What Is the Best Birthstone for Taurus? Diamond, Emerald, or Pink Quartz?

This article is a part of our ultimate birthstones series, and here we will discuss all Taurus lucky gems. Are you a Taurus? Or know someone who is? Then read on, let’s find out which gemstones resonate better with sign’s personality. And learn more about Taurus character. 

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Taurus: what are they like? 

If you were born between the 20th of April and the 20th of May you are a Taurus (just like myself! Go team Taurus!)

Like the Bull, their spirit animals, Taurus enjoy relaxing in serene environments, surrounded by soft sounds and soothing aromas.

The sign is ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty, and money. And that makes Taurus the most sensual of all the zodiac signs. Tauruses are pleasant to be around – they are warmhearted and loving.

Some of their other good qualities are patience, loyalty, persistence, and determination. However, they can be possessive and self-indulgent. Well, there’s always a stone that can make those good traits pop and deal with imperfections. 

That’s it for now, let’s move on to the birthstones.

Taurus color

White and black are shades that help Taurus come to practical and stable decisions. Feminine pink and green are also suitable for this sign, due to Venus influence. Red, however, is not. Wear red will turn on some of your not as amazing qualities like stubbornness.

Taurus birthstone color

Fresh green supports Taurus’ character connection to nature. Green symbolizes growth, and Taurus is a sign of progress. So it’s not surprising that the primary Taurus birthstone is a flashy green Emerald. 

Taurus birthstone and flower

Taurus flower is beautiful and mysterious poppy.

Poppy people are all about giving and receiving pleasure. They are also very resilient and can endure any storm because of their persistence and patience. They also have a flair for design, a right eye for detail, and a knack for putting things together with style. The most crucial birthstone for Taurus is Emerald. However, this sign also responds to Diamond, Rose Quartz, and Aventurine.

Taurus lucky stone

There are two stones to mention as “lucky” Taurus. Aventurine, signs planetary stone, and Rose Quartz, Taurus lucky talisman. 

People born under the sign of Taurus are naturally inclined to accumulate wealth, thus Aventurine, Taurus planetary stone is perfect for them. The gem can help relieve the stress and mental and emotional pressure of these hard-working individuals. In that sense, Aventurine is an excellent stone for anyone who is trying hard to pursue their goals.

As for Lucky Taurus Pink Quartz, it’s known for encouraging love to develop and radiate from the inside out. It allows the owner to accept peace, compassion, emotional understanding, and unconditional love. 

Taurus birthstone for April

For those Taurus who are born in April, the primary birthstone is Diamond. 

Taurus is considered to be well-grounded, safe, sensual, and harvesters of the fruits of their labor. So, it makes sense that their birthstone would be the eternally mesmerizing Diamond.

The loyalty and mental strength of this sign are practically limitless. They are extremely reliable, ferociously faithful beings who stick with it and get things done. And that’s where the similarity with Diamonds lies. They are forever and for all occasions.

Taurus birthstone for May

Emeralds are regarded as the birthstone for may-born Taurus and the most influential sign’s crystal in general. It is the sacred stone of the Greek goddess Venus— the goddess of love and beauty. It is considered by many to be the stone of prophecy.

It is thought to calm the disturbed mind and bring wisdom and reason to its bearers, as well as to enhance memory and intelligence. It is also believed that it preserves love and protects lovers from unfaithfulness. If the intentions of one’s lover are pure, giving him or her an emerald should take him or her nearer to the giver. Emeralds are also a sign of hope and faith, as well as fertilizing rain in certain societies.

Taurus birthstone jewelry

Taurus birthstone necklace

This necklace features natural emerald, which is one of the most expensive precious stones out there. But also genuine diamond accents, which makes it perfect for Taurus born both in May or July. The chain is very nice, and the diamonds have a lot of sparkles. 

But hence that since the piece is priced very reasonably and all the stones are real, they might have some imperfections.  

Overall I say it’s a great piece. Diamond is a symbol of commitment, and inspires the forces of accumulation, attracting the manifestation of abundance for Taurus. And the emerald helps the owner get more focused on the goals and enhanced the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

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Taurus birthstone ring

This dainty ring sprinkled with small 0.08 carats diamonds is a real piece of art. It’s super thin but amazingly sparkly for the size. And not only it will look beautiful (while being affordable).

Amongst all the other great qualities Diamond is known for its ability to clear emotional and mental pain and bringing about new beginnings. It is believed to help all April-born Taurus to stimulate creativity, imagination, and ingenuity.

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Taurus birthstone earrings

These fantastic and pretty little stud earrings feature genuine emeralds. Great for everyday wear with a bit of sparkle and lots of benefits for may-born Taurus. Emerald’s soothing energy provides healing to all levels of the being, bringing more vitality to Taurus life. Emerald is a gem of inspiration and patience, it embodies unity, compassion, and unconditional love.

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Taurus birthstone bracelet

The beautiful stretchy pink quartz bracelet will work both for men and women born under the Taurus zodiac sign. And it can be great for those of us who still want to tap into the power of birthstones but not sure if it makes sense to start with pricey Diamonds or Emeralds.

Pink quartz is recognized as one of the most powerful LOVE crystals. And believed to help to open our heart to all kinds of love – romantic, platonic and self-love too. So, it makes this gem a must-have for inviting more passion and romance into the owner’s life.

This bracelet is available at the Sivana store, an awesome spiritual gear store.

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Taurus birthstone pendant

The pendant is lovely and as reported, much prettier in real life than you might expect it to be. It comes with TWO choices – a silver chain and a leather thong (keep it classy) from which to hang it. And it’s made of the Taurus’s lucky gem – pink quartz.

Known as a gem of romance, it believed to attract love. This crystal strengthens empathy, sensitivity, and aids in the acceptance of the necessary change. Definitely a keeper. 

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