Crystals that Keep Away Bad Spirits: Onyx, Citrine & More

Crystals that keep away bad spirits aren’t a bedtime story. These can actually help you with potent spirit protection. The secret is to use crystals for protection. Since there are several gemstones available nowadays, it can be challenging to discover the perfect fit for you. Crystals come in different colors, shapes, and structures. And this unique setting can enable them to protect you.

The protective power of jewels and gems is breathtaking. This is why we shared this article with you. Keep reading to discover how to achieve protection from spirits starting today!

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Crystals for protection from spirits

As you probably know already, there are both good and bad spirits. This means that you can stumble upon a savior guardian angel. Or you can get stuck with a force that interferes with your energy field. Even though it sounds dreadful, in most situations, spirits are trying to send you a message. Having spiritual shield protection can facilitate communication while preventing bad energies from getting stuck with you.


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Citrine is a bright and sunny stone. It will embrace you with happiness and light. And we can say from our experience that it can transform itself into your protector. If negative energies make you feel down, citrine can remove those vibes and restore inner balance.


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Onyx is a gorgeous stone to wear daily. It has powerful properties when it comes to paranormal activity. This means it is one of the best crystals that keep away bad spirits. Onyx is a gem that shields one against psychic attacks by absorbing and removing negative energy. It can make it rather difficult for someone to use black magic on you. 

Crystals that attract demons

A ghost stone can also be used to attract demons. It can guide them towards you, helping them cross boundaries to reach another world. Suppose you’re looking forward to improving your psychic abilities and reach out to spirits of all kinds. In that case, the following stones might help you.


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Labradorite is known for its manifestation properties. It can encourage astral travel, but at the same time, it can shield you in front of harm if necessary. It is an excellent stone to use to attract demons, as it can serve several purposes. It facilitates communication, and it can help translate the messages you receive from another world.


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Even though some say it is rare, Moldavite is an excellent choice to attract demons. And this happens since it boosts spiritual evolution and the rate at which energy travels around you. Those who work with this stone regularly can manage to connect with high-vibrational spirits.

Crystals for protection against negative entities

Protection against negative entities is more than necessary nowadays. And this applies to both humans and spirits. Bad energies happen all the time around us, but they get more powerful when they come from a spiritual world. Several crystals can offer powerful spiritual shield protection to protect you against psychic attacks and more.


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Obsidian is a strongly protective stone that can create a barrier between you and negative energy. It can prevent psychic attacks and clear the environment from negative energies. Obsidian is a great choice for dealing with tension and mental distress.


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Shungite is a unique stone for protection against negative entities. It prevents emotional stress and any other external stressor. This includes negative entities that might cause disruption to your wellbeing.


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Bloodstone is a potent healing crystal with several purposes. It can support your physical and mental wellbeing. But it can also cleanse the bad environmental energies and absorb any negativity that might interfere with your wellbeing. It can clear feelings of impatience and aggressiveness.

Crystals that repel ghosts

If you’re in dire need of protection against ghosts, you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Many people get stuck with ghosts nowadays since loved ones pass away without a chance of setting the record straight. So, when you fail to communicate with a spirit, you might end up having a ghost following you around. And in most cases, this gets gradually worse since odd things might happen to you.


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Selenite is a popular gemstone due to its metaphysical properties. It serves numerous purposes, but it can assist in energy cleansing and ghost protection, too. It has a long history of being a potent vibrational stone for recalling past lives, warding off negative spiritual entities, and enabling beneficial spiritual connections. Besides, it can clear off psychic blockages to help you boost your auric field.

Ocean Jasper

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Ghost usually occurs when a spirit passes away and doesn’t understand he isn’t alive anymore. And Ocean Jasper is that type of ghost gemstone that can help you guide a spirit to its destinations. Ocean Jasper is a stabilizer, supports the energy in your body, and facilitates communication with the dead. It is frequently used to help a spirit cross over and prevent it from sticking around a person’s energy field.

Crystals for communication with spirits

Besides achieving protection from spirits, you can always take the time to listen to those entities. There are many crystals for communication with spirits that can help you open a clear channel of communication. Keep in mind that for this situation, you’ll have to keep an open mind. Sometimes the messages received have double meaning or are challenging to understand.

Picture Jasper

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One of our top choices for gemstones that facilitate communication with spirits is Picture Jasper. It is beneficial for those who work with past lives and realms of the mind. It can aid you in retaining the information shared by the entity and channel the spirit to share their insights in a stabilized medium.

Pink Tourmaline

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Pink Tourmaline has several properties, as it stimulates both the Crown and Root Chakras. It is ideal if you’re searching for strength and love. And besides this, Pink Tourmaline can become your ally when you aim to communicate with spirits. It can assist in the introduction of spirit allies, preventing you from tapping into negative entities.

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