Goshenite: Properties, Value, Use for Meditation, Healing, & More

Goshenite might probably be the cheapest Diamond substitute you’ve ever come across. But on top of its look and affordable price tag, it boasts with myriads of incredible healing properties that can make it a great addition to your collection of crystals. 

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What is a Goshenite stone?

Goshenite is sometimes referred to as “white Beryl.” Since this gem is indeed a colorless variety of Beryl. It makes it a less popular relative of Emerald and Aquamarine. Since it lacks the color that is so appealing to most jewelry connoisseurs.  

Where is Goshenite from?

Colorless Beryl is not that rare and can be found in many countries all around the world, including Russia, China, Namibia, Pakistan, etc. But the majority of these stones come from Brazil, Canada, and the U.S. 

What color is Goshenite?

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Brazilian Goshenite bracelet. Found it . 

Goshenite is known as one of the purest of gemstones. It has no inclusions that color it. However, if treated via irradiation, it can be pink, green, yellow, blue, and look precisely like Emerald, or Diamond, or practically any other stone. That’s why sometimes it’s called “Mother of Gemstones.” 

Is Goshenite valuable?

While Goshenite is beautiful, its value is quite low. It’s not a very popular gem, nor is it in much demand opposed to other Beryls like Emerald or Aventurine.

While pieces over 30 or 40 carats in weight are regarded as museum or collector’s pieces, their price tends to drop significantly if the price is paid per carat. 

Can Goshenite be polished?

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95 carats Goshenite crystal. Found it . 

Since Goshenite is so inexpensive, it’s not in the highest demand, so jewelry-makers are not that bothered in treating it to enhance white Beryl’s appearance.

However, back in the days, in the 1st century AD, Goshenite was often polished and faceted to look like Diamond. It looks super classy when treated.   

Goshenite vs. Diamond

Goshenite not only resembles Diamond but all the transparent crystals too: from White Topaz to White Sapphire. 

As it was mentioned before, it can get VERY similar to Diamond if cut and appropriately treated. 

The main differences between the two are brilliance and hardness. Diamonds are famous for their light performance. Well-cut Goshenite is bright too, but this brilliance doesn’t match that of Diamonds.

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Goshenite hardness is 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale (compared to 10 of Diamonds). But it’s still a very lasting gem, though. So, if you’re wondering if Goshenite makes on an excellent Diamond substitute, the answer is yes, as it’s beautiful in appearance and durable too. 

And with proper care, Goshenite can stay sparkly and almost Diamond-like for a very long time.

Goshenite crystal meaning

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Gorgeous silver Goshenite ring. Found it . 

Goshenite is known to be a strength-giving stone, helping you when you weak or fatigued.

Many believe that Goshenite can help the owner to access a balanced state of mind and to unite the subconscious with the physical. Another Goshenite meaning is related to stone’s ability to good luck, fortune, and energy.

Because of its transparency, Goshenite is sometimes used as a crystal ball.

Goshenite properties

Goshenite is believed to help in developing rational thought processes when making decisions and stimulate analytical abilities. It is thought to be a gemstone that encourages truthfulness in all words and actions. This stone is said to facilitate communication and resolve misunderstandings.

There are also many healing properties attributed to Goshenite. For instance, it’s believed to help in healing conditions that affect the head or the brain, e.g., sinusitis and headaches.

This stone is believed to help improve eyesight as well. If used in elixir form, it’s believed to detoxify and energize the body.

Goshenite uses

This gem has an intense energy that intensifies the power of prayer and of gratitude expressed to spirit. That’s why it might be helpful to learn meditating with Goshenite to aid your spiritual growth as it opens the crown chakra, and you can connect with spirits easily. 

The gem’s vibration of truth also allows you to be aware when those you are speaking with are not telling the truth. Therefore wearing Goshenite as a piece of jewelry may be helpful to aid if you work in a business where you have to build more reliable and open communications.  

Goshenite jewelry

Goshenite earrings 

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These elegant and classy silver earrings are perfect for everyday use. They feature small (but noticeable – 0.6 ct) super clear Goshenite gemstones. So, if you would benefit from clear and frank communications and the ability to be analytical and make all decisions quickly – these might be a pair for you.  

Goshenite ring

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This platinum-plated silver ring is built to last. Inspired by the halo concept, this Brazilian Goshenite ring is full of sparkle and luster.

The main stone (0.9ct) is surrounded by Cambodian zircon rounds and overall looks very expensive. A great gift to anyone who can use Goshenite’s power for spiritual transformation and enhanced analytical thinking.  

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