Frequency for Attracting Money: Is It Real & How to Get There?

Have you ever noticed that some people are just getting richer and richer while some pretty much the opposite? And it seems like it doesn’t take any effort for wealthy guys to attract more wealth.

 I am the proponent of the idea that thought becomes matter. And that our universe is a creative space that has a limitless supply of everything from suffering and poverty to wealth and joy. 

And everything in the universe is available to every single one of us. The trick is to learn to manifest whatever it is that we want. 

And I genuinely believe that one of the underlying principles of wealthy people’s financial success is their energy. They are vibrating at the frequency that makes it so simple to attract the money they want.

 The good news is that any of us can learn to vibrate at those frequencies too.  

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What is the vibrational frequency of money?

Remember how you are using the radio. When you want to find your favorite station, you have to tune into the right frequency. 

In a way, money is a very special radio station too. So to hear it playing all the time, you have to adjust your mind and body to imitate that money frequency, so you can connect it and hear that money song playing at all times.   

Imagine that you have a job that pays the same for years, let’s say it’s a monthly paycheck of $2,500. And when you expect that kind of money every month – that’s exactly the frequency message you are transmitting to the universe and to the “Money station.” 

So if you want to earn more, let’s say $6,000. You’ll have to increase your financial frequency to that level. And that when your reality will match your vibrations.  

One of my favorite scientists is Nikola Tesla. And he once famously said that the key to finding the secrets of the universe is the thinking “in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”   

He even wrote an essay, “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy.” In this work, he explained some of it (and you can listen to it for free if you subscribe to Audible trial). 

How to match the energy of money? 

Numerous advanced techniques will allow you to tune in to the money vibration frequency. Some will work better for you than the others. So I strongly recommend you read through this guide and pick up the exercise that you find the most appealing and try all of them one by one. Thus you’ll define the one that works for you. 

All of those techniques are very efficient if done right, consistently, and with full faith.  

Technique #1 

The first technique is meant to train your ability to spend money and feel good about it. Thus you will increase the vibration of abundance. And it’s not that you have to go and spend considerable sums in reality. It’s more of a mental exercise. 

On the first day, you’ll decide to try this method: write down an amount of money you’re willing to “spend” in a day on a piece of paper.

Choose the number that feels comfortable because it’s essential for you to be happy about your virtual spending. And each following day you will be increasing this amount to train yourself to feel good and worthy of spending more and more. 

So you wrote the number. And now, you have to “vibrationally” spend it. And write down all of your purchases on the same piece of paper too. Let’s say you are on day one. And your budget is $200.

Then you think about all of your spendings: $100 for those fancy shoes that you wanted for quite some time, $50 for a new haircut, and $50 for a lovely meal at your favorite restaurant. And again, you don’t have to actually spend it. You are doing all that in your mind and writing it down. 

On the next day, you do the same thing. But, you have to increase your daily budget, so if yesterday it was $200, then today it’s $400 or $300 whatever feels less scary and intimidating.

The concept is for you to grow more comfortable spending larger amounts of money and feel VERY good about it. You’ll have to repeat the process during the following days, gradually increasing your “budget.” 

As a result of this exercise, you will increase your capacity to spend. So you won’t be scared of more substantial sums of money, and you won’t emit that “money scare” energy to the universe. 

When that happens, you will start manifesting abundance unconsciously, and that will create more business opportunities for you and will allow that money to flow into your life. 

People who are risking Millions daily are not afraid of losing it. They feel good about their investments. And that’s why they’re winning over and over again.

If you increase your financial frequency, it will become so much easier for you to achieve similar abilities. You’ll be more calm and confident about being able to handle larger sums of money and wealth. And those will come since you’ll be attuned to it. 

Technique #2

Here’s another technique for you: subliminal money affirmations. You may find some recordings of those on YouTube. And I will also put the link to my favorite one at the end of this article.

You may listen to those during your sleep, and it will encourage those positive ideas to enter your subconscious mind.

So by shifting your beliefs about wealth, you will be increasing your money frequency without even acknowledging it. Very powerful. And very easy to implement.

