Beryl Birthstone: Sagittarius, Pisces, and Scorpio are in Luck

Beryl is found in various places around the world, from Norway, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, and Russia, to the United States. Ancient people used this stone both in jewelry and decoration on their art. As well as grinding it into a powder to make an eyewash.

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What is Beryl?

Beryl is a mineral made of Silicate of Beryllium and aluminum. Aquamarine and Emeralds are two of the most valuable varieties of Beryl.

What color is Beryl?

For those who are unfamiliar with Beryl, this stone can be somewhat confusing since it comes in so many different colors, each having its own name. Pure Beryl is a clear and colorless stone called Goshenite.

Emeralds and Aquamarines are the most well-known of the beryl gemstones, with these stones being transparent green and a bluish-green respectfully. Pink Beryl is called Morganite, blue Beryl is Maxixe. The yellow version of this mineral is yellow, and the red color is called bixbite and is quite rare.

What is Beryl birthstone?

Beryl is the traditional birthstone for those people who are born in October, a talisman birthstone for Sagittarius, which is partially in November. The aquamarine version of Beryl is the birthstone for March, and Aquamarine, as well as Beryl, is also the zodiac sign of Pieces.

Beryl stone meaning

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It is believed that the beryl stone has many different purposes. The original meaning of the name of this stone means Sea Green Jewel, and the Emerald version of this stone can well be described as sea green. At the same time, the aquamarine version of Beryl also has the green/blue or blue/green color of the sea.

The other colors of Beryl are believed to enhance the personal charm and social graces. The red and pink versions of this stone are supposed to help the wearer discover a life full of love and affection.

Beryl healing properties

Beryl is believed to have many different healing properties, both for the wearer’s physical and emotional well-being. Many people thought that Beryl detoxifies the liver and balances the nervous system.

It is also said that Beryl can help you let go of unnecessary emotional baggage. And will give the wearer courage and confidence as well as helping the wearer relax.

Pisces and Beryl

Both aquamarine (a variety of Beryl) and more general color of Beryl are listed among the birthstones for Pieces. It is believed that Beryl signifies the struggle between humanity and greed and balances people of this sign on all levels.

Since ancient times it has been thought that Beryl facilitates the awareness and insights into hidden worlds. At the same time, the Aquamarine form of this stone helps Pisces become more practical while being able to detach from their emotional baggage.

Scorpio and its birthstone Beryl

All the shades of Beryl (except for green) are considered to be the birthstone for Scorpio. As well as the traditional birthstone for October. It is believed that Beryl helps the wearer know the purpose of life and give them the power and determination as well as take courage to take action.

It is also believed to help overcome the loss of a loved one and put negative relationships behind them and view situations much more objectively.

Beryl as Sagittarius birthstone

Beryl is considered to be a talisman stone for Sagittarius, and it is believed that this stone will give the wearer special magical powers. Many believe that this stone can help them remain cheerful and keep their youthfulness. It is said to enhance sympathy and sincerity and keep evil spirits away. 

Beryl jewelry

Beryl bracelet

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This beautiful bracelet reminds me of the ocean – those colors are so pretty and soothing too. 

It’s handcrafted by US-based designer from natural Beryl and Aquamarine. ( And that’s why you may expect that your bracelet will be absolutely unique since each bead differs slightly in shape and shade).

Both crystals used believed to have their calming and cleansing properties. Those will inspire trust, improve communication, and even enhance the owner’s personal charm. What a great gift from a birthstone. 

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