Crystals for Confidence: Best for Self-Esteem, Work & Courage

Confidence is crucial for achieving your goals and reaching your full potential.

At the same time, low confidence will always drag you back and lead to endless self-doubts and vulnerabilities. 

Have you ever felt unworthy and caught yourself on hearing those self-sabotaging thoughts running through your head?

 Then you might find the idea of crystals for confidence appealing. Those stones can have different benefits. Some will enhance the courage, some will help with your self-esteem.

But overall, wearing one of these crystals on you, or keeping one on a working desk will boost your confidence. And you can enjoy additional benefits, depending on the stone you will choose. 

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Crystals for self-confidence

Spirit Quartz

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Pocket Spirit quartz. Purchase it here.

Spirit quartz is a beautiful gem that believed to help you in freeing yourself from any limiting beliefs and boundaries. Thus you will be able to achieve way more than you could have ever expected.

Since it’s a cluster stone, it will send its energy in all directions. So Spirit quartz will be especially handy to keep at your workplace where you might encounter lots of negativity and criticism.

Tigers Eye

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Set of tumbled Tiger’s eye crystals. Purchase it here

Tiger’s eye is one of the best stones for self-confidence. And it’s known for the ability to dispel any negativity around you. That will help to gain a brighter perspective on the world and increase the sense of your self-worth.

You will also be able to shut down any self doubts that you might experience. To help raise your confidence, you may carry this gem around in your pocket or wear it as a piece of jewelry.

Stones for strength and courage


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Angel figurine made of Amazonite. Purchase it here

Sometimes Amazonite referred to as a stone of courage. It’s is a powerful crystal that, in a sense, works like a plug that stops your confidence from leaking away. It’s also known to calm your worries and generate more optimism.  

Crystals for confidence and anxiety


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Tumbled Septarian. Purchase it here

Also known as the Dragon Stone, the Septarian is created as a mix of aragonite, limestone, and calcite. And it’s believed to have a power able to boost independence, encourages you to defeat your lack of self-confidence, and beat procrastination.

Thus you will proceed to work toward your goals with more energy and motivation. Septarian is also known for enhancing the owner’s confidence when speaking in public and reducing fear and anxiety.


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Victorian style ring with genuine Moonstone. Purchase it here

If you experience from anxieties and fears, moonstone is the gem for you. Wearing it will calm you down. It’s though to help someone who’s recovering from trauma or going through a painful breakup.

Gemstones for knowing self-worth

Rose Quartz 

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Charged Rose Quartz palm stone. Purchase it here

If you are struggling with the low levels of self-love and thinking of yourself as undeserving of love, then Rose Quartz would bring a lot of value to the table.

This stone activates the heart chakra that enables you to accept yourself more willingly. And once you accept yourself for who you are, higher confidence is unavoidable to follow. 

Crystals for creativity and confidence

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Carnelian tree feng shui statue. Purchase it here

Carnelian is one of my favorite crystals because it works for raising confidence in a very particular sphere – in creativity. It’s linked to the first three chakras. It has a particularly strong connection with our Sacral Chakra. This energy center is in charge of motivation and progress.

Carnelian can help you master any self-worth and confidence problems. Especially in the situation, you might need it the most – e.g., a big presentation or an important meeting. 

Crystals for confidence at work


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Fluorite prism. Purchase it here

If you are feeling intimidated about something at work? (Maybe you are finally discussing your promotion?) Fluorite might be your go-to crystal to gain more confidence in this situation.

It believed to help to shut down any negative chit-chat in your head. And boost your confidence in learning, and self-belief in your abilities to deal with any task.

Green Aventurine

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Charged Aventurine bracelet. Purchase it here

Aventurine sometimes called the stone of opportunity and considered to be one of the best gems for bringing luck, wealth, and prosperity. It enhances optimism and allows the owner to embrace any changes.

 If your job requires some creativity, this confidence gem will give you a significant boost in that area.

And if you are required to demonstrate more leadership, then be sure that Aventurine will help you to be more decisive. And, at the same time, you still will be open to the suggestions of others.

Best crystal for confidence. My top choice


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Natural Citrine bracelet. Purchase it here

I absolutely love Citrine, because it’s such a happy stone and very versatile too.

Our confidence directly connected to our energy levels. And that’s where Citrine comes to play. Its vibrant orange color will boost your vitality and banish your low confidence. 

That energy will help you be positive throughout the day and overcome any obstacles that you may encounter.  

This healing crystal for confidence is also known as a stone of prosperity. So if you are about to sign a big contract or negotiate a discount, you might want to carry Citrine with you. 

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