Crystals for Negative Energy: Clearing, Protecting, Absorbing

Crystals for negative energy are here to help us balance our lives and restore harmony. There are numerous crystals to ward off negativity, including the so-called happy crystals. But the most important thing you should know is that crystal healing can happen with almost any stone. The secret is to mix and match the stone to your needs and personality.  

One of the most common crystals used for cleansing is quartz. It can protect, heal, soothe and ward off negative energies depending on how you use it. Still, there are several other crystals to block negative energy. This article discusses the best stones to keep close to gain harmony, balance, and peace without any negative vibes.  

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Crystals for negative energy removal

Removing bad energies from our lives is essential. But sometimes, we fail to identify what disrupts our wellbeing. Several crystals for negative energy removal can help you remove any bad vibes surrounding you. 

Clear quartz

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One of the best crystals for negative energy is, as you might guess, clear quartz. Its simplicity and intriguing appearance make it very soothing. The relaxing vibes and pure transparency can help you overcome numerous struggles. But one of its main benefits it’s its ability to bring light and peace into your life. Clear quartz can be helpful for blocking negative energy. It is considered a master healer, and it can boost positive energy. Pairing clear quartz with other crystals can help you improve the negative energy removal process.


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Pyrite is a powerful energy stone you want to have around at all times. It is an all-purpose crystal being efficient for protection on all levels. Empaths can benefit greatly from wearing pyrite jewelry since it can remove negative energy and prevent energy vampires from interfering with your aura’s wellbeing.

Crystals to clear negative energy

Clearing negative energy isn’t as simple as you might expect. It can cling to your aura, the environment you’re in, or your loved ones. Using crystals to cleanse your energy is the best approach. 


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Selenite is a peaceful and calming stone. It encourages inner peace, and it can become your ally during meditation. It can also offer protection from negative energy since it clears negative vibes. Moreover, selenite clears confusion and aids in seeing the good even in the most dreadful situation.

Black Obsidian

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An interesting black stone for protection is black obsidian. It brings a calming and positive energy to your life, which reaches its peak of power when you absorb negative energies. It can clear negative energy, and it can aid you in remembering to embrace the bright side of things.

Black jade

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Black jade is remarkable because it can help you tap into your intuition. But one of the lesser-known facts about it is that it can become one of the best crystals for negativity problems. Black jade is all about stepping out outside your box. It can be challenging to determine the source of the negativity in your life. This is why black jade can guide you towards the root source so that you remove it.

Stones for protection from negative energy

Protection is the best approach to prevent negative energy side effects. Wearing the stones mentioned below can help you avoid any unwanted disruption in your energy. 

Black tourmaline

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Black tourmaline is all about healing the environment you’re in. so, if you’re looking for stones to protect you from negative energy, you should consider it. Black tourmaline is a powerful protector, being one of our top choices for black stones for protection. It can ground a space, clear it of negativity and protect it against further negative energies.


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Amethyst has a lovely purple color, and it’s believed to be incredibly protective and purifying. It can clear your mind from negative thoughts. But at the same time is one of the powerful crystals for clearing negative energy. Amethyst is the ally of those having a hard time coping with negative situations and emotions. It offers soothing relief, and it promotes spiritual wisdom.

Crystals that absorb negative energy

Crystals that absorb negative energy are more valuable than you think. It can offer both cleansing and protection, which is why such stones are one of the most valuable. 


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Smithsonite isn’t as popular as other protection stones for negative energies. Yet, it can become your ally if you need a crystal to absorb negative energy. It is soothing and can calm your emotions. Also, it offers reassurance that negative energies won’t bother you anymore.


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Jasper is a smooth crystal known as the supreme nurturer. It can empower you since it absorbs negative vibes and promotes courage.

Crystals for protection against negative entities

Negative entities can take many forms. And having crystals for protection is a safe way to avoid negative energy from sipping in your life. 


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Peridot is the stone of compassion, and it is believed to bring peace and harmony. It is a potent energy stone since it has an uncanny ability to inspire you to do good. Besides, it can protect you against negative entities if you use it as a necklace. It increases your strength to diminish anxiety.

Smoky Quartz

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Smoky quartz is grounding and has numerous benefits for you and your aura. It can disperse fear, depression, and negativity. Besides, it can promote emotional calmness by preventing negative entities from absorbing your good energy.

Jewelry to protect from negative energy

Crystals for negative energy can help you achieve your true purpose. Whether you’re extremely sensitive or a mere empath, wearing jewelry to protect you from negative energy is a must. We recommend the following bracelets to keep you safe from unwanted vibes.

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This bracelet is made of natural amethyst and rose quartz. It is incredibly powerful for attracting good vibes and warding off negative energies. It is handmade with attention to detail so that its true power isn’t altered.

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Black tourmaline offers the best protection from negative energies. And this bead chain bracelet can offer the comfort you need. It is 100% certified natural, being handmade meticulously. Wearing it can shield you from negative vibes and give you a sense of grounding.

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