Aquamarine or Bloodstone: What Is the Real March Birthstone?

March has two birthstones: Aquamarine and Bloodstone.

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High-quality Bloodstones are dark green in color and have visible veins or streak of red throughout the stone. The Bloodstone comes in various shapes and sizes, with the most common cuts being the cabochon, cushion cut, round, octagonal, oval and emerald.

It is believed that Bloodstone increased physical strength and enhances courage, which is why both warriors and athletes chose to carry this Aries gemstone with them into battle or when engaging in sports.

The Bloodstone is the perfect representation of people born under the sign of Aries since individuals born under this sign tend to be dynamic and disposed to take action in various situations.

In medieval times the Bloodstone was believed to remove the poison from venomous snakebites. It is also thought that this stone has “weather magic” and can help you forecast the weather.

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Bloodstones are also known as gems of courage. It is said that this stone can improve physical strength, enhance self-esteem, and self-appreciation. It is also believed that Bloodstone can calm anxiousness, promote the love of family, and accumulate wealth by improving business and legal matters.

It is further believed that the Bloodstone can enhance creativity and intuition and drive away negative environmental energy. The Bloodstone may revitalize you and induce dreaming. And is also thought to promote idealism and selflessness.

The Aquamarine is a green/blue gemstone of the mineral beryl. The most common cut for the Aquamarine is the emerald cut. However, this gemstone also is seen in a cushion, pear, and marquise cuts. This stone ranges in various sizes and shapes.

There is a beautiful legend surrounding the Aquamarine. According to it, this stone is believed to be the treasure of mermaids. For that reason, it is believed that the stone protects sailors and guarantees safe travel.

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Today it is believed that the Aquamarine helps owners find a clear pattern, bringing more flexibility to their plans.

Roman legend states that the Aquamarine absorbs the atmosphere of young love. And when this gemstone is blessed and worn, it joins in love and does great things. That’s why the Aquamarine makes a perfect gift for the bride.

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that the Aquamarine was a useful oracle crystal and was often cut into a crystal ball for fortune-telling. Since the earliest times, the Aquamarine was thought to endow the wearer with foresight, courage, and happiness. It is also said that this gemstone can increase intelligence and make or keep one youthful.

March stones according to the date of birth

Birthstone related to your date of birth is believed to resonate with your vibrations better. And enhance your overall well-being too. You can have many birthstones based on the month of your birth, your zodiac sign, and the specific date that you were born on.

Crystal, related to your birth date, has a close planetary connection with you. So these stones are believed to protect you from any cosmic star wars that may be happening, and that might affect your lucky token.

You can learn more about it in our “Birthstones by date of birth” guide, but for now, scroll down to find the crystal associated with the day of March you were born at.

Date Gem by dayGem by month
March 1 birthstoneRubyAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 2 birthstone
PearlAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 3 birthstoneYellow SapphireAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 4 birthstoneLapis LazuliAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 5 birthstone
EmeraldAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 6 birthstone
Blue DiamondAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 7 birthstone
Tiger's EyeAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 8 birthstoneBlue SapphireAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 9 birthstone
Red CoralAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 10 birthstone
RubyAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 11 birthstone
PearlAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 12 birthstone
Yellow SapphireAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 13 birthstoneLapis LazuliAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 14 birthstoneEmeraldAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 15 birthstoneBlue DiamondAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 16 birthstone
Tiger's EyeAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 17 birthstoneBlue SapphireAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 18 birthstoneRed CoralAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 19 birthstoneRubyAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 20 birthstonePearlAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 21 birthstoneYellow SapphireAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 22 birthstoneLapis LazuliAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 23 birthstoneEmeraldAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 24 birthstoneBlue DiamondAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 25 birthstoneTiger's EyeAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 26 birthstoneBlue SapphireAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 27 birthstoneRed CoralAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 28 birthstoneRubyAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 29 birthstonePearlAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 30 birthstoneYellow SapphireAquamarine, Bloodstone
March 31 birthstoneLapis LazuliAquamarine, Bloodstone

March birthstone jewelry

Ring with March birthstone

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This Ross-Simons Milky Aquamarine silver ring with gem total weight of 5,85carats. Milky colored Aquamarine side stones are absolutely beautiful. This ¾ wide ring features a 0,55 carat Marquise cut stone front and center and as well as 0,30 square-cut stones.

The stones in this ring are quite pale, but none-the- the-less stunning and large enough to make a real statement.

This is the perfect ring for those who get nervous in certain situations since it is believed that the Aquamarine has a calming, soothing, and cleansing effect on a person. It is said that this stone inspires trust and letting go.

Bracelet featuring March birthstone

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This unique oval bead-shaped gemstone bracelet is approximately 14.7mm. It is 7 inches, and the stones are 1 inch tall, and 2 inches wide strung on an elastic rope that matches the color of the crystals. This quality handmade bracelet is suitable for either a man or a woman and even comes with a beautiful bag.

Please remember that each stone is unique. So no two bracelets will have identical crystals. You can purchase two or more of these beautiful bracelets and stack them too.

If you tend to be anxious or experience emotional ups and downs, this bracelet may help you as well. It is believed that the weight of this Bloodstone bracelet against your skin can remind you of the stones’ ability to relieve anxiety and calm turbulent emotions. So you will remain relaxed and in control even in stressful situations.

March gemstone engagement ring

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This silver sky blue Aquamarine engagement ring will be an excellent fit for any bride born in March. This ring features an 8X6mm oval cut 100% sky blue Aquamarine at its center and 2X2mm white zirconia and 1X2mm white zirconia on the side of the ring for added sparkle and for a total weight of 1,68 carats.

The Aquamarine is the perfect engagement ring for people born in March since this stone is believed to increase commitment and fidelity “as long as the waters of earth flows.” Aquamarine is a beautiful reminder that love can last forever.

March birthstone necklace

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This lovely sterling silver and Aquamarine heart necklace are sure to please any woman or girl born in March. The adjustable 17,2-inch chain is made from hypoallergenic nickel-free sterling silver.

The 1-inch in height Aquamarine heart is lovingly encased in a silver cross and has a lovely milky blue hue. This necklace comes in a beautiful jewelry box ready for gift giving.

The heart shape of this necklace is the perfect expression of the meaning of the Aquamarine since it is said that this stone opens and activates the heart chakra. Its energy is associated with unconditional love. That makes the heart shape of this lovely necklace the perfect reminder of the love which this stone represents.

Earrings with March birthstone

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These beautiful 12,00 carat round Bloodstone earrings are 1,2 inches long and 0,6 inches wide with a sterling silver hook.

The minimalist design of these earrings allows the beauty of the Bloodstone to really shine. These Authentic NOVICA artisan handcrafted earrings were created by an artisan called Alok Jain and come with an official story card telling about the artist and the inspiration for these earrings. 

This piece is perfect for those who want to live life to the fullest. Because this stone is believed to increase vitality, strength, passion, and courage, which will allow you to face daily life challenges confidently.

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