How Do Psychic Predictions Work? And Can You Trust Them?

Some people believe that all psychics are fake and only interested in fleecing people of their hard-earned money. But there still many of those who are confident that there are legitimate psychics or mediums that can help guide them to make better decisions.

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A brief history of psychics

From the beginning of humanity, psychics and mediums have been a part of every culture.

During the earlier centuries, psychics were highly thought of and consulted by royalty as well as ordinary people. Psychics were often asked about harvests, to foretell the path a newborn’s life might take, and to reveal the wisdom of engaging in specific battles.

Over time a series of events occurred that led to psychics gaining a negative reputation. Some of these events included the rise in Judaism and Christianity. Both regarded psychics and mediums as doing the work of the devil.

Besides, the public perception of psychics began to change so that any psychics that weren’t 100% correct on all predictions were thought to be fake. This belief was fortified by a growing number of actual fake psychics who began practicing too.

In modern times despite some psychics being able to help police forces solve murders, or find missing children, the negative reputation of psychic’s remains.

However, there have always been people who believe in psychics and still use them to guide their decisions. And that helps them to live a better and more fulfilling life.

How do psychics know things?

Most psychics know things because they can listen to the universe around them. Some psychics use tools such as crystals, tarot cards, and spirit guides to help them open their mental consciousness to the universe.

How accurate are psychics?

It is believed that real psychics are anyway between 75% and 90% accurate.

No psychic can’t be 100% accurate for a variety of different reasons. For example, psychics can only interpret the information they are given from their frame of reference.

So they may misinterpret certain information or have difficulty communicating the information to the client. It is also possible that the client may put their own interpretation on the information they gave.

What can psychics tell you?

Different psychics have different expertise. So one psychic may not be able to tell you anything if your question is out of their realm of knowledge.

A psychic can only tell you what the universe reveals to them. Most psychics may be able to tell you fairly specific information about what will occur in the future. But will be unable to give you specific dates of when something will happen.

They also can tell you that if you change your current path that their prophecy may not come true since predictions are based on the past and present to see the future.

Can a psychic predict pregnancy?

In most cases, a psychic cannot predict pregnancy. However, they can often tell you many things that may influence whether or not you will someday become pregnant. Making specific changes based on the information that the psychic gives you may increase or decrease your chances of becoming pregnant.

There have been cases when a psychic has been able to tell a client they were pregnant before the client knew of their condition themselves. Psychics may also be able to tell you the sex of your expectant child before your doctor can.

Can psychics be wrong about relationships?

It is possible that psychics can be wrong about relationships. The fact is that the results you get will depend on the psychic, their area of his or her expertise, and how open you are to a person who delivers you the reading. 

There are actually several reasons why a psychic reading of your relationship may be inaccurate. First, you may not really believe in it, but have just visited one on a lark. Your negativity regarding the whole experience may well make it difficult for them to get an accurate reading since part of that reading is based on your aura.

Also, a psychic reading given on one day may be negated by you, or your love interests future actions. For example, if the psychic gives a prediction in May that you are on the path to a loving relationship.

And then, in September, your love interest becomes addicted to drugs and becomes violent. This will make the May prediction seem inaccurate. When it was actually accurate at the time.

But the changes in your love interest’s lifestyle changed the relationship that had once existed.

Inaccuracies may also occur due to the vibes you are giving off. Psychics not only read the future. They also read you as you are at the time of the reading.

For example, if you have strong feelings about a relationship that has just started, the psychic may read those feelings as being more serious than they actually are.

There may be other reasons why a psychic may be wrong about a given relationship. Still, keep in mind that no psychic is ever 100% accurate. Think about your reading as guidelines, food for thoughts.

Do psychic predictions come true?

Many of psychic predictions do come true. For example, in 1984, a man by the name of Arthur Herbert disappeared in his plane with three passengers.

Despite a substantial search campaign, there were no clues regarding the plane’s whereabouts. Then a psychic Noreen Reiner was able to give the exact coordinates of where the crashed plane could be found.

There are two main reasons why not all psychic predictions come true. The first is that people have free will. The second is that not everything in the future is set in stone, so your future actions can change a psychic prediction.

Should I trust psychics?

Whether or not you should trust a psychic would depend a great deal on how you feel about psychics. If you strongly believe that all psychics are fake, then you aren’t going to trust one no matter who encourages you.

However, if you are open to the experience and someone you trust can recommend a psychic, then it may be worth giving one a try.

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