Emerald Birthstone: Super Powers for Leo, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer

Prized for thousands of years for its sparkling green color, the Emerald has been worn by royalty and praised for its beauty. One of the more precious gemstones, the Emerald is also one of the most beautiful and coveted stones that exist today.

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What is Emerald?

The Emerald is a variety of Beryl that is colored green by trace amounts of Chromium and occasionally vanadium. It has been the most popular green gemstone for over 5000 years.

Where is Emerald found?

Emeralds can be found all over the world, with the largest deposits principally found in Columbia, Zambia, and Brazil. Emeralds have also been mined in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Australia, and the United States.

Emerald and numerology

Emerald has a special meaning in numerology. It’s not only working for a specific month or zodiac sign, but also for people born on a particular date: the 5th, 14th, and 23rd.

People who are born on these dates are believed to get the full benefits of this precious stone too.  You can check more about it in our guide,Birthstones by Date of Birth.” 

For which month is Emerald the birthstone for?

In modern astrology, the Emerald is considered the birthstone for May. It is also one of the birthstones for the astrological sign Taurus (April 21-May20), the mystical gemstone for January, and the talisman gemstone for Gemini (May 21-June 21). As well as the gemstone for Leo and Cancer

Emerald birthstone meaning

The Emerald is a gentle, but powerful stone that is said to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual vibrations of a person. This stone is believed to aid spiritual healing and emotional detoxification. It rules the heart chakra.

The Emerald also signifies the renewal of life, the spirit, and the emotional well-being of a person.

Emerald birthstone benefits

Since the Emerald is a gentle birthstone, it is believed to lead those who fall under its power to a happy marriage by strengthening romantic bonds. It also is said to help those under its influence to obtain wealth and prosperity. And believed to help sharpen one’s judgments.

Emerald healing properties

The Emerald is thought to provide many healing properties that benefit the body, the emotions, and the spirit. It is said to help build a strong friendship and help with fertility.

The Emerald is also said to help heal bladder and kidney problems, provide support to the muscles and the eyes, and re-energizes the spirit.

It is thought that the Emerald changes negative energy into positive energy, help to bring you inner peace, and help to lessen diabetic symptoms. It is also believed that that this beautiful gemstone relieves joint pains, enhances memory, and enables you to develop psychic powers.

Leo and Emerald birthstone

Emerald as the birthstone for Leo is believed to fill Leo’s heart and help them attract pure love, so they find the person they are meant to be with. It is also thought to enhance wisdom and help them with their financial growth.

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Cancer and its birthstone Emerald

Emerald gives people born under this sign the courage to love. And it brings joy into their life. It is believed to offer them spiritual guidance, and chase away negative thoughts.

When placed on their torso, the Emerald is believed to help the body cleanse itself and aids the Cancer is gaining self-respect and becoming more creative.

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Emerald and its properties as Gemini birthstone

As a birthstone for Gemini, it is believed that the Emerald helps with speech and intelligence and strengthens their emotional well-being. It is said that the Emerald helps to bring harmony to their life.

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Taurus birthstone Emerald

Emerald, as a birthstone for Taurus, is believed to help fill the Taurus with energy. It is said to cleanse their aura and help them overcome difficulties while helping to strengthen their intuition and attract good luck.

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Emerald birthstone jewelry

Emerald birthstone necklace

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This pretty necklace comes with Emerald’s certification. It’s not the most massive stone (0.42 carat), but the quality is high. Besides the piece genuinely looks very classy and elegant. A beautiful piece at a relatively affordable price to benefit from the soothing energy of Emerald at all times. 

Emerald birthstone ring

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This silver ring is simply gorgeous. It features 21 round-cut clustered emeralds (all handpicked) totaling in 2.70 carats. The piece has a nice weight. And it’s built very well for extended durability and comfort. So if you are looking for a birthstone piece that stands out, this one definitely worth considering. 

Emerald birthstone earrings

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Very pretty little stud earrings, measuring 5mm each and made of 14k white gold. The total weight of the emeralds is 0.66 carats. So the gems are quite substantial to be noticed but small enough to wear comfortable even if you have sensitive ears. 

Amazing pair at a bargain price (considering those are genuine emeralds, colorful and vibrant). 

Emerald birthstone bracelet

Gorgeous emerald bracelet from Shoptiques.com

Very exquisite bracelet featuring not one or two, but 46 emerald stones. Each gem is tiny (total weight is 0.92 carats). But that makes the price of the piece practically unbeatable.

And you still get a chance to enjoy all the qualities and gifts that emerald birthstone has to offer. Leo, Cancer, Gemini, and Taurus – don’t miss out on this one! Check more details here.

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