If you are looking for more exercises that will serve the same purpose, I recommend you check out the book by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks.

It’s called “Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness.” It covers a bundle of great ideas and concepts on the subjects. And you can always get a free audio version if you subscribe to Audible trial

How can I increase my money energy in three easy steps?

Step 1. Meditate 

Meditation is a simple and powerful way to raise your vibration. You can find so many different guided audio tracks that will have various intentions and goals. And you will have to try many before you find a teacher who’s message resonates with you. Or you can even create personalized guided meditation by yourself. 

Just record your voice and everything that you want to say to yourself to achieve that uplifted state of mind. It will raise your vibration and keep you excited and motivated.

I personally prefer a meditation app called Insight timer. It has a premium version, but most of the content is free. You will have access to thousands and thousands of various meditation tracks devoted to different topics – from manifesting wealth and restful sleep to mastering anxiety.

You can check them out here, maybe it will be an excellent option for you too. 

Step 2. Change your beliefs

Our system of beliefs is deeply influenced by our experiences since very early childhood. People we met, our parents, our little bumps on the road, and things we saw and repeatedly heard while evolving as a person. 

Truth be told, any choice we make, including the ones related to money, was affected by those ideas imprinted in our subconsciousness. Even though sometimes we don’t realize that.    

And sometimes those might not be very good beliefs and choices. The good thing is that you know it by now. So you can start doing some work and try to figure out what exactly might be putting your back with finances. 

You might also want to focus on creating a new system of beliefs for yourself, especially the ones related to money. There’s an easy way to start this process.

First, you’ll want to create a list of positive affirmations around money. And try to pick the ones that resonate with you. 

Read all of those out loud every single day. Or you can also record it and listen to whenever you have several minutes to spare, or even while you are doing chores or commuting. 

Also, start being more mindful of your words and thoughts. Pick up on every negative idea that you say or think. Remember that thoughts tend to become a reality. So pruning your mental garden won’t be an excessive measure. 

Soon you will start noticing some patterns. And you’ll be able to change it but making a slight conscious effort and rephrasing all those statements into something more positive. For instance, instead of saying, “I’m so broke,” you can say something like, “I’m working hard on improving my financial situation.”  

Adjusting the way you talk and think about money and using the list of your personalized financial affirmations will protect you from manifesting unexpected financial issues. And will help you raise your money vibrations as well.  

PRO TIP: if you want a bulletproof method that will help to change your beliefs on autopilot you might want to look into software tools like Mindzoom. It costs a little bit of money, but you’ll be able to rewire your brain so much quicker. And you can customize the message you want to put through to your unconscious with a few clicks. Super powerful.

Step 3. Visualize

The next simple step to raise your money vibration is using visualization. 

There is no right or wrong way of doing it. You might want to use some of the meditation available on the Insight Timer. Or you try to self-guide yourself during the process. 

For instance, you can close your eyes and imagine how your life would look if money were your friend and not sure the source of your problems. You may invent all sorts of situations when you take advantage of having this great abundance of money in very vivid details.

You can imagine how you will win the lottery or receive an unexpected expensive gift or promotion at work. The more time you spend visualizing all those great experiences, the sooner you will create those new money-is-a-friend neural pathways in your mind.

Vibrating on the money frequency: the importance of gratitude

Every time you receive money, any amount even if it’s a teeny weeny sum, you have to train yourself to feel grateful. Thus you are becoming more aware of money-related experiences, and you put some positive twist into all of them. 

Gratitude is the easiest way to raise your vibration. So if you are thinking about money and feeling grateful at any moment, you are vibrating higher, therefore attracting more of a “good stuff” into your life.

Bonus: Money vibration music

 I hope you found the tips in this article valuable. And I really wish that you’ll have time to stick with one or two methods described in the text and stick with it at least for the next 30 days. Just to see for yourself if you notice any difference in how you feel and what you attract.  

My last share for today is one of my favorite tracks with subliminal money sounds. You can listen to it on your phone during your commute or when you are going off to bed. 

There’s an unlimited abundance of everything in the universe. Including wealth. And you totally deserve it. So let’s get those first steps toward it together! 

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