Rose Quartz Birthstone: the Perfect Love Gem for Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, and Scorpio

With a pink color running from the palest pink to almost ruby red and is known as the heart stone, the rose quartz has long held a special place in the hearts of people from all over the world.

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What Is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz (also known as Pink Quartz) is a specific mineral variety of crystalline quartz that has a soft pinkish hue. The color of this gemstone is due to the trace amounts of titanium, magnesium, and iron embedded in the structure of the stone. 

How to tell if Rose Quartz is real?

Rose quartz can be found in abundance, so there is plenty of real quartz crystals to discover. However, if you should doubt that your rose quartz crystal is real, there are ways to tell.

One of the easiest ways to tell genuine quartz is to fill a glass with water and set a glass of water and the crystal in the same place for 10 to 15 minutes. Then touch your tongue to both the glass and the crystal. If your gem is cooler, then it is probably real.

You can also study the crystal. Real rose quartz shows uneven color. Besides, if you take a piece of quartz and draw it across a glass bottle or piece of glass and it scratches the glass, then the quartz is real.

How to use Rose Quartz crystal?

Rose quartz crystal can be used in several different ways. Rose quartz is often placed on the stomach of pregnant women to help create a strong bond between mother and child.

When held in the non-dominant hand, the rose crystal can help calm and reassure you and give you positive feelings of self-worth. 

It is also used as a sleep crystal to help ease sleep disturbances in adults and help prevents nightmares for children.

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How does sleeping with Rose Quartz work?

Placing rose quartz underneath your pillow at night can help prevent nightmares, prevent insomnia and lead to sweet dreams of love. It also helps to ease tension in the shoulders and neck. It is suggested that rose quartz to work it’s best it has to be cleaned once a week, and after each cleaning, you need to state you want the crystal to help you sleep better.

What birthstone is Rose Quartz?

While rose quartz is the alternate birthstone for January it is also the birthstone for those born under the sign of Taurus. (from April 20 to May 20) as well as the zodiac sign for Scorpio.

Also, the rose quartz exerts a powerful force over Leo, helping people born under this sign to heal from past hurts and forgive those who cause them pain.

It also aids Sagittarius in dissolving painful romantic memories. It has been said that the rose quartz has a similar effect to October’s birthstone.

What is Rose Quartz birthstone meaning?

While rose quartz is known as the love or heart stone, it could just as easily be known as a healing stone for those born under its power. This stone opens the heart Chakra and stimulates love while promoting forgiveness, love, and friendship.

It also helps to calm emotions, eases emotional trauma, and help you establish an inner calm and a feeling of self-worth. 

Rose quartz awakens a sense of beauty. It is believed to help the circulation system, strengthen the heart, and ease depression and insomnia. It regenerates the skin as well.

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Rose Quartz properties

Rose Quartz has many beneficial properties. This stone gives off strong vibrations of love, happiness and warmth, and emotional health. It promotes self-love.

Rose quartz has a calming and soothing effect on the mind and spirit helping people deal with emotional stress and trauma. It also helps ease depression and insomnia. Rose Quartz helps to strengthen the muscles and helps to prevent heart attacks and achieve healthier skin.

Rose Quartz birthstone and Leo

When Leo places rose quartz over their heart, it draws out painful memories and softens the attitude towards those who have caused you hurt. Allowing your heart to heal and opening you up to the potential of new and true love.

Rose Quartz and Taurus 

Rose quartz has a powerful influence over Taurus. 

It can open the Taurus’s heart to various forms of love, romance, friendship, and love for the community. It also helps the Taurus to maintain a healthy heart and maintain good relationships.

Rose Quartz and its meaning for Sagittarius

Rose quartz acts as an emotional healing stone for Sagittarius. It is believed to help them to put painful romantic memories such as major break up with a significant loved one behind them and allowing their heart to heal and become whole again.

Rose Quartz jewelry

Rose Quartz bracelet

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These pretty bracelets are perfect to wear as it is or combined with another crystal string bracelets for an extra gem power kick. Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, and Scorpio will definitely appreciate this Rose Quartz piece. This so-called “love stone” believed to influence people born under those signs, promoting love and passion in owners’ lives.

Rose Quartz pendant

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This stunning piece comes with an adjustable chain. But even pendant alone seems like a steal for the price. It’s smooth and polished for better durability. And also light, so you can wear even on an everyday basis without feeling overwhelmed. 

Rose Quartz crystal necklace

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Very pretty little copper necklace with the heart-shaped pendant made of “love gem,” that believed to add more positive energy to any relationships. Whether it’s love or friendship. It goes practically with anything since the shade of the stone is so delicate and subtle.

And the price is very affordable. So it can make an excellent gift for anyone who trusts that presents has to be with the deep meaning but not necessarily cost a fortune.

Raw Rose Quartz ring

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This gorgeous silver ring features a substantial piece (7 carats) of raw rose quartz. It’s very comfortable to wear, and the setting is really pretty. Another great thing about it is that it can be easily customized for any size you want – you only have to contact the designer. 

The stone itself is somewhat pale, but that’s the perk of genuine rose quartz. And I am sure you’d rather compromise on the shade tone rather than on the healing powers of your birthstone. 

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