Diamond Birthstone, its Role in Numerology and Healing Properties

Although when most people think about a Diamond, they think about that sparkling clear stone. But Diamonds can actually come in several colors, including blue, pink, purple, violet, green, and red. Diamonds are considered to be the most valuable of all gemstones and have prized for their beauty for centuries.

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What is Diamond?

A Diamond is a precious stone consisting of a clear colorless crystalline form of pure carbon. It is the hardest naturally occurring substance and uses mainly for industry.

Where is Diamond found?

It is believed that Diamonds were first found in India in river beds. Still, today Diamonds are mined in many parts of Africa, South Africa, Russia, Siberia, Brazil, China, Canada. And in the United States in the states of Arkansas, Colorado, and Wyoming.

The curious facts about Diamond birthstone

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Diamonds have been prized for centuries. Marilyn Monroe once declared them “A Girl’s Best Friend.” and Liz Taylor adored them. Still, there are a few interesting facts about Diamonds that you may not know.

The largest Diamond ever found weighed a whopping 1.33 pounds. Diamonds are nearly 100% carbon and are formed about 100 miles underground. During the middle ages, Diamonds were thought to have healing properties that supposedly would cure everything from headaches to mental illness.

Diamonds and numerology

Blue Diamonds are exceptionally lucky for people born on the 6th, 15th, and 24th of their birth month. You can check more about it in our guide, “Birthstones by Date of Birth.” 

Diamond birthstone month and sign

Diamonds are the official modern birthstone for April. Which also makes it the astrological birthstone for Taurus and Aries. 

Diamond birthstone meaning

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The Diamond is said to be a stone of doing so those born under Diamond’s power and protection tend to be doers instead of thinkers. This stone absorbs and amplifies the strengths and weaknesses of other gemstones.

It is believed that Diamond can help you find everlasting love and courage. And assist those who wear this stone to increase their inner strength and have better relationships. 

Diamond healing properties

It is believed that Diamond has some different healing properties. For instance, it can help to fight issues with the kidney, bladder, and intestines (and all organs that remove waste from the body.)

It is also believed that the Diamond opens doorways to spiritual realms helping to rejuvenate individuals promoting inner peace and calmness.

It is also thought to bring mental clarity and help with skeletal issues. It is also believed to improve eyesight and even help the wearer resist addictions.

Taurus and its birthstone Diamond

The Taurus, who are born in April, have Diamond as their birthstone. This gem is believed to help Taurus control their anger, and bring this sign love and empathy. It is said to boost wisdom and contentment.

It is thought that that the Diamond brings the Taurus abundance, and helps them find unlimited creativity. It is believed that this stone can protect the Taurus from negative energies and eases stress. It opens all Chakra channels.

Aries and Diamond birthstone

The Diamond, most important Aries birthstone is believed to bring Aries resilience and courage, helping them feel a good deal of enthusiasm and more mental clarity.

The Diamond is thought to bring the Aries wealth, joy, and health. It is believed to help ease disease of the brain, help heal infected wounds, and illnesses of the pituitary gland.

It is also thought that Diamond increases positive energy and brings the Aries more self-respect and ease any stress. 

Diamond birthstone jewelry

Diamond birthstone rings

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Diamond birthstone necklace

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Diamond birthstone earrings

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