Pixiu Symbol: From Legends to Real Life. Can It Truly Bring You Prosperity?

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What is Pixiu? 

Pixiu also called Pi Xiu is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature. It has a dragon head and lion’s body along with a couple of feathered wings. It is known as a powerful protector amongst Feng Shui followers.  

 It is said to have an insatiable desire towards silver and gold. And that’s why in Chinese traditions Pixiu has always been considered as a creature capable of bringing Cai Qi (財氣 wealth) from all places

What is Pi Yao?

Pi Yao is another name of Pixiu, one of the most potent protective feng shui symbols to attract wealth. The Pi Yao is believed to be faithful, obedient, and loyal. And that’s why this creature gained so much popularity in feng shui traditions. 

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Types of Pixiu

There are two types of Pixiu: a female and a male. 

They can be differentiated by their antlers. The female, called “Bìxié,” has two antlers and it is said that it can support anyone in suffering the consequences of a bad Feng Shui.

The male, called “Tiān lù,” has one antler and is in charge of wealth. This one supposed to go out and search for gold and other forms of wealth and, take it back to its master. 

Pixiu legend

Pixiu symbol comes from Chinese mythology. There was the Dragon King. And he has nine children: Qiuniu, Pulao, Chaofeng, Suanni, Bixi, Bi’an, Yazi, Fuxi and Pixiu. Pixiu was the one capable of accumulating wealth. 

In general, in Chinese mythology, dragons are considered to have various superpowers. From changing the weather to controlling the oceans. Also, dragons are a representation of power and dignity in Chinese people’s consciousness. That’s why the Chinese sometimes might describe themselves as “descendants of the dragon.”

Why is Pixiu in restaurants?

The display of a Pixiu statue in business, including restaurants, is believed to bring good luck and a never-ending flow of money. According to an old Feng Shui tradition, Pixiu should be always come in pairs.

One will keep the treasury. The other one will protect the owner from wicked spirits.

What can Pixiu bring into your life? 

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Feng shui aficionados claim that the Pixiu can protect homes against evil forces, enhance wealth and riches, bring unexpected windfall luck for the master. There is even a traditional saying in China that says: “touch a Pixiu once and you will get a stroke of good luck, twice you and will get wealth, and the on third time you will get power and promotion.” Want more luck into your life? How about this elegant citrine pixiu bracelet?

Gold Pixiu, jade Pixiu: which materials are more meaningful? 

Pixiu can be created from many materials. Some of the most common ones are silver, emerald, gold, and bronze. 

Overall, the material doesn’t matter. Any believed to have almost the same power in raising fortunes. But, according to Fengshui experts, copper Pixius (e.g., this couple) placed in the eight directions are the most powerful. One thing to remember about Pixiu though. If the owner has violated the law, it won’t work for him anymore.

Pixiu statue

As a good luck and abundance symbol, Pixiu is widely displayed in offices. Also, it can be met inside the house in the form of a statue

It should be placed in a respected space (no bedrooms or bathrooms around, please, more on this below). And make sure your Pixiu is facing the direction of Tai Sui (Grand Commander of the Year, who supposed to take care of people’s wealth and is most potent of all the other gods). Tai Sui and its direction changes each year. In 2019, Tai Sui will fly to the northwest, and the direction of conflict with Tai Sui is southeast. In 2020 Tai Sui is flying north

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Where to put Pixiu? 

There are some rules to remember when thinking of keeping your Pixiu indoors. First, don’t put its face towards the front door – it’s the precinct of another god. It is also good to position it to face the space outside your windows. 

More things to consider: 
  • It must not be placed in the bedroom, especially facing the bed. This mythical beast is believed to pounce forward aggressively to grab the wealth energy back to where it is positioned. If you have one facing the bed will affect the sleeping quality with nightmares and cause a disturbance. 
  • Don’t put it facing the mirrors. The light reflection from the mirrors will stress the Pixiu out. And, trust me, you don’t want stressed dragon working on your wealth (I’ve been there). 
  • Do not position it in the spot that is higher than your head, because it symbolizes that it will bully his master.
  • Do not place your Pixiu facing the toilet because it is a place of filth and foul smell.

Besides the figurine type you always saw, you can also wear pixiu as an amulet in the form of jewelry accessories, like a manifesting financial abandance bracelet. The same rules apply, take it off when you are sleeping or bathing.

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How to cleanse Pixiu?

Do not allow others to touch your Pixiu – whether its a bracelet, statue, or necklace. If it’s happened to cleanse it with water right away.

Other than then, eventually your Pixiu will get dusty after you wear it for a long time, then you need to clean it. Filth shall be rigidly avoided in drawing in the riches.

The natural cleaning is recommended. For example, you can put it on the beam at a moonlit night for purification or use the clean rainwater to give it a quick rinse. Do not move it randomly, though. Pack its head with a red cloth before moving for cleaning.

What to do with broken Pixiu? 

Once your Pixiu is broken, it means it has assisted you in warding off the misfortune or evil spirits. Pixiu understands how its master is feeling and what its master will encounter. Once Pixiu senses trouble, it will react quickly to ward it off by breaking.

For example, if a piece of it suddenly falls. The broken Pixiu has no spiritual power, but you still have to treat it properly. You can cover it with red fabric and bury in a safe place to bring it back to nature. Once the broken Pixiu is handled, you can forget about it and buy another one.

Pixiu jewelry

Basics of wearing Pixiu

Pixiu can be worn as any jewelry. However it’s not recommended to wear many gems along with Pixie, or they might be destroyed from a mutual collision.

Before and when wearing Pixiu, remember to touch it frequently and let it know you are the master. Pixiu will obey in every way and assist you as long as you take good care of it.

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Touching is also a way to connect with it and build your authority as the owner. (But don’t let others touching it).

Do not wear it briefly. The truth be told it’s better to wear it longer for the first time. Pixiu understands how you’re feeling, and if you wear it occasionally, it will be estranged and less effective in money drawing.

When sleeping, taking a bath or in a similar situation when you don’t want to wear your pixiu, you should leave it in the living room, with the head pointing towards the main entrance. 

Pixiu bracelet and which hand to wear it on?

Bestselling Citrine Pixiu bracelet from crystal store AtPerry’s

The Pixiu bracelet has to be worn on the left hand.

Thus it works to attract riches and luck. If you are wearing it on the right wrist, it is believed that you are giving away your fortune to others. 

While wearing a Pixiu bracelet, make sure its head is outward (toward hand’s pinky). The exception to the left-hand rule is Pixiu made with Obsidian. It can be worn on either hand. 

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How to wear a Pixiu pendant?

As for the Pixiu pendants, make sure its head is upward. Thus it’s more efficient in driving those good energies and attracting wealth. Pixiu, the son of Dragon King, walked in the clouds and could not head downward. Otherwise, it will be inauspicious.

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Who cannot wear a Pixiu pendant?

Young people and kids under the age of 16 and ones’ over the age of 70 should not use Pixiu amulets. Besides that, pregnant females should not wear it either. 

Pixiu in Duck Tales and more fun facts

Pixiu was featured on the sword of Fa Mulan’s character in the 1998 Disney’s Mulan. And it keeps getting its way into pop culture. 

In the recent reboot of DuckTales released in 2017, this mystical dragon who can sniff out and consume gold was also featured. 

As the series storyline goes, the origins of Pixiu are unknown, but eventually, it was imprisoned in stone with a magic gong and discovered by Scrooge McDuck. It could only be released by ringing the gong three times. And, well, apparently it happened in one of the episodes. 

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels, Canva, and Wikipedia Commons

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