control over your emotions is in your hand, you’ll gain more awareness over the vibration you send out there for The Universe to respond to. 

Another thing to remember when thinking about the concept of “instant” manifestation is that you have to be ready to receive. You have to understand that everything you want and deserves appears at the perfect (in the universe’s eye timing). 

And the most important thing: you manifest instantly when looking at “now” with joy and curiosity. When you trust the Universal consciousness. That will keep your frequencies within the same range as all those positive things you are trying to manifest.

Consistent Happiness = Instant Manifestation. Try to keep your vibration high at all times, combine it with your favorite manifestation technique, be consistent and patient, and miracles will come. 

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